The Twilight Saga

What if Carlisle had a daughter biologically, Bella Cullen, as we know her.

Carlisle was turned to a vampire, so he left his wife and daughter because he was afraid
that he will be tempted by their blood.
When he comes back after a few years, the news had made his heart break..
His wife had remarried and died and his daughter was missing and possibly, has
also died….But all of that is about to change….

Bella Swan did not die. Someone really close to their family changed her.

She’s a vampire like her father, alone and in misery for many years until something happens.

She meets 5 students in Forks, and they all share one thing:

The name Cullen.

ALL CHARACTERS belong to the amazing Stephenie Meyer, with the exception of Marie(Bella's mom) & Peter(stepfather).

I've made this story when i was 11. Now I'm 13. I've already posted and
finished this,  but this version is the better one,
because everything is edited and polished up.. if you still want to read
the old version (i recommend it although you'll know the twists) here's
the link:
Also inside this link are all 4 pages of the chapters, and the link to the original version with all the comments and 177 pages.

Please Comment

But say it nicely if it’s criticism.

Chapter 1~page 1

Chapter 2~page 3

Chapter 3~page 5

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nice rewrite :)
post more soon
update soon and plz keep me send me a message when you do!!!
okay thanks
will do
i loved it cant wait and what you'll do with it
i loved the first story but i have to say that i like this one alittle bit more
write more soon and plz keep me updated!!
i kinda agree wid you
hopefully everything i did..just making it better..i hope
love it and add me so i can get updates
thanks. will do

Pride and Prejudice. I flicked the pages to the parts I like best, But I got bored since I've repeated reading this book more like a thousand times…apparently there’s nothing interesting for me to do at night....

So, I decided to hunt. After all, A week has passed and my eyes are already getting darker. I have to hunt soon or it will be hard spending some time with my "classmates" and my teachers who are more old-fashioned than I am ...Sometimes I wonder why none of them are noticing my eyes specially my best friend (or so she thinks) Jessica, My admirers, Mike, Eric, Tyler and I think sigh…..more(my face twitched into an evil smile) They will have a heart attack if they found out I am older than their grandparent's grandparents...And most importantly,the teachers! I think they are really stupid because they don’t notice their students being well, different, I suppose.

I started out of my house with a run, I run fast, I notice.. faster than well, any vampire I've known of ... Don’t get me wrong, I’ve known many vampires but none of them are a single bit like me.

They don’t care about the humans they drink from. They don’t care of the families, the friends and the people who love those humans will go through. They don’t care that they’ve once been a human, weak and frail. They don’t care to preserve the little conscience left off them.

As much as I know no vampire had been like me.

They don’t care about being in heaven,
I mean I might be corny, but in my humble opinion there is heaven. Yes. Even for me. I just can’t believe there isn’t every time I watch the sunsets and sunrise, few as there are in the places I blend in, ....I hope God will know I didn’t choose this kind of fate. I hope that somewhere up there, he knows I will gladly die and be there with him than to be here, alone and abandoned.

I was already draining a grizzly bear and after it was completely out of blood, I smelled a mountain lion nearby, so I let my instincts get the best of me, and took off to its direction
And I stopped.

I was on a meadow. It was simply breathtaking.
It was dark, of course, because it is nighttime but due to my perfect vision, I can see it completely.

It was surrounded by flowers all around .It was simple, yet, it’s beauty is astounding…
I didn’t know why or how but I stared at it completely till I was startled by the morning sun. I was in the center of it and the sun was sparkling on me.

True, it had been a shocking moment when I first saw my reflection on the sunlight.
Because during that time, I couldn’t pull myself together. I thought I was a criminal…
A bloodthirsty criminal.

Annoyed that my thoughts were flicking to my worst memories,
I looked at my reflection. It was sparkling, of course, Why won't it?
I was annoyed more that my thoughts were flicking, again to things that couldn’t happen.

Memory hopping yesterday really did put me into a sour mood.

I just stared and wandered at the meadow.. It was like it was created for me here. It was like it was designed only for me.

And since, there’s sunlight today, I can’t go to school So I stayed.. Marveling at the breathtaking sight. Till I found out that it was again, dark...

How had time passed so quickly? I said aloud, talking about the present and the past.Top of Form


It was another normal day, a normal raining day I mean;
I got out of my car and went to my class I hated the most not only because of the subject, Trigonometry ,not only because of our teacher, Mr. Varner, but because this is the class I share with the two witches as I call them, Jessica and Lauren.

Completely bored and irritated by the death glares Lauren keep throwing at me,
I was almost jumping for joy when the school bell rang.

I answered a “difficult” equation in less than a minute, then Mr. Varner stared at me with his mouth hanging open. I smiled.

Being a vampire had its perks.
* * *
I was already pretending to eat the slimy food when I heard the latest gossip in the small miserable school of Forks.

“Have you heard the news Katie? 5 new students are coming next week!”
I heard Jessica said cheerfully.
“Of course I have! It’s been all over the town that 5 new students are enrolling at Forks High.” Katie (a blonde over sensitive girl) said, a little shocked by the question.

Apparently, because of my hearing senses, I can hear the little conversations at the cafeteria.

“I bet they’ll all look like toads!” Mike said a little bossily.
“Maybe, maybe they don’t have brains.” suggested Eric.

I hid my laugh with a cough.
Yeah, trust the two morons to come up with something about the new comers.
But unfortunately, I was not the only one who heard them.
Because half the cafeteria’s staring, or rather glaring, at them now.
“What did I say?” mumbled Eric.
“I just hope they have nice attitudes.” Angela finished.

I pondered over it in my head, feeling sorry for the five kids about to be stuck in the most boring place on Earth.

* * *
The bell rang and I was off with Angela, to whom I have Biology,my after lunch period, with.

“Strange isn’t it? 5 new students moving into a little town, in the middle of the school year?” Angela said.

“Indeed, strange. What year are they going in anyway?” I asked her.

“According to Jessica ..” (She shot me a-you-know-the-gossip-queen look.)
“There are two girls and three boys. A girl and a boy will be juniors,” She shot me maybe-you-can-have-a-new-partner-look
“And the rest are all Seniors.”
I eyed her carefully.
Did she really gave me that look?

“Oh.Okay.But are they all related? Family perhaps? It’s too strange if they aren’t all connected, cause Forks rarely get new students.” I replied.

“Yeah Jessica says they’re all connected to the new doctor in town.”
She smiled.

“You know what’s making me smile though?
“You all share the same family name. The doctor’s surname is Cullen like you..I don’t remember his firstname though, Car?-Car?- Carl? yeah Carlisle!. Dr. Carlisle Cullen.”

"Oh." I heard my voice say.

"My surname's common enough" I said with indifference.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence But what if it wasn’t?!?
I fought control over myself. Not knowing if what I feel is gratitude, hate or …longing….

Then my heart broke as I remember that you share your name with about a million people.

Wake-up, vampire.
I told my head.

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