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The story replaces Breaking Dawn. So Bella is human in this one. The idea for this story came from one of the role plays that i was in. I don't want to say anything else or it could ruin the story. I just hope you like it and thanks for checking this out!

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I covered my face with the hood of the cloak and left the thrown room. I walked down the maze like hallways. When I finally got to the latter that let above ground I fought the urge to look back. I came out of the whole and walked to the opening of the alley that hid the entrance. The sky was black as coal. There was hardly any light at all. It was the perfect night for this. I heard voices and running feet coming from the tunnels that I had just left. I looked back as one of them was coming up the latter. I faced forward again and ran. I ran as fast as I could. I could hear them fast behind me. I was not going back there. I couldn’t. I glanced back behind me and when I looked forward again there was a line of them in their black cloaks. Exactly the same as the one I was wearing. They planned on blocking me so I had no where to go. When I came to the line I jumped and flipped in the air to avoid them. I landed the way you would see a spy in a movie land after doing such a thing. I looked back at them and smiled. I got up and ran again. I got to a cliff and stopped dead in my tracks. I turned to look at my pursuers.


“You’ve got no where to run. Now come with us and there won’t be any punishment.”


He purred, somewhat like a cat. Like he thought that I would listen to him if he purred. They all talked that way, in a soothing yet dangerous tone. I probably did too, but not anymore. I looked down the cliff and there was the ocean. I had made it this far and I wasn’t going to give up now. So I dove off the cliff into the water and swam. I had lost them, but not for long.


Now I’m guessing you’re wondering who I am. Well my name is Rachel Crowson. I guess now I am an ex-Volturi member and a Volturi fugitive. This is my story.


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Hi there,

I didn't think the chapter was short.

You packed in alot of plot.

So is the voice totally new to her? Has she ever heard it before? I'm looking forward to finding out more about it.

Best wishes


Haha, this isn't short! Trust me, short is two sentences! Wow though, the voice is interesting...

Things are getting more and more interesting! I can't wait to see how things develop further!

I'm liking this :) it's so intense... I'm in love with it

Chapter Three – Help



I felt their footsteps one the cold, wet ground before I heard any of their voices. I had managed to hide my smell by wading in a river near by.

“I think she’s this way.”

Edward’s voice rang clear, despite the distance. I could feel that they were more than a hundred feet away from where I was now. I was sitting high up in a tree, directly on the border of Canada  and Washington .

“Edward, do you really think this is the best idea? I mean if what she said is true, what if this is just a plan for Aro to get our guard down?”

Alice ’s pixy like voice was skeptical and a bit worried. She had every right to be worried.

“ Alice does have a point. She’s to unpredictable and that might hurt us all in the long run.”

This voice was one I had not heard before. It was female and when I surveyed the room that all the Cullens were in there was only three. So there was only one that had not spoken the blonde. What was her name again? I remember Aro telling me all of their names and giving me very detailed descriptions. Rosalie, that’s what her name was. It was obvious how that name was hers. It was a beautiful and refined name and she fit it perfectly.

“I don’t know how to explain it, but there was something about her thoughts. I just want to check this out, ok.”

What did Edward hear in my thoughts? Was it bad?

Of course it’s bad you moron. Everything connected with you is bad.

The voice was back and it was starting to annoy me. Why did it have to chime in for everything? It’s like I can’t get any peace inside my own head.

I felt them all stop and they were now a foot away from the tree that I was in. I should have gotten out of there as soon as I heard their voices. Yet I couldn’t get myself to move from the tree.

“Why have we stopped? Where is she Edward? I swear, if you brought me out here for nothing – “

Edward cut Rosalie off before she could finish her threat

“Relax, Rose. She’s here, don’t worry.”

I figured it was better to just show myself instead of trying to stay hidden or run. I jumped down from the tree and made everyone, but Edward jump when I landed.

“Looking for me?”

Everyone, but Edward backed away from me a little bit. Did they really think that I was that dangerous? Maybe I was and I didn’t realize it. Maybe it was a really bad idea, going to the Cullens. I didn’t want them thinking of me as a danger.

“Rachel, good you’re here. I’m glad you didn’t go too far.”

The way he spoke reminded me a bit of a diplomat. It was strange to hear anyone speak like that. I was so used to the sultry way Aro spoke or the way the guard purred. Yet for some reason it was more comforting than what I was so used to. I crossed my arms defensively though.

“I’m sure you are. Now what do you want? Haven’t I caused enough damage?”

