The Twilight Saga

A small realm of bright and beautiful FAIRIES somewhere in deep and dark woods...

A gang of their fierce PROTECTORS...

A group of malicious hunters who seek to capture the FAIRIES...

An overbearing council that heads the pretty FAIRIES, preventing them from spreading their wings as far and wide as they want...

Amidst all this, what happens if a proud little FAIRY falls for an arrogant PROTECTOR? Hatred, love and self-respect...all are at stake for our Rosetta. With the life of her sister Jasmine turned upside-down because of her prohibited love for the undeserving Aldrin, Rosetta’s hatred for the PROTECTOR pack is obvious. Then what’s so different about Feanor that sways her from her decisions?

Will she repeat the same mistake as Jas? Or will she succumb to the authority of the Council?

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Actually Aldrin did turn up even after that disaster with Rose. You must have noticed in the 1st chap that Jas was telling Rose about her meeting with Al the previous evening and she also got a gift from him.

Glad that you liked it. 3rd chapter is in progress. :)

that was him? I must have forgotten.

So how much does Rose really dislike this " tall, strongly built body, tanned skin and dark hair" man?

Rose is going to have to get a little more street wise to cope with this. Even the teacher is giving her extra homework.

I really enjoyed your chapter.

Best wishes



At the moment Rose does not know that herself. She cannot bear being told off by a Protector whom she cosiders so inferior to the fairies.

Rose seems like a very opinionated little fairy. Things could get very interesting if circumstances starts making her question her beliefs.

Yes, Rose has a prejudice against the Protectors but most of her anger is due to her concern for her sister. Let's see what happens next. :)

Ah, readers! I'm sorry I took a long break but actually I was a bit busy and could not get much time to write. But now I've resumed working on the 3rd chapter and will post it soon. Sorry to keep you waiting(Well, if you are!) ~ Cygnus

Hey readers N Frnds, I took a bit long but here you go with the 3rd chapter.

Chapter 3

‘Rose, can you ever pay some attention to Miss Solani?’ Jasmine asked me as I flexed on my chair, sitting beside the study table. We had just reached home after the day’s work in the Garden. ‘Miss Solani never checks anyone’s work unless she gives punishment. And you don’t have a page written in your notebook.’

‘Precisely, not even a word,’ I said, taking out a file at random from her shelf. ‘But that’s not a problem. What do you complete your notes for?’

‘You’re going to copy my work?’ Jas asked, amused.

‘Nah, it’s too much to copy,’ I flipped through the pages which seemed to be unending. ‘I’ll show her your work.’

Jasmine’s eyes widened and she tried in vain to get her file out of my hand.

‘Rose, what if she finds out, huh?’

‘Come on Jas, you said she never checks anyone’s work and you, being the most attentive, have never been punished. So she cannot judge if it’s really my work,’ I explained.

‘Cool, but what were you thinking so deeply at that time?’ she asked and I buried my head in her file evasively. Not that there was anything in it that could interest me but I did not want to discuss that with her or I was sure to be too bitter.

‘I was just sleepy,’ I lied.

‘Don’t you give me that Rose, dozing off with your eyes wide open?’ Jas asked sceptically. ‘You seemed lost.’

She was pushing my limits now. ‘Actually I was wondering how a Virgin Fairy can let a thick-headed mutt have a chance with her.’

I saw Jas roll her eyes. She muttered something under her breath.

‘How can you Jas?’ I almost whined. ‘You know more than me what Virgin Fairies are. No guy stands a chance before us. It’s simply not in our nature.’

‘No, it’s not a matter of nature Rose,’ she said defiantly. ‘It’s just an established rule which no one dares to break.’

‘What?’ I was baffled. ‘But we’ve no male counterparts.’

‘And how much have you really studied about us Rose?’ she eyed me and I shrugged.

‘Nothing will go wrong if a Fairy gets a partner, a life-partner. It’s not the law of nature, just the overbearing dominance of the Council!’ Jas said so forcefully that I was taken aback for a moment.

‘Umm, I was supposed to be the rebel here Jas, not you. You’re the elegant one, remember?’ I knew she could literally see the amazement in my voice.

‘And that’s why you should trust me and support me in what I’m doing. I thought at least you believe that I never do anything really wrong Rose,’ Jas said slowly, staring at the ground. I wondered if she had succumbed to tears.

‘I do believe and so does everyone who knows you Jas,’ I said defensively. ‘But we don’t need to interact with the Protectors. To hell with the rule and the Council but they are hot-headed and dangerous. How can you trust them?’

‘You are hot-headed too but are you dangerous in the least?’ I was relieved to see her smile as she pinched my cheeks. If it was anyone but Jas I’d have reacted violently at this. ‘They are not as bad as you think.’

‘You can say this even after your dear Aldrin tried to threaten me right before you?’ I complained. ‘And his too-smug-friend, did you see how haughtily he was talking as if it was my fault-’

‘But you did behave too rudely, didn’t you?’ Jas said but watching the expression on my face, added hastily, ‘Look they’re not so arrogant that they don’t even deserve our friendship.’

‘So you want to say that it’s only friendship between you and Al? ’I scoffed.

