The Twilight Saga

Carrie White dealt with abused from her mother, and high school students who harass her. She discover her psychic ability telekinesis. She is unaware of a boy, and Jane who has been watching her who was in her classes. The boy Alec a volturi member showed Aro the girl Carrie, and her telekinesis via thought that he assign Alec, and Jane to watch her, and keep her safe. As he watches her he start to have feelings for her that he realize that he is in love with her. The night of the prom was the last straw that after she was drenched in pigs blood she snap, and killed everyone in the prom except for Alec, and Jane who escaped just before she snapped. When Carrie return home clean, and in a nightgown her mother Margaret White was about to kill her till Alec attack, and kill Margaret by drinking her entire blood. Carrie seeing what happen hug Alec thanking him. Alec,Jane, and Carrie went to Volterra were Aro seeing Carrie's gift accept her as a member of the Volturi. Before Carrie could change Alec request letting Carrie be human a little longer that Aro approved. As Alec, and Carrie gets close she starts to fall for Alec. What happens for them is up to the story of there lives.



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 Gift: Telekinesis

Mate: Alec


Gift: Sense Deprivation

Mate: Carrie
















Original Volturi members








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ok i'll start us off.

Carrie was wounded from a stab that her mother's butcher knife use as she began to get frighten hoping her telekinesis could activate.

Alec looked around at the large room of his home wishing to finally get out he wanted to go hunting and get out of the house but he was waiting for Alec.


Aro looked at him get antsy this might be why Jane does it he thought as he said "lets go hunt now" he said.

Carrie breathe quietly as the knives from her telekinesis stab her mother.

Alec felt great as he ran he loved to run and just feel free they ran past house after house when a strong sent of blood so intoxicating it might have knocked him over.


Aro stopped and watched Alec closely as he started to change course. 

Carrie continue to breathe silently as her mother dies.

Alec busted through the door and smelled her on the floor bloody he wanted her he got ready to lung but was grabbed in a vice grip.


Aro held on to Alec as he went to the girl obviously this girl had an affect on him but he wanted to know if he need to change her or not she was almost dead so she could be healed "would you like to get out of her girl" he asked down at her keeping a hold of the struggling Alec.

"" Carrie asked wounded to the man.

Aro looked down at her "Aro and this struggling man is Alec" he said "no I have answered your question so now answer mine" he said straight to the point "you can let me get you to safety or die here" he said bluntly.


Alec looked wide eyed he didn't want her to die "answer him" he struggled to say her blood made him wild and its like it sang out to him and there was so much of it around.

Carrie was scared that she use her telekinesis to throw a knife at Alec.

Aro cursed lightly and moved Alec out of the way and shoved him out of the door and shut it it seemed obvious he wasn't going to manage much with two of them and it didn't help if she was throwing Knifes "we just want to help be lucky I don't try to help much but my boy seems to follow your blood" he said as he went to her "don't throw thing ok" he said his voice softing.


Alec ran through the door and went and attacked the mother whos pulse was faint but there and drained her till she was dry trying to control the hunger.

"Sorry I just got stabbed by her. I'll come." Carrie said

Aro looked to Alec "better" he asked as he picked up the girl "we are going to take you volterra tower and get you fixed up" he said keeping the same soft tone so not to freak her out.


Alec nodded and followed after him "we will get you all patched up" he said as he tried to focus on her features she was beautiful even all covered in blood it worked he wanted her but he could control it.


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