“We’ve all decided that it was an accident and you didn’t mean to attack Bella.”

I laughed harshly. He really didn’t know did he?

“Accident? No, it wasn’t an accident. Things like that do not happen on accident. I may have not necessarily wanted it to happen, but it was no accident.”

“But I heard your thoughts. You put it as your body going on instinct and your mind hadn’t reacted yet. What do you call that then?”

He was beginning to falter and I could tell. He wasn’t as confident and sure as he was before I had spoken. He must not have ever encountered someone like me. Someone who barely exchanged words, but when I did they were to be listened to.

“How should I know exactly? It’s not like it has ever happened before. All I do know is that it was not an accident. Some part of me meant to do that. So don’t going buttering things up. I know what happened and doing so will not help anything.”

Edward looked at the other Cullens for something. He looked unsure about what to do or what they wanted to do. I decided to head on my way. I thought it was best not to bother them anymore. They didn’t need someone like me hanging around them.

Yeah. Just go on your way. They can’t help you anyway.

“Wait. What was that? Rachel, that wasn’t you?”

I turned and looked at Edward again. Did he mean the voice in my head? The voice that showed up after I had left the Volturi. I didn’t know what it was at all. The only thing I knew is that it wouldn’t leave me alone. I didn’t seem to know a lot of things lately. Everything I knew was changing fast.

“Yes. I do in fact mean that voice. I could tell right away that it wasn’t you. Strange, I wonder what it means.”

He looked puzzled and so did the rest of his family. They looked at each other and then at Edward like he was crazy. I was just glad that he was the only one that could read my thoughts. Aro has never even read my thoughts. I had never given him the chance to see them. Not that he ever really asked to see them or anything.

“Edward. We can talk about this when we go back to the house. Why don’t you just tell her why we came to find her?”

I was wondering that. Why would they even bother to find me? They should actually be trying to kill me right now or at least harm me. They had the right to. After all, I did attack Edward’s mate. Edward nodded and faced me once again.

“We came to offer our help to you.”



Author's Note: Thank you for reading and sticking with this. I know I don't always update fast enough. Also if anyone would like to make me a header for the chapters it would be greatly appreciated. I kinda got used to having a header for each chapter from working with Dajah on Hot Winter, Cold Summer. Thanks again for all the support. It means a lot.

Interesting that Edward can also hear the other voice in her head.  I wonder what that means?  Also: Aro must have seen some form of potential in her, but she never let him read her mind.  And now that she left him, he is after her.  I hope the Cullens are not making a mistake helping her.  It will definitely be interesting to see how everything turns out.  

I love this story. Something new always happens that makes me want more and more.

Chapter Four - Strange Flashback 


I basically left to my own devices here in the Cullen household. They were all downstairs, talking things out. I new that some of them did not like me here, but they graciously opened up their beautiful home to me. Carlisle told me that I could wait in his study for him. I was guessing that he wanted to ask me some questions. 


I ran my fingers across the lines of books. There were so many here. I had never read a book in my vampire life. I'm guessing I did in my human life because of my wanting to grab one and start reading immediately when I walked into the room. There were books about all sorts of things. There were books lying around everywhere. Carlisle obviously spent a lot of time in here. 


I went to the beautiful, ornate desk that was in the room. I looked at the book that was open on the desk. It was about the functions of the human mind and how each person's mind is complex in different ways. Was he reading this because of me? It didn't seem right that Carlisle would be reading this. Maybe Edward started reading the book after my arrival. Him and Carlisle both seemed like people who looked for answers more than anyone. 


There was also a journal on the desk. It was closed and I didn't dare open it. I didn't want to know about what Carlisle writes about. Granted, it probably wasn't bad at all, but I never trusted opening journals because of the Volturi. I didn't want to see what monstrosities that they might have wrote about. I continued around the room, looking at each book in great detail, trying to think of what exactly was in each one. 


I got to the wall where the door was and there were paintings all over it. I started studying each one in great detail. They were all beautifully hand painted. It was amazing at how they were all sorts of sizes. Some were really small and others really big. I stopped dead in my tracks at one of the bigger paintings. It was a painting of Aro, Ciaro, Marcus and Carlisle. It was obvious that this was before Aro had created me and Carlisle left. Why did Carlisle keep this? He left the Volturi hundreds of years ago. They all looked exactly the same as the do know, of course. Even though it was just a painting I thought I saw something in Aro's eyes. The painting barely looked like a painting to me. It almost looked like they were right there and Aro was staring down at me. 


