The Twilight Saga

Carrie White dealt with abused from her mother, and high school students who harass her. She discover her psychic ability telekinesis. She is unaware of a boy, and Jane who has been watching her who was in her classes. The boy Alec a volturi member showed Aro the girl Carrie, and her telekinesis via thought that he assign Alec, and Jane to watch her, and keep her safe. As he watches her he start to have feelings for her that he realize that he is in love with her. The night of the prom was the last straw that after she was drenched in pigs blood she snap, and killed everyone in the prom except for Alec, and Jane who escaped just before she snapped. When Carrie return home clean, and in a nightgown her mother Margaret White was about to kill her till Alec attack, and kill Margaret by drinking her entire blood. Carrie seeing what happen hug Alec thanking him. Alec,Jane, and Carrie went to Volterra were Aro seeing Carrie's gift accept her as a member of the Volturi. Before Carrie could change Alec request letting Carrie be human a little longer that Aro approved. As Alec, and Carrie gets close she starts to fall for Alec. What happens for them is up to the story of there lives.



Follow tts rules

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Boy and girl is optional but suggested.

2 or 5 sentences longer.

Have fun


 Gift: Telekinesis

Mate: Alec


Gift: Sense Deprivation

Mate: Carrie
















Original Volturi members








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"My name is Carrie, and about the knife. I have telekinesis." Carrie said

Aro nodded "I'm Aro" he said as he started to vampire run hoping it didn't freak her out til he reached volterra tower "that's an interesting power young one have you always had it" he asked.


Alec followed "Hi Carrie" he said kindly "I'm Alec we won't hurt you ok" he said to keep her calm and comfortable.

"Since birth but I lose full control if I get too emotional." Carrie said

Alec nodded "that makes sense" he said as Aro put her down and left the room to get a medical professional in here "I have a special power to but you most definitely not want to see what it is" he said seriously as he looked at her on the couch.

"What is it?" Carrie asked

(snap I can't remember I haven't read the book in awhile)

Alec smiled "you sure you want to know" he asked it was one of the reasons he was part of Aro's guard.


Aro walked in then "Alec stop asking her question's Carrie correct be nice and don't throw things and the doctor vampire here while he gets you all fixed up" he said as he sat down on the chair opposite the room.

"Ok" Carrie said seeing Alec as she is about to be fixed up.

Alec watched till he had to leave the room her blood was to much.


Aro looked as Alec left from the smell of her blood "you are an interesting little gem mrs. Carrie" he commented as he stood up to see the doctor almost finished with her.

Carrie look at Alec leave as her wound got fixed up to be healed.

Alec came back into the room once Aro called for him "how are you feeling now Carrie" he asked softly to her as he looked into her pretty eyes.


Aro looked at her "are you wanting to go back home or stay her at Volterra tower" he asked blantly and to the point.


Alec looked amazed normally the man was a hardened jerk who more or less told you what you were going to do he never really gave anyone choices he hoped thought hat she chose to stay.

"Stay I already cause the house to be destroyed so everyone thinks i'm dead." Carrie said

Aro nodded "alright Alec show her to a room that will be come her room" he said then left.


Alec looked wide eyed "uhh ok" he said as he stretched out a hand to her.


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