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The story replaces Breaking Dawn. So Bella is human in this one. The idea for this story came from one of the role plays that i was in. I don't want to say anything else or it could ruin the story. I just hope you like it and thanks for checking this out!

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I covered my face with the hood of the cloak and left the thrown room. I walked down the maze like hallways. When I finally got to the latter that let above ground I fought the urge to look back. I came out of the whole and walked to the opening of the alley that hid the entrance. The sky was black as coal. There was hardly any light at all. It was the perfect night for this. I heard voices and running feet coming from the tunnels that I had just left. I looked back as one of them was coming up the latter. I faced forward again and ran. I ran as fast as I could. I could hear them fast behind me. I was not going back there. I couldn’t. I glanced back behind me and when I looked forward again there was a line of them in their black cloaks. Exactly the same as the one I was wearing. They planned on blocking me so I had no where to go. When I came to the line I jumped and flipped in the air to avoid them. I landed the way you would see a spy in a movie land after doing such a thing. I looked back at them and smiled. I got up and ran again. I got to a cliff and stopped dead in my tracks. I turned to look at my pursuers.


“You’ve got no where to run. Now come with us and there won’t be any punishment.”


He purred, somewhat like a cat. Like he thought that I would listen to him if he purred. They all talked that way, in a soothing yet dangerous tone. I probably did too, but not anymore. I looked down the cliff and there was the ocean. I had made it this far and I wasn’t going to give up now. So I dove off the cliff into the water and swam. I had lost them, but not for long.


Now I’m guessing you’re wondering who I am. Well my name is Rachel Crowson. I guess now I am an ex-Volturi member and a Volturi fugitive. This is my story.


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Thanks again. This will not happen again. I will be uploading my own chapters unless something unexpected happens with my computer. Thanks bunches Dajah! :D

Great job!! I loved it, really. Nice header Dajah!!

Can't wait for the next update, sorry I'm so behind. =P


Thank you :)

- Dajah

I wonder if Edward saw what she saw? Is that why he is so concerned about her? Also some interesting insights from Jasper! It would really be interesting to find out more about her past and how she came to be where she is right now. Can't wait to read more!

Chapter Six - Encounter

Weeks passed rather slowly after that conversation with Jasper. I would occasionally see him looking at me the same way he did on that night. The Cullens were very hospitable towards me, considering the circumstances. Their only true stipulations were that I hunt outside of the area if I was going to hunt humans and stay way from La Push. I didn't really understand the second one, but I didn't question it.

I was returning from a hunt in Canada when something felt off, more than it usual. I slowed down to a casual wake, I had just passed the border into America. I knew I hadn't taken another route, because I could smell my scent from my other trips.

I walked about five more yards before realizing what was causing the uneasiness. A smell that reeked unlike anything else filled my nose. I had never actually encountered them before, but I knew instantly what I would soon be up against. I felt three sets of four paw digging into the ground as they ran. They were about forty yards away and I start running. When they got close enough. to me, I jumped up a tree. I looked down and laughed at their stupid attempts to climb up the tree. One of them growled up at me. How pathetic they were, all they could do was growl and snap their teeth at me in frustration. I laughed at them again.

That's right, keep basking in how inferior they are, compared to you.

The Voice was right. At this moment, I did enjoy knowing that I had an advantage over them. I began jumping from tree to tree, with them following right behind me. They were persistent, I'll give them that, but there was no way that they would catch me. I could feel every movement they made. I could feel their claws digging into the earth as they ran. I could feel them making sharp turns as they ran through the trees. trying to catch me. They were right bellow me every second.

I felt my necklace, with the Volturi crest on it, come out of my pocket. I jumped from the trees and caught it before it hit the ground. The three wolves now surrounded me. They were all baring their teeth at me and growling. One had black fur that looked like a night almost ending. The other two, one with russet fur and the other with gray fur, didn't seem as prominent as the black one. I smiled menacingly at them. They thought they had the upper hand now. I felt the russet colored one about to lunge. I moved as soon as I felt his feet leave the ground. He slid on the mud, almost hitting a tree, when his feet hit the ground. I spun around and faced them when his feet were firmly on the ground. The russet one growled even more furiously as he realized that I had easily evaded him. All three went for me this time. I jumped over them when they were all an inch away from me and landed behind them. I looked back at them as they turned to face me and ran. There was no way that they were going to catch me. Especially since I could feel every movement they made. All I actually thought about were how pathetic they were. I climbed up a tree, once again, and just sat there, looking down at them.