The painting started to shift and change. It was probably just my eyes playing tricks on me, but nothing like this has ever happened to me before. The painting went back to normal, but something seemed wrong about it. 


There is nothing wrong with it. In fact, it's better now. Why don't you take a closer look? 


I had no clue what the voice was talking about, but I did as it asked. At that moment I realized what it was talking about. It was in no way better, it was worse. Where Carlisle once stood, there I was. I stood tall, but I looked stone faced. I almost looked like a statue. It looked so wrong. The painting started to shift again, but this time the figures in it started to move as if they were real. The scenery changed as well. Instead of the beautiful balcony, we were all in the thrown room. That was were I spent most of my time in Volterra. Mostly because that was were Aro spent most of his time. 


"I am so glad to have you here my dear. With you I see our goals ever more closer." 


I heard Aro's voice and saw his lips moving on the painting. I remember this day as if it was yesterday. It was when I had finally gotten situated in Volterra and as being part of the Volturi. Why was I being shown this day and how? 


"Of course, Aro. After all, you have taught me all that is necessary." 


Now it was me who spoke. I didn't like this. I wanted to get out of this room, but I didn't. Something was keeping me where is stood. 


"Oh, far more than that, my darling. I have taught you all that I know. You will be capable of many things here. I knew that the moment that I laid eyes upon you. Sadly, you were greatly weak and sick at the time. Though that was fixed rather quickly." 


He was referring to when he changed me. I could barely remember my human life. I was apparently quite sick. He changed me the very next moment that I was completely alone. 


"Of course, Aro. I simply came to ask what you will have me do now." 


I remember that I had just finished a task that Aro had asked me to do and I wanted to know what he wanted me to do now. 


"Marvelous! You finished that in remarkable time. That will be all for today. You have done exceedingly well these past months. You will be capable of great things at my side, my daughter." 


The scene ended abruptly. I looked back at the painting and it was back to normal. Nothing odd about it anymore. Why did that happen? How did that happen? I've never heard of anything like that happening to anyone. Maybe to humans, but I didn't know that it could happen to vampires. 



Author's Note: Thanks so much for reading. It means so much. I'm glad you all like it. I'm just glad updates are getting faster and I'm sure you all are too. Haha.

Woah. That was intense and has me wanting more so bad. It was crazy the way she saw the painting moving and remembering what had happened to her back when she was with Aro. So she's his daughter? That's so cool! And sort of scary... lol. Post again soon :)

What an interesting phenomenon!  I wonder how and why this happened?

Chapter Four – And Understanding


“What was that?”


Edward looked genuinely concerned about me. Why would he be concerned about me? No one has even shown me true concern, which I remember at least. What was that? I had no way of knowing. It seemed like the longer I was away from the Volturi, the more things like this would happen. Was I going crazy? Am I really meant to be a Volturi forever?


We both know the answer to that.




Edward’s voice pulled me back again before I had time to think about what the voice said.




I didn’t know what else to say. I was always so sure, but not now.


“There is nothing to be sorry about. When I came in to see what was going on, you were staring at the painting, motionless. I’ll see if Carlisle would mind talking it down for the time being.”


“No, leave it. There is no proper reason to take it down. It is, after all, just a painting. There is no harm that it can do.”


He looked at me a bit confused for a second then nodded.


“Well, we certainly need to figure out why all these things are happening to you.”




I didn’t understand why he was so concerned about me. It was something completely new to me. I learned immediately that the Volturi do not show concern toward others. Aro would show sadness when someone would deny his invitation to join the Volturi, but I knew that was nothing more than a show. The only things he feels are disappointment, annoyance, and pride for when his guard do something horrible. Even his happiness was a show, mostly.


“Rachel, you need to stop that. We are not them. I understand that it is all you know but you need to stop comparing us to them.”


“Sorry. It’s a habit I guess.”


He didn’t seem annoyed at the fact that I kept comparing his family with the Volturi; he sounded kind and understanding towards me. Would I ever be used to that?


“Let’s head back downstairs. The others are getting curious.”


I nodded and followed him downstairs to their luxurious living room. I couldn’t get over the fact of how beautiful and modern their house was. It wasn’t at all like the old, rustic structure of Valtare.


I was doing it again; I was comparing them to the Volturi. It was terrible for me to do that but I couldn’t help it. It was a habit, just like everything else.


It’s because you don’t know better. You are used to the Volturi, so thinking back to them comforts you.


“What happened?”


