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What if Carlisle had a daughter biologically-Bella. Many years ago, when he turned into a vampire, he left them because he was afraid that he will be tempted by the scent of their blood. When he comes back after a few years, his heart was broken by the news that his wife had died and his daughter was missing and presumed to be dead. Things continue as normal- He forms the Cullen coven when suddenly, everyone's lives is transformed by a new golden-eyed vampire, the missing daughter who loaths her father with a vengeance.

~Golden Eyes~

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I stood there, in a simple yet breathtaking meadow I found when I was out hunting .A strange new scent filled my nose. It was like honey and lilac combined yet not exactly the same. I searched every single direction but I could not find anything or for that matter,  anyone. It was just rain.. tiny droplets of rain. Just like the tears my eyes did not allow me to shed in this state.

I felt the satin-like texture touching my hands. I spun to its direction and truthfully, I saw the most angelic face. His God-like features was not the only reason I was not able to get a grip on myself.  It was not his breathtaking smile, not the golden tone of his eyes but  the love radiating from him to me..

And I stood there, asking myself what I felt in that moment: .. hate or love???

My heart answered back. Both.

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CHAPTER 1~Ice-cream
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It was already dismissal. Grin. School words reminds me of my bossy teachers.. If only they know I'm older than them, than their grandparents in fact!...

I was already going to my car, wishing I can use my "normal" or seriously, abnormal way of running...
Forget it Isabella Marie Cullen!!!

You. are. Acting. normal. even if you aren't one. gulp.

Finally, I reached my car to what seems like ages, I felt a smile fixed on my face because my car always makes me smile...

Though I hate driving SLOW when I was still human, I love fast driving now specially that I'm now a... a...

..VAMPIRE.... And not even an ordinary vampire, Yes, the golden-eyed one. The ONLY golden eyed one .

It's like ice-cream, you know you want one even when thirsty but you know you’ll get thirstier the moment you finish it.
Dang I hate that thing!!! ( I tried to eat it-or lick it rather)
But that was the only food i remembered because it has its own story ..


Daddy asking me if I want more...
"You want more dear?"
"Sure dad..."
Daddy smiled at me and said,
"Well sorry, its gonna have to wait till tomorrow"
Then smiled at me hugely,
Well, like most kids I put on a pouting face But that only made him smile more...


Argghhh!! Change the direction of your thought. Change it.!!!
So I went back to the stupid icecream...
I tried once to eat it, but dang, like any other food, it tasted dirt , so much of my stupidity!

I was already in my car when I saw Jessica pass by my car and smile at me... I could tell it was a fake one, though because I'm well, I’m well,
Chapter 2~An Old Story
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I was lying here, in my bed, in my room, in my house, reading or scanning rather one of my favorite books, Pride and Prejudice .This book is about the same age as me, Classic and Old .An old story....

I flicked the pages to the parts I like best, But I got bored since I've repeated reading this book more like a thousand times.. apparently there’s nothing interesting for me to do at night....

So, I decided I'll just hunt.... After all, A week has passed and my eyes are already getting darker. I have to hunt soon or it will be hard spending some time with my "classmates" and my teachers who are more old-fashioned than I am ...Sometimes I wonder why none of them are noticing my eyes specially my best friend (or so she thinks) Jessica,my admirers, Mike, Eric, Tyler and I think sigh…..more(my face twitched into an evil smile) They will have a heart attack if they found out I am older than their grandparent's grandparents...And most importantly ,the teachers! I think they are really stupid because they don’t notice their students being well, different, I suppose....

I took out of my house with a run, I run fast, I notice.. faster than well, any vampire I've known of ... Don’t get me wrong, I’ve known many vampires but none of them are a single bit like me..

As much as I know no vampire had been like me....

Would you want to know why???

Because they don’t care about being in heaven,
I mean I might be corny, but in my humble opinion there is heaven.yeah.even for me. I just cant believe there isn’t everytime I watch the sunsets and sunrise (but I don’t get to do it here,here at the rainiest place in the continental U.S.) ....I hope God will know i didn’t choose this kind of fate
IT was chosen for me...


