The Twilight Saga

Rose has had a complicated life for the past 5 years. Her parents are dead
and she is left with her Aunt Karren and cousin Blake. Rose isn't like most 17 year old girls and neither are her family member's but Rose is much more complicated and non-human than most people. Rose meets a boy. A human boy. Christian. Will Rose let her haunting past go and move on to lead a new life? Or will complications get in the way like always?

Hi! ;) This is my first fan fiction. You are welcome to give criticism and ideas. PLEASE READ AND COMMENT!!!!


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thanks! *grins*
o my god I LOVE IT SOOOOOOO MUCH PLZ UPDATE VERY SOON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks! ill try =)
Hey Guys =) I'm soooo swamped with school, because its ending soon and I have all these projects and stuff due. So I have a lot of work to do. I'm hoping I'll find time this weekend to write the next chapter, but I don't want to make any promises. School is almost over, so I'll be posting in no time! Thanks for all the comments and loving my story =)

~ Naomi ;)
hey guys! well the site deleted that 3rd chapter for language, but edited it, and now im re-posting it. nothing has changed, i just made little stars in between the swear words. enjoy! =)

Chapter 3

Black Waters

“Hey Blake?” I called. It was 7:15 in the morning and I felt crummy and curious.

She appeared in the bedroom doorway with a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream tub in one hand while the other held a spoon into her mouth.

“Mmm?” She mumbled through the spoon.

“I have a problem. I can’t....” I felt stupid with my situation. So I couldn’t hear one’s person’s thoughts, big whoop. But it was like this annoying pest stuck in my head reminding me that I had a flaw, though it was a very tiny flaw I couldn’t fix it.

Blake dropped the spoon into the tub and plopped down on my bed beside me.

“Okay so we know you have a problem but you just won’t spit it out.” She smiled at me. “Come on it’s me. Just say it.” She smiled at me and waited impatiently for my response.

“I can’t hear a voice.” I said.

She hesitated and looked confused for just about 5 seconds before her mind pushed aside everything she was thinking to ask me questions. “Do you mean you can’t hear voices anymore or you can’t hear a voice? And if so, whose voice is it? Do you know them? Wait... You would have to know them to hear what their voices sound like. Right?” And then she just sucked in a big breath.

“Okay first, breathe. Second it’s a voice. Third I know the person, his name is Christian.”

“Christian, huh? And why haven’t I heard of him?” She looked at me straight in the eye with her emerald green eyes and arched her eyebrow at me. Blake may be my cousin but she looks nothing like her mom or me. All her looks are from her dad, which bailed when she was four. From the picture I saw of the three of them, Blake got all of the looks. The jet-black hair, the piercing emerald eyes, and the face structure. With me though I looked exactly like my mother. I got her beautiful brown hair and her deep brown eyes, the pinkness in the cheeks, and I even had her attitude. My dad used to tell me that I was the younger version of my mother, which didn’t creep me out at all. It was more of a comfort to me, especially when she was gone. The only thing I probably got from my father was sarcasm and great taste in cars. Which was always a plus when I thought about it. However coming back to reality those emerald eyes were still staring at me waiting as I thought of my mother and how amazing she was.

Blake snapped her finger at me and I just jumped. “Hello?” she said her voice hinting irritation. “I’m waiting for a reply here.”

“Oh um right sorry. What were we talking about again?” Blake just rolled her eyes at me.

“We are talking about the boy Christian, whom you have told me nothing about, not to mention you can’t hear his voice.” She took a breath, exasperated, and started to talk again. “So once again I ask, who is Christian and why haven’t I hear of him?”

“Oh right. Um... He’s just a guy I know.” Blake’s jaw literally dropped in irritation; she probably would have slapped me silly if I wasn’t in need of her help.

“It’s not a big deal, he just dropped me off to the shop yesterday. But when I was actually paying attention in the shop I noticed that I couldn’t hear his voice. I don’t know why but its bugging me. This has never happened before.” I said now losing my breath. I guess having to take breaths after every time we talked so emotionally was genetic. Blake’s shoulder’s slumped and she could sense that she was helping with my frustration.

