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This story is about when Renee tells Bella that she can’t live with her anymore. So Bella goes to Charlie’s house so she can live with him. But when she’s on the plane over to Washington she thought about some things and decided that she wanted to be a bad girl in this town. Her plan worked out until the 11th grade when some new kids arrived and they change her back to her old ways or so they thought.(bella is in the 9th grade when she goes to charlie's house.)


Chapter 1


Renee took me to the airport and now I’m on the plane and I’m thinking about how I’m gonna miss my hometown until a thought came into my mind…… what if I would become the bad girl of the town?

It sounded like a good idea so I just put my ipod in my ears and put on the song…… ignorance by paramore.

I slept the rest of the plane ride until I heard the flight attendant say that we were to put our seats up and put our seat belts on.


(after the plane landed)


I got off the plane and went to get my luggage. I got my luggage and went over to where all the people were waiting for a taxi.

I saw Charlie and walked over to him.

I gave him a hug and gave him my luggage to carry to the car.

All I carried was my carry on bag.

“Hey I’m glad you decided to come here.” Charlie said.

“Well there wasn’t anywhere else to go so I thought I might as well come spend some time with my daddy.” I said trying to get him wrapped around my finger, which is part of my master plan.

“Well that’s great.” He said.

“Ya so can we go home now I’m really tired??” I said.

“Of course Bells” he said.

He put my luggage in the trunk of his car and we were off to my home.


10 minutes later


We drove in the driveway and I got out of the car and grabbed my carry on bag and left Charlie to get my luggage and bring it up to my room.


I went in the kitchen and got a mountain dew out of the fridge.

I drank the mountain dew then went up to my room to unpack. When I was up there I took out my toiletries that were in another bag.

I went into the bathroom and got a shower. When I got out I went into my room and put on some pjs.


After that I got into my bed and went to sleep. Tomorrow was my first day of school at Forks High. This is gonna be fun to be a bad girl. Oh s***. I forgot to get my new wardrobe. Oh well i'll go to school in the hottest clothes I have.


bella's dad's car

2010 Ford Fusion SE, exterior, manufacturer


bella's carry on bag


bella's luggage






toiletry bag


Bella's pjs




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here's my new story and i hope you all like it!!
i might be able to post more today but im not sure because im going to see the nightmare on elm street today so if you read and leave a lot of comments then i might post more!!
so it all depends on you guys!!!!!
i'll try to write more but it depends if i have enough time or not
that was good!! keep me updated!
I'm sure this story wil be as great as your last one keep me posted please
i will!! and ill try to make this story as good as the last one!!
ill update here in a little bit!!
i just have to finish the chappy!!
i love it!
Chapter 2

i woke up at 6:30 and i had 2 hours before school started so i got up then went to get a shower.
i got out of the shower then got dressed in a pretty cool outfit.
i went into the bathroom, brushed my teeth, put on my makeup, styled my hair so it would have long waves going all the way down to my mid back, and sprayed some of my favorite perfume which is black star by avril lavigne.

After i was done getting ready i went down to the kitchen and got a bowl of cereal.
I ate my cereal then went upstairs to get my bookbag which i used as my carry on bag yesterday on the plane.
i grabbed my bookbag then went downstairs to get the keys to my new car that i had shipped here from some foreign country.

I got into my car then plugged in my ipod and started listening to the song misery business by paramore.
I was on the road that the school was on so i blasted my music and drove really fast into the parking lot and swerved into a spot.
I saw everybody looking at me and my car so i shut off my car then got out and started walking into the school.
I walked into the school then went into the office to get my new kid papers.

"hi my name's isabella swan and i'm new here." i said.
"oh hello dear. Here's your papers. all you have to do is get that paper signed by all of your teachers and bring it back to me by the end of the day." she said.
"whatever." i said.

I walked out of the office and went to my locker to get my books.

bella's outfit

bella's perfume

bella's car

this is really good
plz keep me updated
thanks!! im gonna write more in a little bit!!
Chapter 2 part 2

i got to my locker and got out my bokks then looked at the map to see where i was going to. I saw that the room was a right down the hall so i got all my stuff and walked down the hallway to my class.

I walked into the room and saw that only a few people were in there so i gave the teacher the slip to sign and he had me introduce myself even though there was only a few people in here.
'hi my name's bella not isabella so if you call me isabella you'll regret you ever said that. OK?" i said. They all had a surprising look on their face as i went to sit in the back.

i sat down in a desk in the back then got out my ipod. I downloaded a whole bunch of new songs last night.
i set the song to decode by paramore.
i closed my eyes and let the music soothe me when the seat next to me pulled out and i opened my eyes to see a nerd sitting next to me. (no offense if you're a nerd!!)
He had oily skin with zits all over his face.
'what do you want?" i said.
"i wanted to introduce myself." he said. "i'm mike newton"
"um hi. is that all you wanted? because i want to keep listening to my music before the teacher starts talking about something really boring that you think is cool." I said.
"uh......ummm......" he stuttered.
"ya that's what i thought. now go away." i said.

He got up then like literally ran over to the other end of the room and at the front of the class.
I put my ipod in my ears then the bell rang.
Grrrrrrrrr..... that newton kid took up all of my music listening time.

*1 hour later*

that was the most boring thing ive listened to in my whole life.
now im going to my next class then going to lunch.

i went to my locker and got my books then went to my next class.
after class was over i was going to the lunch room with one girl i thought was cool in my last class.
We got in line then went over to a table with her friends.
i started talking with them and i started to like them.
When lunch was over i went too my locker and got my books then went to my next class.
i got to my class and introduced myself with the same speech as every other class. then went to a desk and started to doodle in my notebook.
The bell rang at the end of class and then i went to my locker to put my books away.
i put my books away and went to the gym.
i got there and since today was my first day all i had to do was watch.
When the bell rang i took the slip out of my pocket that had all the teacher's signatures on it and went to the office to give it to her.
i gave the slip to the office lady and went out to my car to see people surrounding it with someone in the front of it with the hood up.
oh h*** no he is not touching my car.
i walked over to my car then started yelling at the people arround my car and at the person who's touching it.
"what the f*** do you think you're doing? Why are you touching my brand new car that i got shipped here from so far away you wouldnt even know. I sware if you messed up my car i will come find your a** and you'll never see the light of day again. If yo messed up my car do you how much it would cost you? One of these tires costs $20,000. how much do you think other things would cost? huh?" i yelled. (they dont cost that much but oh well.) By the time i got yelling that everybody except the person touching my baby.
i saw that the person was newton.GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he was just staring at me with fear in his eyes. he still didnt get the clue to get away from my car so i started yelling again.
"You better back the f*** away from my car or else newton." i growled at him.
he started to put the hood down and i yelled at him again.
"dont even think about touching it again!!!!!" i yelled "just go away and never i mean NEVER come near me or my car again." i yelled. Nobody knew the rath of bella until now. now people wont't mess with me i thought.
he started running away from my car and i walked over to it. god now im gonna have to get it cleaned and ive only had it a day.
i walked over to it and looked inside it to see if anything was wrong with my baby. nothing was, thank god. so i shut the hood and revved the engine.
i turned on my ipod and plugged it in then the song brick by boring brick by paramore blasted through the speakers.
i revved the engine again and raced out of the school parking lot to my new home.


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