"Sam, stop!"

Edward came through the trees and looked straight at the black wolf. The rest of his family followed shortly after.

Oh great, these yahoos. Don't we get enough of them already We were having so much fun.

The Voice mocked the Cullens endlessly. It mocked Alice when she gave me new clothes to wear. It mocked Carlisle for caring about humans so much. It mocked Edward for being in love with a human and so many other things.

"I understand Sam, but if you would all phase back, we can talk about this."

Edward was probably answering the black wolf's thoughts. The huge wolves then went into the woods and returned as tall, strong, tan men. They all looked mad and annoyed. I had to keep myself from laughing at them again.

"What is the meaning of this Edward?"

The man that was in front of the other two, spoke first. He had a demanding sense to him.

"She is a guest in our home Sam. She was merely out hunting."

So that was Sam. He was obviously the leader of the other two.

"A guest?! Don't you know where she's from, what she is?! She's Volturi! She'll lead them al here and kill us! She'll be the end of us all! She is no guest!"

I growled at his words. The one that spoke was not Sam, rather the man to his left. His words angered me greatly. I wanted nothing to do with the Volturi.

Oh really? Then why did you bother to catch the Volturi crest when it gell from your pocket?

I looked at the crest that was still in my hand. I hadn't realized that I was still holding it until now. Why did I catch it? I didn't know. I guess something inside me told me to catch it. You think that I would have just let it fall and leave it, but I didn't. I caught it.

"We know very well that she was a Volturi. She fled from them and came to us for refuge."

Carlisle spoke calmly to the three men below me.

"And you believe her?! She's probably lying to you! You can't honestly trust this parasite!"

The one on the left spoke again, even more enraged. I growled, more fiercely this time.

"Paul, no. You don't know what you're getting into."

Edward tried pleading to the man, Paul. Was he pleading to protect the man, or himself and his family? My anger towards that wolf, Paul, slowly grew with each word he said.

"I know exactly what I'm getting into! She's just another leach that is more of a monster than all of you! And that's not saying much."

My anger grew to the point where I could almost attack them without hesitation or thinking about it. The anger that was inside me went away almost instantly and I was once again, calm. I sat down on one of the tree branches with my back against the tree. I let one of my legs hang down, while the other one had the knee up to the sky and foot flat on the branch. I laughed.

"He's right, you know. You really don't know what you're getting into if you pick a fight with me. You'll lose for sure. You don't have a chance."

"We already did and we almost killed you!"

"Paul, enough. Calm down. There is no need to start a fight here."

Their leader, Sam, had gotten him to calm down, but I wasn't letting go that easily. This was far from over. I'd show him that he was wrong.


I spoke that one simple word mockingly. I then jumped down from the tree before continuing.

"You weren't even close. I felt every movement you made at the exact second you made them. I can sill feel every movement you make. I can feel your bare feet digging into the dirt. I can feel every breath you make and every time you shift. So don't say that you almost killed me. You weren't even close, mutt."

The man growled ever so fiercely. He glared at me with fire in his eyes. It was the exact reaction that I had expected. I had gotten the desired reaction out of him easier than I had expected to. I guess he was easily manipulated. That just proved how pathetic they were.


The other two men yelled at him. They obviously wanted him to calm down. His nostrils were flaring and body trembling. I watched as the two men tried to calm him down. I had not moved from my spot, under the tree. There was no need for me to do so, no true threat, nothing to worry me.

"I'm going to kill that bloodsucker! I swear I will! I won't let it make a fool of me!"

I'd like to see him try. He thinks he's so tough. HA! We'll always be one step ahead. You couldn't touch us even if you tried. Go ahead, try.

The Voice wasn't just mocking the one that I had purposely enraged, it was also mocking the other two. It seemed to always be mocking everyone and everything around me, including myself.

"Paul, don't. I'm begging you. You don't know what she's capable of. You don't want to be caught in a fight with her. Trust me."

Edward pleaded with him. Edward obviously knew a great deal about what I was capable of. He definitely knew the one thing that Aro did not. I didn't like using it unless I had to. I probably thought that way because I didn't want him to know. Yet, what was stopping me now?

"You think I can't handle it?! You think I can't take on another one of your parasite friends?!"

