The Twilight Saga

I got inspired by the song Good Girls Go Bad by Corba Starship. This is a ALL Human story. :)

In this story Bella, Rosalie, and Alice are sister's. They are nerds, geeks. They follow the rules by the book, all that. No one like them at all.

They live with their dad Charlie Swan. Their mom died in a horrible fire. All of their personailty are about to change when the bad Cullen boys come to town.

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Good Girls Go Bad



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i love this new chapter!!!!!!!
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awesome story please continue and keep me updated

Hey guys! Here's Chapter 8! The chapter everyone's been waiting for! I hope yall love it! =D


Mild language.

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Chapter 8- The Black and White Party

Edward’s Pov


I felt the limo go into a complete stop and heard the chauffeur open his door. He opened the door and we got out. “Thank you, Frank.” Mom said as she was the last to get out.

Mom finally came out and looked at us smiling like she always does. “Oh Emmett, let me get that for you.” She said as she took out the napkin. “No, no. I got it mom. I got it.” Emmett said. We stared to walk in the big warehouse and we saw a whole line of ‘important people’ waiting to get in.

“Name.” The big shouldered bouncer said as he started at mom confusedly. Mom just shook her head. “Greg, how in the world can you forget who I am when I’m the one who hired you?” she said her voice getting louder. “Sorry, Mrs. Cullen. I didn’t think it was you. You look very different tonight.” Mom blushed. “Aww…Greg! Thank you, but you’re not getting off that easy.” She said as she walked in. I followed her in.

I walked inside and my eyes bugged out.

‘Wow. Mom and that lawyer lady did a great job.’

The old, dirty, warehouse was now transformed into an expensive night club.

“I see chicks man!” Emmett said. I looked to my right and saw the official’s daughters talking, and dancing. “And they got a bar.” Jasper said smirking. I looked to my left and saw the bartender shake the drink and pour in a glass. I started at my brothers.

Chicks. Alcohol. Music.

“Hell yeah! Game on.” For a second I thought that Emmett heard what I was thinking.

That’s right. Game on. I said as we went our separate ways.

Emmett’s Pov

My brothers and I went our separate ways and I headed to the chicks area. I don’t want to brag but I can make a hell of a great entrance. I walked toward the girls and they all had their eyes on me. The corners of my mouth twitched up.

I stared at the girls who eyes were now filled with want and lust. I looked around the girls and found one that was hot enough to talk to. I made my way through and saw her look at me smiling seductive.


I started to talk to her and flirting and soon I got her number. She wrote her 10 digit number in the pink napkin.

Hot chick number 1.

I went to find another girl and she was attractive also.

Long Hair. Nice Body. Nice legs. Ehhh...

I went up to her and started to flirt and she stared smiling seductively, I stared smiling cockily and did a little flexing with my arms a bit.

Cuz, chicks go crazy over that.

A few flirtatious talks later I had her number. Wrote her's in neon colored napkin.

Hot chick number 2.

After a series of talking and flirting with random hot chicks, I decided to go to the bar. I looked around and made sure mom wasn’t around my radar.

“A martini please.” I told the bartender. As I waited for my drink I found Edward and Jas by my side. I started to smile.

Let’s Review.

Jasper pulled a handful of napkins and paper out of his pocket. “Twenty-six.” He said. Edward smirked and I laughed. “Wow Jas twenty-five, that’s a shame.” I joked. Edward started to laugh as he pulled out his amount. He pulled out a big handful-both pockets-of colored ripped napkins, business cards, and papers. He had almost had the whole rainbow.

“Thirty-seven.” He said smirking. “My boy!” I said as I gave him a high-five. The bartender gave us our drinks and I drank my martini in one shot.

“What about you Em?” Jas said. I cracked a smile and dug deep in my breast pocket, inside my jacket pockets, my pants pockets till I got the last orange-colored napkin. I looked at the different colored napkins and took a dramatic pause.

“Forty-eight.” I finally said. Edward stared impressively, while I got high-fives from Jas. “Dude, how did you get all that?” He asked. I smiled cockily. “Amigo, it takes skill, practice, and a whole lot of these.” I said as I flexed my muscles for him. Edward was chuckling.

We laughed, joked, and drank a little bit more. “Okay, okay, okay.” I said taking in my fifth martini. “Let’s make a bet.” Edward raised his eyebrows question. “What kind of bet?” I smirked myself which I don’t do often. “A damn good bet.” “I’m listening.” He said.

On cue, three-way too familiar-chicks walked in.

One blonde. One brunette. One black-haired.