It has been a year since Daddy left us, I sat beside the window everyday waiting for a sign of him..his smile,his hair his emerald eyes,or even his kind voice... but there isn’t.There’s just crying. And lots of them. MY Mom. right in her room again, crying crying and crying until her eyes will tear no more.... Mom was ill. I mean severely ill. .
And at last, after 2 years suffering, my mom breathed her last...
I can still hear her faint voice " I love you dear. Forgive me if I'm leaving you here now."

I left our old house with Peter and started a life of my own...
Apparently my mom have left me a bunch of money. I decided to leave them, leave all those painful memories.
Chapter 3~Simple Beauty
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I was already draining a grizzly bear and after it was completely out of blood, I smelled a mountain lion nearby, so I just sprang to it's direction,

Letting my instincts get the best of me, I ran to find it’s direction
And I stopped.

I was on a meadow. It was simply breathtaking.
It was dark, ofcourse, because it is nighttime but due to my perfect vision, I can see it completely.

It was surrounded by flowers all around .It was simple, yet, it’s beauty is astounding…
I didn’t know why or how but I stared at it completely till I was startled by the morning sun. I was in the center of it and the sun was sparkling on me.

True, it had been a shocking moment when I first saw my reflection on the sunlight.
Because during that time, I couldn’t pull myself together. I thought I was a criminal…
A bloodthirsty criminal.

Annoyed that my thoughts were flicking to my worst memories,
I looked at my reflection. It was sparkling, of course, Why won't it?
I was annoyed more that my thoughts were flicking, again to things that couldn’t happen…

I just stared and wander at the meadow.. It was like it was created for me here. It was like it was designed only for me….

And since, there’s sunlight today, I can’t go to school So I stayed.. Marveling at the breathtaking sight. Till I found out that it was again, dark...
Chapter 4~Apparently not Normal
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It was another normal day, a normal raining day I mean;
I got out of my car and went to my class I hated the most not only because of the subject, Trigonometry ,not only because of our teacher, Mr. Varner, but because this is the class I share with the two witches as I call them, Jessica and Lauren.

Completely bored and irritated by the death glares Lauren keep throwing at me,
I was almost jumping for joy when the school bell rang….

* * *
I was already pretending to eat the slimy food when I heard the latest news.
“Have you heard the news Katie? 5 new students are coming next week!”
I heard Jessica said cheerfully.
“Of course I have! It’s been all over the town that 5 new students are enrolling at Forks High.” Katie (a blonde over sensitive girl) said, a little shocked by the question.

Apparently, because of my hearing senses, I can hear the little conversations at the cafeteria.

“I bet they’ll all look like toads!” Mike said a little bossily.
“Maybe, maybe they don’t have brains.” suggested Eric.

I hid my laugh with a cough.
Yeah, trust the two morons to come up with something about the new comers.
But unfortunately, I was not the only one who heard them.
Because half the cafeteria’s staring, or rather glaring, at them now.
“What did I say?” mumbled Eric.
“I just hope they have nice attitudes.” Angela finished.
* * *

The bell rang and I was off with Angela, to whom I have Biology, my after lunch period, with.

“Strange isn’t it? 5 new students moving into a little town, in the middle of the school year?” Angela said.

“Yeah. indeed, strange.What year are they going in anyway?” I asked her.

“According to Jessica ..” (She shot me a-you-know-the-gossip-queen look.)
“There are two girls and three boys. A girl and a boy will be juniors,” She shot me maybe-you-can-have-a-new-partner-look
“And the rest are all Seniors.”
I eyed her carefully.
Did she really gave me that look?

“Oh.Okay.But are they all related? Family perhaps? Its too strange if they aren’t all connected, cause Forks rarely get new students.” I replied.