The other two men did everything to calm him down, but nothing seemed to be working. Then, it all happened. It happened far to fast to process, I just acted.

Author's Note: Sorry for the late updates recently. Also, thanks for all of you who are sticking around to read this. Thanks to Dajah for uploaded Chapter Five - An Understanding and for the awesome header. Thanks for reading! You guys are awesome!

Tense situation!  I wonder what happened?  Can't wait for the next upate!

Urghhh how dare you stop there of all places to stop!? Great job though! I love Paul... lol xD

Chapter Seven - An Old Friend



Before I even realized what was going on, it was over. I now stood at the steps that led to the porch of the Cullen household. There was a huge wolf wrapped in vines, trying to get free, where I had just stood. The wolf was perfectly safe, he just couldn't move a lot. Around me were the Cullens, shocked and confused.


What had just happened? Why did I even ask that? I knew exactly what had happened. That mutt attacked me and I defended myself. He's lucky that I didn't squeeze the life out of him.


You should though. You should teach them not to mess around with something they do not understand.


I should, but I won't. He is childish and immature. I will not give them the satisfaction of lowering me to that point.


That's not it. You just don't want to do anymore senseless killing. It's not really senseless if you think about it. He tried to kill you, so you kill him to defend yourself.


That's not what I want to be. I don't want to be known for that.


That's who you are. When will you realize that?


"What was that? Did she do that?"


I was too enwrapped in my head to realize the craziness that had ensued around me. The two men were talking to each other, separated from the rest of us. They seemed very worried about the situation. The Cullens exchanged nervous glances and took stances to prepare for the worst. It seemed as if I was separate from everyone else. The leader turned to face the Cullens. The other one kept eyeing me and wouldn't look away. Did he think that if he kept looing at me that I wouldn't move?


"Carlisle, I'm sure you've realized this by now, but she is dangerous. She almost killed Paul. I can't let anything happen to the pack. She has to go, one way or another."


"No she didn't. She's not going to kill him, Sam. She was just defending herself from him. You can't blame her for that."


It wasn't Carlisle who spoke, but Edward. Had turned into my defender. Of course, the one that could hear everything going on in my head, was defending me.


"She is a danger either way and I want her gone. I'm not taking any chances."


"She is of no trouble to you, as long as you do not cause trouble with her."


Now Jasper spoke on my behalf as well. The two people that seemed to know more about me than others, spoke on my behalf. I never asked for them to do so. I never expected them to, but they were.


"She could have killed him! What next? We are not going to let some bloodsucker like her threaten the pack!"


The other man spoke angrily. He was obviously annoyed that the Cullens were defending me. Oh, and what did he call me? A blood sucker? Of all things you could call a vampire, you call them a bloodsucker. I couldn't help but snicker at it. The man glared at me.


"What are you laughing at?!"


"Just your attempt at an insult. I mean, come on, bloodsucker? Is that really the best you can do? You have to be a little more creative than that. Yes, I am a bloodsucker, because that's what vampires do."


He growled at me. He was just as short tempered as his friend.


"Jake, stop. It's not worth it. Do you want to be trapped like Paul? He doesn't look too happy, now does he?"


"If this leech wants a fight I'll give her one?"


Leech? You've got to be kidding me. He just basically called you a bloodsucking parasite. Not like that's anything new. You already know what you are.


"Me? Who said that I was looking for a fight? You three started it. You're the ones that attacked me when I was on my way back from hunting. It's not my fault that you pick the wrong fights."


The wolf from the vines was released. The wolf was exhausted from trying to break free. He just lied there on the ground, trying to ease his exhaustion.


"What was that supposed to do? Show us that you really mean what you say?"


The man that tried to insult me earlier, Jake, wouldn't give up. He really wanted to fight me. If he did, it would be the biggest mistake of his life.


"I'm not trying to prove anything to you. I have nothing to prove."


Don't go trying to prove something to yourself either. It won't work and you know it.


The leader, Sam, went over to the wolf, to see if he was alright. I could see him looking at me out of the corner of my eye. I could tell that he was very wary of me at this point.


I suddenly felt a very familiar pair of footsteps running north of where we all stood. I couldn't tell who it was, but I recognized them immediately. I ran after them out of instinct. I wasn't really sure of what I would gain from chasing them, but I did anyway. I was slowly gaining on them. The footsteps stopped and I was where he was in a second.