Esme’s sweet, caring voice broke through the ominous words of the voice in my head. Edward glanced back at me, cautiously. I stayed a reasonable distance from the Cullen family.


“Just something very… unusual.”


Edward seemed to be looking for the proper word to explain it. When it seemed that he had found none, he settled with that. It was far more than unusual. It was unnatural, uncomfortable, insane, and most of all, dangerous. I had no idea how that whole scene was dangerous. I mean it was all in my head, right? That was just the feeling I got. I hated it. I hated it all. I hated everything that brought me back to my days in Voltare.


“In what way was it unusual?”


The only Cullen that had yet to speak asked the question Edward was hoping wouldn’t be asked. Edward’s brother, Jasper, looked at me curiously and almost like he was studying me. Why was it that it seemed like the Cullen men were constantly studying me? Jasper’s voice wounded different than what I thought it would sound like. I thought his voce would sound rougher and a little strained. The human girl, Bella, her scent was everywhere. It wasn’t much of a bother for me anymore. Yet Jasper sounded rather sweet and refined. It was obvious that he was a quiet one, like I was.


He kept looking at me; even though he had asked Edward the question. It seemed to me that he was looking towards me for the answer.


“It’s hard to explain. I can’t fully comprehend what happened or what it was. Let’s call it a… flashback.”


The words came from my mouth before I knew what was happening. I didn’t want to answer his question, but I had. Jasper nodded, but didn’t revert his gaze from me. I wanted to leave the room, but I didn’t. I decided to stand my ground against his unsifting gaze.


“Rose, Emmett, Esme, and Alice, why don’t we go hunting? You all look quite thirsty.”


Edward talked to his family as if it was just another time to go hunting. He didn’t act as if there was a possible threat right in their house. They all agreed and headed out.


“Come, let’s talk.”


Jasper was beside me now. I looked at him, unsure. Did he and Edward plan this? What was he going to do?


“There is no need to worry. I just want to talk with you.”


He spoke again, understandingly. I agreed to talk to him and he led me to a balcony at the back of the house.


“You see yourself as a monster, do you not?”


His question was quick and to the point. Which I did not expect. He obviously didn’t want to beat around the bush, as humans say.


“To put it directly, yes.”


He nodded and then seemed to ponder it for a moment before continuing.


“You’re done sick and monstrous things to humans and vampires alike.”


I looked out into the vast array of trees. What was he trying to do? Was he trying to repent for all the things I have done? There is no reason to repent for that’s that cannot be changed. I’d rather change the future, change my so-called destiny. Before I could say anything in response to him, he spoke again.


“Yet you feel compassion where compassion should be missing. You are not alone; I myself fell under the trap of monstrous deeds.”


This shocked me greatly. What could a Cullen have done that was even close to all I’ve done?


“Why do you tell me this? Am I meant to believe that you have done acts as sinister as me? How can it be?”


He looked at me like he knew something that I had yet to grasp. No doubt that there was something I was missing.


“I’ve killed our own kind for no practical reason. It seemed right at the time, only because I was blind. You were blind as well and you most likely, already knew that. We both did what we did for a reason, love. We did it for a love that was never really there. The day we realized it never existed, we were no longer blind to everything around us.”


He was now looking out into the forest. It was as if he was only recalling the past. Almost as if, there was nothing but him and his past.


“How could you know if I was searching for a love that I would never realize?”


He looked at me, breaking out of the trance he had been in.


“I can feel your deepest emotions. Even the ones you don’t realize yourself. Whatever happened upstairs, I felt those emotions. You had emotions such as longing. You were longing for something, but I could tell that you didn’t realize it. You long for a love that does not exist, but you are done waiting.”


Was he right about all of it? It didn’t seem too farfetched. Yet, all I’ve known is death and cruelty. Why would I be searching for love from him when I barely knew what love was? That is, unless I knew of love in my human life. All I remember of my human life is right before Aro changed me.


Jasper stared at me for a while. He wasn’t expecting a reply from me. I could tell by the way he stood and looked at me. He said one more thing that I will always remember, before going back inside.


“We are more alike than you know.”

Author's Note: YAYYYYYYY CHAPTER POSTED! Psssttt..... This is Dajah... posting for Jada... Awesome chapter though, right? Leave her a comment now!!! :)


P.S - I made that awesome header up there. Yeah, cause I'm so cool xD


- Dajah (On Jada's account)


Awesome job, Jada!!! As always :) I cannot wait for your next chapter

- Dajah


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