“Yeah Jessica says they’re all connected to the new doctor in town.”
She smiled.
“You know what’s making me smile though?
“You all share the same family name.The doctor’s surname is Cullen like you..I don’t remember his firstname though, Car?-Car?- Carl ? yeah Carlisle!. Dr. Carlisle Cullen.”
Maybe it’s just a coincidence But what if it wasn’t?!?
And I fought control over myself. Not knowing if what I feel is gratitude hate or …longing….
Chapter 5~ The Usual
Carlisle Cullen Pictures, Images and Photos

I was at the hospital, in my not actually first day as a doctor here.
Forks didn’t change much, it’s still its usual raining self it’s still green-just like when I, Esme, Edward, Rosalie, and Emmett visited it nearly 90 years ago.

I can feel all eyes-specially the female ones staring at my back, marveling at me…

I wanted to work alone but seeing it isn’t possible, I just ignored it and pretended it’s nothing.

I passed the head-doctor smiling, remembering the day he accepted me without hesitation.

At last, my work was finished and I walked out the door with no word , leaving all the eyes behind me ……

* * *

I arrived at our home and spotted my son playing the piano, my wife next to him wearing a motherly expression.
When Edward spotted me, he looked up to me and made a welcoming gesture with his hand. Esme followed his eyes and went to my side quickly using our "usual" speed.
Then, she went to give me a short peck on the lips and asked me the usual question.

“How did it go dear?”

“Well, the usual.” I said as I grinned broadly.

She gave me a lovely smile in return. Lovely, even for a vampire.

I looked at the room and spotted Rosalie. She was scanning some fashion magazines absentmindedly and was surprised when she heard my question.

“When will your first day be Rose?”
“Hmm? Ahm I think next week, for sure. I haven’t been on the school yet, I haven’t accompanied Alice during the registration.” She said with a guilty smile.

“But where are they?” I looked around, expecting to see the tiny pixie smiling at me but she was nowhere of sight.

“She’s hunting, with Em and Jas.” Edward said answering my question, no doubt, answering my mind.
Chapter 6~When Exactly?
Bella and Edward laughing in the meadow Pictures, Images and Photos

I was draining the elk slowly, for I’m not particularly thirsty.
I was just accompanying Em and Jas.

The elk was halfway drained when a vision appeared.

There was a girl, a vampire girl. Just like us. EXACTLY like us.

She was in a meadow that looks strangely familiar……She is alone crying tearless sobs…
The vision vanished and another one appeared. She was looking for someone in the forest…The vision shifted again. She was with us. She was shopping with Rose, laughing with Emmett, Playing chess with my Jasper and then..
She was arms to arms with me… we were both laughing so hard like teenage schoolgirls teasing each other.. Then Esme was hugging her while they were both crying hysterically.


She was kicking away from Carlisle while Carlisle was begging to her knees then it shifted again..
They were both hugging each other in a fatherly- daughter way and She
was asking him..

“Why didn’t you find me?”

Then it vanished out of sight.

Edward. Where is Edward? these are the questions that pops in my head everytime I have a vision...
Edward was nowhere in it…
Everyone was there except him…

I searched for his future but there wasn’t anything there. All was normal.. Him trying to hum out the thoughts , him playing the piano….
But the girl was nowhere there.
Nowhere.. Nowhere…
Who is this girl…. ???
And why am I laughing with her???
Then a vision mad me hysterically shocked but happy...

Edward was in the meadow with her.. They were holding hands....and laughing and tickling each other...

Happiness flood over me...
I was going to have another new sister !!!!

But who is she, and...
When Exactly??
Chapter 7~Dance with My Father Again

What Am I going to do ?!?
Knowing my chances,
I know that there is a chance that its all just a coincidence...
But there is a bigger chance that it isn't...

I moved from my room, to the kitchen and finally,
To my piano....
I stopped there.
I played one of the songs I play when I allow myself to ....
remember my dad...