“Just breathe. You’re right he isn’t a big deal and neither is this situation. He probably is just genetically screwed up or is stupid. You never know with these things, so don’t freak over him. Let it pass. Now if something else is wrong with him like if he has glowing bones or lightening shooting out of his hands, or something else that is abnormal then you should worry. Kay?” Blake rubbed my forearm as I placed my head on her shoulder. I sighed knowing she was right. Blake always knew what to say to make me relax. When it came to Blake advice she was like hugging Aunt Karren. I let Christian’s condition go but something at the back of my head kept telling me to figure it out, and it wasn’t the voices that were talking asking someone what they wanted for dinner.


Walking into the main school building after parking and splitting directions with Blake to head to classes the voices flooded into my mind and even louder this time. The sound pounded against my head while the voices that were talking in the hall boomed against my eardrums. I tuned out what talk was happening now to get a head start on conversations that would happen later on. I heard talking of breakups, and make-ups, kids talking to teachers, and even more kids gossiping about other kids.

Did you know that Chase is going out with this girl now? Her name is...

Um... next person. Who cares about Chase Donovan?

Hey I’m sorry, forgive me?

Ah, Rick Bennett. All time hottie, all time player, yet every girl here wants to go out with him. If I were his girlfriend I’d dump him, no scratch that, I wouldn’t even go out with him.

All you have to do Ms. Montenegro is write a five-page essay about The Civil War and hand it in to me by next Monday. Then you get your extra credit for the semester.

Blah, blah, blah... But I just had to live with the blahness for the rest of my life. For the next two hours I went through Physics and Art History. In Psychology I was paying attention until I heard something that caught that attention and pulled at it.

Did you see that weird girl... what was her name...?

Rose, I think. Rose Covington.

Oh yeah, her. Anyway, did you see her and that hot Christian kid leave school early yesterday? What was up with that? She’s so weird and he’s sooo not. Ughh why can’t he ever notice girls like us? We are sooo much better. She’s just so weird and she has like no friends. What a loser.

Oh my god. You’ve got to be kidding me. The worst part of it all, I knew who was talking. You know the most popular girl in school and how she is and how you hate her? Well that’s Casey, my popular high school queen. Every guy wants her, every girl wants to be like her (except me), and well in my opinion she is a total rich b*t*h. I would have twirled my pretty little sinister fingers and zapped her right in her blonde highlighted black haired head. Maybe it might knock some common sense into her brain. She sat two rows in front of me and she was looking at her perfectly manicured hot pink nails, probably marveling over how perfect they were. Superficial b*t*h. My anger turned up to the maximum level and my hands bawled into fists. I had to calm myself down before I let myself slip again and let something horrible happen like last time. I breathed deep and slow but every time I looked at Casey, she just irritated me to no end. How dare she call me those names! My fists started to heat and grow very, very warm, like a warm fire starting to rise. I thought of how her perfectly tanned skin and how it would look if she sat on the beach with tanning oil smothered on her for too long. She would probably come out a red popsicle. I wanted to get up from my set and grab her arm and push her into the wall. My palms felt like they could have flames fly right from my shiny dark purple fingernails. Next thing I knew Casey flew up from her chair screaming at the top of her lungs. Her right forearm had a red handprint on it. They were finger marks as red as a sunburn. No even redder like a fire flame. I knew what I just did. I lost it, just like that other time. I did that to Casey, no one else, just me. I asked if I could have a bathroom pass, and I ran out of the classroom shutting myself in a bathroom stall to cry. I could never control my powers or myself. I was like this screwed up experiment that went wrong and when the experiment became fully developed the powers became out of control. The challenge was I either was protecting myself from me or protecting my powers from other people. The feeling of having a sinister evil monster stuck in me started rising. A lump in my throat formed and I couldn’t cry anymore but just feel the pain that Casey had felt. How that searing burning feeling felt against her skin. How I caused that feeling. I was a personal puppet to the monster master inside me.

