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Hi Team Edward fans!!! How is everyone? Lately, I have heard some news about Team Jacob fans coming into Team Edward and bashing your group and vice versa (I am very sorry for that, too). Some of the Team Jacob and Team Edward fans have come to me with a solution: a treaty between Teams Edward and Jacob. Please tell me what you think and what you would like to be in the treaty.
Thanks for your cooperation and nice language.

Official Team Jacob Captain,

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I'm all for it, just cause we all love twilight!_=)
How better to resolve differences than a compromise and a treaty! Good work, I support you 100%.
Hey, I'm just wondering when our thread starter would proclaim this Official Treaty and I'm curious of it's provisions!

Let's better make this Official and Make it "Sticky" so that no more unpeaceful discussions will happen in the near future!
I'll join the treaty, Im team Edward all the way but have recently joined team jacob only because I love the whole twilight thing.
im in, even tho ive always been team edward all the way, i guess jake has a hard time so deserves a little sympathy...


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