Back when I was a child, before life removed all the innocence
My father would lift me high and dance with my mother and me and then
Spin me around 'til I fell asleep
Then up the stairs he would carry me
And I knew for sure I was loved

If I could get another chance, another walk, another dance with him
I'd play a song that would never, ever end
How I'd love, love, love
To dance with my father again

When I and my mother would disagree
To get my way, I would run from her to him
He'd make me laugh just to comfort me, yea yea
Then finally make me do just what my mama said
Later that night when I was asleep
He left a dollar under my sheet
Never dreamed that he would be gone from me

If I could steal one final glance, one final step, one final dance with him
I'd play a song that would never, ever end
'Cause I'd love, love, love
To dance with my father again

Sometimes I'd listen outside her door
And I'd hear how my mother cried for him
I pray for her even more than me
I pray for her even more than me

I know I'm praying for much too much
But could you send back the only man she loved
I know you don't do it usually
But dear Lord she's dying
To dance with my father again

Every night I fall asleep and this is all I ever dream

I cried and cried with no tears escaping and I realized my own feet have taken me to the meadow...This is the reason why I don't allow myself to remember my
broken family...

What am I supposed to do? Even if Dad is...
like me..
What am I going to do?

I cant just go to that hospital with no reason..

And what am I gonna do If it really was all a coincidence?
How can I endure that?
Now that I allowed myself to hope,
How am I gonna repair myself again???

And besides.. If it is not a coincidence...
Will He accept me? Judging the fact that there are five new students.. and all of them are "Cullens" like me... they are his new family...
Are they like me too? Because all the facts leads straight to that...

A raining little town...
Moving students in that...
But both of that will crumble with the last one...

Knowing my dad, if he is a vampire, he will take the way I the "good vampire"

And will they accept me???

There were more tearless tears that escaped me...

No... Chances are they won't...

Why do I even want to meet my father again?He left us ...
Abandoned us when we need him..
He let my mom and me to suffer every night emotionally.. my mom physically and emotionally...

The answer was clear in my eyes...
Because I WANT and NEED My father...

Chapter 8~What the hell is the evil pixie hiding?!?Photobucket

I heard the presence of another mind. I turned, to see my "father".
He was taking in the sight of me and Esme.

I made a welcoming gesture and Esme followed my gaze. She quickly turned to go into him and peck him in the lips.

She was.. worrying as usual, about how dad made his first day.

I concentrated on the piano after that, I don’t want to mingle with too much conversations.
Carlisle thought.. Were are the others?
I answered him and continued with the piano again.


My half - brothers and sisters were finally home.
Emmett was thinking about arm-wrestling with jasper again and jasper was the same but..He was also concentrating about Alice's mood.

Alice was grinning from ear to ear but when I peeked at her mind..I can see she was concentrating to hide something from me..

I raised my eyebrows at her but she continued to concentrate but now, it was harder

"What are you hiding?!? you evil pixie?!?!" I asked loudly.
The others looked at both of us..VERY puzzled.
She shook her head but if it was possible, she concentrated more and smiled more.

"What the hell is going on again?!? last time you did that, You broke Esme's favorite chair and tried to hide it from him- from us?" Emmett asked ,annoyed.

"Nothing." Alice said but she was still working very hard to hide something.

But I know better...

She was hiding something more important...

"A vision?!?" I asked her.

"No. I said nothing ." her face turned from the big smile to a serious one.
I only caught a glimpse of a shadowy vision.
It was complicated...It was very hard to understand..

A girl .. no, a vampire... a crying one..

That's when she concentrated more hard.

"What was that?!?" I yelled annoyed more now because she made it stop.

"Well... a new vampire is going to join us... I wanted to secret it and surprise you all, but because of that guy there" She gestured with her little hand to me

"You all wouldn’t be." she finished.

"Huh? When did you see it?!?" Emmett asked

"What is she- a girl or boy?" Rosalie asked , excited for a new shopping partner

"Why did you tell us late?" Carlisle asked

"Are you really sure Alice, dear? i don't want to hope." Esme asked in a motherly way.