‘Rose, I...’ But at that very moment someone screamed shrilly outside and both of us jumped. We looked out of the window to see a crowd of Fairies and Pixies assembled at some distance from our house.

‘What’s wrong?’ Jas asked apprehensively.

‘Let’s go, get a look,’ I said hurrying to the door but someone held my hand before I can reach for the door-knob.

‘You’ll stay here until I return, you understand?’ It was Bloom, Jas’ mother, my mother’s elder sister and my guardian. ‘Close the door behind me.’

I did as she said and she left me wondering in silence what might have happened. I strained my ears to hear something to get a clue but things had gone calm outside by now. I even suggested that we should  go out for a few minutes after the crowd had dispersed but Jas refused blankly.

‘Do you want mum to report you to aunt Ravine again?’ she reminded me and I rolled my eyes. I did not want that to happen. Aunt Bloom was already disappointed fearing that I might turn up as a family disgrace and I did not want mum to be upset too.

Staring out of the window I saw at least half a dozen burly young men walking out of the far edge of the forest and heading in the direction of Court of the Council. Even at a distance I could clearly make out Feanor’s figure walking behind the man who seemed to be the leader. I didn’t know how I could recognise him. I just knew it was him for sure and my eyes followed him, the same surge of anger filling my insides, numbing my mind.

I ground my teeth as Jas squealed, ‘hey look! The Protectors! Anyone we know?’ She peered out of the window and I turned my back to it.

‘I hope Aldrin’s not there!’ I spat. I could not figure out why Feanor left me fuming every time, or did he?

‘I wonder why they’ve been called-’ Jas was interrupted in her wondering by a sudden knock on the door.

‘It’s me, open up!’ Bloom called and I sprang up excitedly to let her in.

‘What’s the matter?’ I asked before she could breathe once. She closed the door behind her quickly. Jas and I exchanged looks.

‘A Fairy has been taken,’ she breathed heavily. ‘A young Fairy.’

‘Taken?’ I repeated. ‘What’s meant by that?’

‘She has been kidnapped Rose!’ Bloom spoke desperately and my mind went dizzy. Kidnapped? Then Jas asked the question my mind was trying to frame.

‘But how can a Fairy be kidnapped within Frelnoria?’

Bloom sat down on a nearby chair, looking exhausted.

‘Ah, look, I think she must have gone wandering somewhere and people panicked-’ I tried to give some logical reason to this bizarre event. No Fairy had ever gone missing from Frelnoria ever before.

‘She had gone trekking to the cliff on the Southern Edge with her friends and they say they saw her being dragged back behind a bush,’ Bloom explained, shaking her head. I tried to see some sense in this.

‘Who was it mum?’ Jas asked in a low voice.

‘Shirley’s daughter Lily,’ she said. ‘It was Shirley’s cry that we heard.’

‘Who dragged her away?’ I asked, fury rising through me again. ‘Where were the Protectors at the time? How can an intruder take away a Fairy like that?’

‘Her friends got so frightened that they fled away. So no one saw the kidnapper,’ Bloom said sadly. Jas poured her a glass of water. ‘The Protectors have come to discuss the matter with the Council.’

‘Discuss the matter?’ I yelled and Bloom choked on her water. ‘The Council and the Protectors, both are useless. A Fairy was taken from right under their nose and those mongrels have come to DISCUSS THE MATTER!!!!’

‘Rosetta!’ Bloom spoke, suddenly very stern and I knew instantly I’d crossed the very short limit I was given. ‘Do you even know how you speak?’

Ah, actually I do, I thought but I dared not speak.

‘When will you stop swearing and yelling like this?’ she said furiously and I hung my head. I understood that I had fired her up and now she will go on continuously.

‘Your mother left you here in my care and this is what you’ve learnt?’ she was saying frantically. ‘Do you even know your mother was the brightest Fairy of her time and by the time she completed her education she had already evolved into a Nymph?’

‘Bloom, you’ve told me this infinite number of times actually. Bring something new,’ I said, bored to hell by her all too familiar rant. I knew I was annoying her but I really liked doing that and listening to her when she fumed. I saw Jas give me a warning look behind Bloom’s back.

‘Your mother is our family pride-’

‘And you think I’m our family disgrace?’ I said casually. My mother was the water Nymph of River Desire that flew through major countries including Angel land.

‘Ravine needs to know. I’ll tell her about your conduct on her next visit,’ Bloom murmured. She stood up and stormed out of the room.

I looked at Jas who bowed and shook her head.

Hang on! Was I really so disappointing? Harsh, I might be, but so bad?

No, I was not!

Big trouble and a big mystery in Frelnoria!  I can't wait to see what happens next!

What a pair Jas and Rose are. I thought Jas was the out of control one - but it isn't looking like that now.

I wonder who could have taken the other fairy and why? Can you force a fairy to do magic work for you? Or is it just the same reason a normal human girl might get kidnapped?

I like the style of the chapter.

Very interesting

Best wishes


I see, you are getting close in your guessings. I think it's not just the same reason as for the kidnapping of a normal human girl but that's something we'll come to know in the upcoming chaps.

Thnx Chris!

I wonder what will happen now, interesting chapter


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