The Twilight Saga

i finally learned how to do it, now if you want to be cullenized by me i need to know a few things


Example :what color eyes do you want? ( it works better with lighter color eyes but it still works on dark ones)






After: Gold eyes






Red eyes:




Blue eyes:



and this one:





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can u cullen-ize this picture for me?? whatever u want to do to it is ok....whatever works.....thanks!!

please make our eye color be blue....tnx....

tnx..i like it.. :)

Can u do me with blue and a red eyed one too?

please make my eyes be blue......thanks.... :)

tnx .. :)

this is reallt random but you do a good job :3

i cant upload any pictures at the momment for you to do but i just wanted to say that haha

Cullenize this!


Make her pale with golden eyes please. Can u notify me when it's done?


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