"I will answer all of your questions if you will slow down." Alice asked.

But i know better. Alice is seeing something connecting to me..

But what the hell is it?!?

Chapter 9~Realization , Dang it!
twilight meadow Pictures, Images and Photos

I was (and still) confused.

What am I going to do with Edward?!?

I can't let him see her- my future sister....just because of my visions.
I don't know why, but I want him to meet her PERSONALLY.

I finally decided to let them all in in the "secret" , but I won't tell them ALL of the details.

" Well... a new vampire is going to join us... I wanted to secret it and surprise you all, but because of that guy there" I gestured with an annoyed- very annoyed look at Edward,

"You all wouldn’t be." I finished.

"Huh? When did you see it?!?" Emmett asked

"What is she- a girl or boy?" Rosalie asked , excited for a new shopping partner. Duh! definitely! I understand her.

"Why did you tell us late?" Carlisle asked. Oops. Don't they remember it's supposed to be a secret?!?

"Are you really sure Alice, dear? I don't want to hope." Esme asked in a motherly way. AWW so cute.. Yay Mom is gonna have a new daughter- and I, a new sister!! Oops. I looked at Edward. Maybe I gave something away. Luckily, He was still absorbed in his own thoughts.

"I will answer all of your questions if you will slow down." I told them a little sharply.

"I saw it just minutes ago, while hunting with you two. Rosalie, I know how you feel- It's a girl."

I looked at Carlisle then I remembered that she was kicking away from him. Why?!?

I disposed of the thought and began again.

" I'm definitely sure Esme, dear that She will join us SOON."
I told her and she began asking me how soon.

"I don't know exactly. it all depends. "I left it hanging. grin. To Edward. I finished in my head, wrong move again!!! I turned to look at Edward but he was still
Absorbed in his own thoughts.

I wish that you wouldn't be much of a pain Edward, I wanted to surprise you all, but because of your nosy attitude..." I left the sentence hanging.

Rosalie was still grinning ear to ear- reflecting me.

Edward looked at me.- I know that he was not believing everything I am saying.

"Is that all Alice?" Edward finally said.

I looked at Rosalie concentrating hard- very hard not to think about... Rosalie. Rosalie only. Rosalie.

I turned to take a deep breath.

"Yes that's all. Now would you go away for a minute Edward? I want to concentrate.really, really, badly- to know exactly when she's going to join us, It won't help to know that a mind reader is peeking at everything I 'm going to see."
Yay. A brilliant defense!

He was starting to say something but I interrupted him.

"And I am going to keep an eye on you if you will listen." I threatened darkly.

"Fine I'll go away for a minute if that's what you want you nasty little pixie! Maybe I can go to my meadow. It's been a long time since i got there." he made a good-bye gesture to all of us and was gone before realization hit me. I don't know whether I will scream or jump for joy because...

My soon -to-be-sister...

She is also on her and now, their meadow...
Chapter 10~Honest with self
Her Golden Eyes Pictures, Images and Photos

Damn the little pixie!
She was hiding something from me and now,
She wants me out?!?

"Yes that's all. Now would you go away for a minute Edward? I want to concentrate.really, really, badly- to know exactly when she's going to join us, It won't help to know that a mind reader is peeking at everything I 'm going to see."
Darn it! here she is again with the backfire of my talent.

i was starting to say something but she interrupted me.

"And I am going to keep an eye on you if you will listen." Ofcourse she will...
I decided she will just continue to "concentrate" if I'm here anyway and besides, jasper is making me .... considerate...

"Fine I'll go away for a minute if that's what you want you nasty little pixie! Maybe I can go to my meadow. It's been a long time since i got there." I made a good-bye gesture to all of them and was gone straight to my meadow

"Thanks " was the thought I heard, of course from jasper
"Woooh! what happened to Alice?" Emmett thought.
"Maybe she didn't get the new Gucci bag." Rosalie thought nastily
"Why are they fighting?!? Don't they realize I'm having a new daughter?" Esme thought...