I knew I couldn’t sit in here forever so I collected myself and walked out of my hiding place feeling crummy and even more horrible. Psychology class finished up with an absent Casey, and the bell rang signaling class ended and it was time for lunch. I headed to the cafeteria hoping I could try to drown out the voices and eat in peace. No one even knew that what happened to Casey was my fault, yet I felt guilty every time someone looked my way. All these faces staring at me as I walked by, probably thinking, freak, weirdo, and Satan worshiper. I felt as if the lunchroom was getting smaller and closing in on me. I started to walk backwards very fast and as I did a loop sway to turn around to open the cafeteria doors, I smacked into someone. How could I have known who it was? Let’s just say we’ve visited this scene before.

“S-Sorry. I have to go. Excuse me.” I said and I picked up my book bag and looked up into Christian’s crystal blue eyes.
“Is this routine going to happen every time we see each other? You smack into me and drop your book bag, while I stand like a fly hit me and then I begin to help you?” He laughed.

“No. Like I said, sorry. I have to go.” And I started walking away, pushing through the doors. The pressure of all these emotions started pounding against my skull and I felt drained of all my energy, like I could collapse on the white squeaky floor right then and there.

“Hey wait up!” Christian ran after me catching up pretty fast. Maybe he was a track star. “Let me help you.” He tried to take my book bag by tugging on the strap once and I resisted and he tugged again once more. So I let him take it because honestly the extra weight being lifted off my shoulder felt nice.

“Thanks.” I said it as almost a whisper, my voice was depleting just as my energy. The battery fading as every tick tock went by on the clock.

“Where you headed to? Getting out of school early again?”

“No. I just... need fresh air.” I sighed heavily.

“Hard day? I’ve had those. Do you want to... talk about it?” He glanced at me and when I glanced back he looked away quickly. As if he was embarrassed of something. We were halfway to the exit doors, my anticipation of getting out of this building built high and higher as every second went by.

“I’m fine. I need some....” I said as every step felt like a mile, as if my legs weighed a thousand pounds. My head was spinning and woozy, not to mention the voices just kept getting louder and louder and coming at me quicker. Sweat trickled down my neck and my breaths became shorter and lighter.

“Rose? You okay?” Christian asked.

We kept walking and my body felt like it was a hundred degrees, like I was in the dessert. My breaths got even shorter, while my mouth was getting dry. The sick feeling of what I did to Casey rose in my stomach.

“Rose...?” Christian asked again, closing in on our proximity as we walked. He looked at me and the heat radiating off his body was so intense. The feeling as if the sun was beating down on me was a similar feeling to an egg on a frying pan, and I was the egg. Christian was the pan. All these emotions and feelings mixed together were creating the worst possible feeling for my body ever.

The breath in my throat was cutting short and my eyes started to droop. The words I was trying to get out of my mouth was hard to do right now. “I... I didn’t mean to hurt her. P-please don’t let.... don’t let....” And then I felt a sharp pain on my left shoulder followed by everything going fuzzy. I heard a faint voice near my ear.

“Rose? Rose are you...” Then everything went black. I let my body fall into the dark trench pit of misery and defeat. Into all those emotions and feelings and whatever else was coming on to me. My body fell into deep black waters and there wasn’t a hand to pull me back up to safety. I was lost and too far into the black waters to ever come back up to breathe.

Here, I made this. :D I hope you like it. If not, tell me what to fix.
thanks!!! =) love it!

thanks! =) love it a bunch!
thanks! =)
I'm SO mad! my other computer is gliching and thats the only computer i saved my story on. which is why i can't and haven't updated you guys on the story. =( so let's hope my computer stops gliching! i know i said that i would update last week but like i said, my comptuer gliched. so lets all cross our fingers and hope that my computer gets fixed without everything getting wiped off the hardrive. thanks for all the support, i won't let y'all down!

~ Naomi =)


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