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Hi Team Edward fans!!! How is everyone? Lately, I have heard some news about Team Jacob fans coming into Team Edward and bashing your group and vice versa (I am very sorry for that, too). Some of the Team Jacob and Team Edward fans have come to me with a solution: a treaty between Teams Edward and Jacob. Please tell me what you think and what you would like to be in the treaty.
Thanks for your cooperation and nice language.

Official Team Jacob Captain,

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There is something like this in the team jacob group.
But the problem is use too, thats why shes here.
I am both team edward and team jacob, so sign me up as well
Sign me up too, I'm Team Edward, but I think is all about respect, we all love the Twilight Saga, if not we wouldn't be here, and at the end they ended up being a family, so we can relate to that feeling, this is a brotherhood, a family, and we can't be mean with each other, just because you like a character more than other, so count with me!!!
yeah sure I would like to be in the treaty Im full on Team Edward but I still like Jacobs character. I have never bashed him and not planning on neither.
At the end of the day Jacob plays such an important role in the twilight saga.... Where would Bella be if it wasnt for Jacob when Edward left? Im TEAM EDWARD all the way but Jacob is such a great friend to Bella and he is always there for her... Treaty is is....
Hello there Jacob Capt.,

Count me IN!

Let's avoid bashing and crossing walls, making thread and then leave without coming back....Topic like "JACOB is Hotter than Edward 10000000000000xxxxx" LOL! honestly not good, and can rise blood temperature.

So, we should respect each other and have self control on things...because we all love Twilight Saga and our Teams!

Personally, i like Jacob too but not as much as Edward that's why I'm on Team Edward...that's all. Sorry, I'm just being frank of how i feel. Indeed, we are still One Big Family here...i believe!
It's a good idea! You can Sign me up!

I will always prefer Edward, but Jacob is necessary!
I'm in ! I'm a Team Edward but I also like Jacob aswell . But I perfer Edward !

So Count Me In !
It sounds good to work out something
Count me in! I'm Team Edward all the way but, I do not hate Jacob, I actually like him and at the end of the day I'm Team Twilight!
Count me in!!! Im on Team Edward but i love jacob and evryone else too and we are all on TEAM TWILIGHT!!!!
I'll join the Team Edward, but everyone has their own opinions. we can all be one big twilight family
(Hums "We Are Family)


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