Oh! I remembered about her again.. Who is she anyway ? what's her past?
What does she look like? I thought dryly, I was never excited to have a new member of the family.

It was raining. I was already near- very near in fact when I heard a broken sob.
I was shocked, for the first time to saw someone on the meadow.
I focused on her to read why she was crying, but there was .. nothing, nothing...
She seemed to sense someone was with her, For she scanned every inch of the forest, but she didn’t found me. She seemed to give up and I heard the tiny whisper of hers.

and she cried again. This time louder and more heart- breaking.
It seemed as though my heart would break, if it was still there
I tried to turn away from her but I, I cant .
I was having a desire to walk to her as fast as I could and comfort her at least, but i was frozen in place.

That’s when I noticed her appearance,
she was pale, brown haired and well, if I was being honest with myself, the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen...
and she has...

Golden Eyes...
Chapter 11~Alone(Bella POV)
sad bella Pictures, Images and Photos~Bella

I had finished my broken, tearless sobbing. It was a raining day, which is normal for this little town of Forks. It was raining again, I didn't attend class today, No, not at this state.

I was here again on MY MEADOW. I didn't know why or how but it seemed to me as if I should be here, really be here. Somehow, this meadow lessens my burden.

A strange new scent filled my nose. It was like honey, lilac combined yet not exactly the same. I searched every single direction but I could not find anything or, anyone. It was just rain.. tiny droplets of rain. Maybe I finally lost it. Can a vampire be mad?

Well, yeah maybe, maybe because I am different, and to top it all, I am much more different them the different.

"Why?!?" Why did I receive such a hopeless fate? I didn’t chose this, In fact I think I am better off dead , at least maybe, lying in a coffin beside my mothers, at least I am together with my family. Together with the people I love the most.

Without my knowing, i was crying louder this time, I felt sorry for myself. but that was it. I, myself am the only one who cares for me. I was alone, on the miserable world, forever and as miserable as it is, always..

The sweet smell was still there but i don't care anymore, it was nothing and nothing,

I am always alone...

And I heard something moving...

Chapter 12~Angel
10 Pictures, Images and Photos~Bella

I heard the sound and I turned around again. There he was, An angel.
Who is he? Why is he here? And... Why is he coming in my direction?

And I stopped breathing. If my heart could stop beating, I think it might.

He was like me. EXACTLY like me.

He was walking to me, and I was frozen in place. He was still walking to me!?! Doesn’t he notice me? Why is he still coming in my direction?!?

He finally reached me and snatched my hand which was wrapped around my knees. From my earlier crying..

Who is this vampire? Am I imagining things?!? Why is he holding my hand?

"Why are you crying?" I finally heard him murmur, too low.

I looked up to his face and was shocked to see the .. Golden Eyes.

What the?!?!? What is happening here?!? Who is this?!?!
Why is he holding my hand?!? Why is he talking to me and why does he have MY EYES???

I tried to talk, to answer, or ask him, but I was too amazed and shocked.
I felt his gaze on my face and I looked down. Yeah, I'm the shy type.
He squeezed my hand and murmured again.

"Why are you crying?" I looked up to his face again, shook my head and pressed .
he smiled- I think it was a forced one. One side of it was anxious-almost sad. And one side was simply heartbreaking.

"I don't think you’re telling the truth." He said. Catching my eye.

Reason ruled over me. I looked at our hands, twined together.

"What's it to you anyway? and who are you?" My voice broke due to the tears i could no longer shed.

"Well, Honestly I don't know too." And He smiled again.

"Who are you? And What are you doing here?" I asked, looking at our hands.

"Who Am I? You'll know soon enough. What I am doing here? This is my favorite place in the world." He answered. Then smiled at me again.

"Well, It's mine too." I replied. making an effort not to make my voice break.


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