He was standing under a cliff that produced a lot of shade. He wore his cloak with the hood over his face, but I knew exactly who it was. There was a gap in between the end of the forest and the shade of the cliff that was divided by sunlight. I hadn't realized that the sun had begun to rise. I stopped at the edge of the light and growled.


"Demetri, I should have known it was you."


"Don't get defensive with me, Rachel. You're the one who left. You brought this on yourself."


"At least I realized what I was doing was wrong. I now have a conscience, can you say that?"


"What we do it what's best for our kind. We would be exposed if we didn't do what we do."


"We could keep out kind a secret without killing them. Killing them does nothing."


"How else are we supposed to enforce the law? Killing those breaking the law gets rid of the problem makers. They won't listen to us if we don't give them a reason to."


"You're just like the rest of them. They brainwashed you, just like they did me, to believe that these monstrous deeds are acceptable and normal."


I was being disgusted by him. Me, of all people, disgusted by him. Funny how things turn out. I never thought that any of them would disgust me. I was ponce one of them and they were once all I knew. So in a way, I was disgusted by myself. I wised up though. I saw through it all.


"None of us are brainwashed, Rachel. We do what we do for a reason and you stopped understanding those reasons."


"I stopped understanding those reasons, because I realized that all I knew was all that they wanted me to know. They only gave me things that would make me into their puppet. They blinded me from the outside world."


"You say that as though you hate us, yet you still wear your cloak."


"You know why I still wear it! You know the danger it can put me in if I don't"


I was getting really agitated. I should just leave, but then he probably wouldn't leave me alone.


Why did you chase after him anyway?




My thoughts were disrupted by Edward's voice in the woods, calling after me.


"I see you've enlisted the help of the Cullens."


Demetri said it very matter-of-fact. He just stood there, looking at me. He had finally lifted his head enough for me to see his whole face.


"What was I supposed to do? I didn't want you coming after me without some help."


Edward came up beside me and his family shortly behind. Why did they all follow him? Why was it that when one went somewhere, the others weren't all too far behind? I didn't like having so many people near me at once. That is, unless it was needed or necessary. It was not needed here. Edward motioned for him family to head back. They hesitated at first, but did as he asked.


"Hello, Demetri."


"Edward. I see you are taking good care of our little Rachel. I came to retrieve her and bring her back. You see, she does not belong here, she belongs back in Voltaire, with the rest of us."


He spoke as though I wasn't right there beside Edward. It sounded like he was referring to a child. A child that had gotten lost or wasn't really sure of anything. I was not a child. I may not know where I belong, but I know it is not with them.


You should really listen to him, you know? He knows more than you do.


"I don't think she wants to go back."


Edward answered for me. Demetri shook his head and looked saddened.


"Well, that's too bad. Aro will hate to hear such things, but very well."


In one quick second, I was shoved into the light. The hood of my cloak was down and my face began to burn immediately. I quickly put my hood up and with that movement, my hands started to burn for a second. I ran into the shady cover of the trees. My face and hands were still bubbling from the contact of the sun.


"Take that as a warning. You brought this on yourself."


With that Demetri left and Edward was by my side, trying to comfort me. He went to examine my face, but I grabbed his hand as it was about to touch my face.


"Leave it. It will heal."



Author's Note: I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry about taking so long to update. I was just super busy these past few months. Summer is coming soon so that should make it easier to write, but we'll see. I hope you guys don't completely hate me for taking so long. I hope you like the chapter! Thanks so much for sticking around! You guys are great!

That's craziness. I'm excited to see what you write next!

There are a lot of mysteries around this Fugitive from the Volturi. Interesting that she burns in the sun! And I also liked the way she contained Paul when he tried to attack her! She developed a conscience, but what is that other voice that continuously tries to lead her in the other direction? Is it a remnant of her time with theVolturi, or is it something else? Can't wait to find out more! And what will Aro be willing to do in order to get her back?

(New Reader)

I really like this story, it is rather interesting and very intense. I hope that Rachel will deal with her blood thirst and adjust and that the wolves will do something to help, if the Cullen's talk some sense into them since Rachel does not want to harm them....she was just defending her now.

I wonder what will happen now,. since Demetri is there. WIll he take her back or not? Update soon :) and please keep me posted.

I am so sorry for not updating. I have been very busy and have kind of lost my fire to write. I know what I want to do, but I just don't feel like writing. I am so very sorry. I will try and get back into my "groove".


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