I stared at the blonde, and only the blonde. Blonde. Nice Body. Rockin Legs. Wait. Legs. The thought of those legs reminded me of someone. Nerd. Nerd. Nerd. Nah. I can’t be her. I looked at her more closely. But it looks a lot like her. Shut up! It’s not her. They were with their mom or something. I looked beside me and found Edward and Jas staring also. I looked back and found mom laughing and hugging them. She came over to us and we quickly stood up straight.

“Boys I want you to meet someone.” she pulled all three of us and we were now in front of the chicks. “Boys, I would like you to meet, Ms.Swan.” Swan. Swan. That name rings a bell. I shook and kissed Ms. Swan hand, which smelled good. “I would also like you to meet my nieces.” Said Ms.Swan. She pointed to the chicks. “This is Alice, Bella, and Rosalie Swan.”

My brothers and I stared at them with eyes bugged out and jaw hanged low.

Rosalie. Rosalie. Swan. Nerdy Rosalie? What the hell happen?

All three stared at us eyes wide. “I’m guessing they know each other?” Ms.Swan said chuckling. Mom joined in on the giggling. Edward was the first to look away. “Yes, we all know each other from school.” The brunette- who I think is Bella -started to speak. “Yeah, we do.” Her voice with venom. Ouch!

“Well, maybe you all should talk, and dance.” Mom suggests. “Yes, I think that’s a great idea, let’s go somewhere else and talk. Let these youngster be.” Ms.Swan said as they both left.

They left us, we stared at each other for what felt like 30 minutes and I kinda felt bored.

Let’s get some chicks!

“Not that I don’t think this is fun or anything, but I’m going to get a drink.” Rosalie said surprising all of us. “What happened?” I asked. “Excuse me?” She said hands on her hips like she done this all time. “What happened? You girls look hot!” Rosalie looked pissed for a second and walked up to me bodies almost touching. For a second I thought my legs were gonna give off. Her hair even smelled good.

Vanilla and spicy cinnamon.

She whispered in my ear. “Oh, you didn’t know? Nerdy is the new sexy,.” She touched my cheek and walked away with her sister laughing, leaving my brothers and me standing there like a bunch of idiots.

Forget Adriana Lima!

“Boys, I’ve rethought of the bet.” They looked at me with curious eyes. “The bet is the one to get one of the sister’s numbers before the party ends will set a new meaning to the word flirt, and will be crowned the Cullen’s best flirt.” I smiled while touching the cheek Rosalie touched.

Challenge: Get Rosalie to fall head over heels over me before the party ends.
Challenge: Accepted.

“So let me get his straight, the one that gets the sister’s number before the party ends-which is at midnight-will be crowned the Cullen’s best flirt?” Edward said summing up what I just said.

“Yup.” Edward thought about it for a minute. “Bet: Accepted.”He finally said. I smiled even wider and thought of my plan.

I got this in the bag.

Jasper’s Pov

Huh. I got this bet in the bag. I’m gonna be the first one to get one of their numbers. “I’ve got dibs on the blonde!” Emmett said grinning, and rubbing his hands together. “I’ve I got Bella.” Edward said smirking. I smiled. “I think I get the pixie.” We all took a deep breath and headed for the bar.

Show time.

“….Hahahahaha! Yeah! And she didn’t see it coming either!” Alice said laughing and drinking with her sister, whose doing the same. The all stopped as soon as we came and stood beside them. “Can we help you?” Alice said annoyed.

Oh Yeah! And I’m looking at her.

“Yeah.” Emmett said. “I, Well We wanted to ask you girls if you would like to dance.” He said. Adding a too die for (So he says) smile.

Like that would work.

The girls looked at each other and started to whisper to each other’s ear. “So..?” Edward said. “Of course, we want to dance.” Bella said as she and her sisters got up.

Well I’ll be damned. It did work.

“..But not with you jerks!” Alice said smiling as she and her sister’s walked away laughing, leaving us. We just stood there looking like three idiots.

Damn. This is gonna be harder than I thought.

“Well, my brothers this is where we go our separate ways. I wish you all good luck, and may the best Cullenwin.” Emmett said. I nodded my head in agreement.

I smiled and made my way to the pixie know as Alice. She looked at me with annoyance in her eyes. “Ugh! What’s the matter with you jerks! Can’t you go somewhere else? Why don’t you go get a chick’s number or something?”

Ow. That kinda hurt.

“Well I just came here to tell you that you look beautiful.” I smiled my best smile. She looked at me unsure what to do and the corner of her mouth slowly twitched up.

I got this.

I sat down and we stared to talk and flirt back and forth. I found out lots of stuff about her, but I really could care less. We laughed at joked and drank a little bit, and at that moment I didn’t know forgot all about the bet.

Get head your head in the game!

A song started to and Alice was almost dancing in her seat.

Does she act that at home? Cuz, she doesn’t act like that at school from what I’ve seen and heard.

“I love this song!” She stared to sing along. I started to smirk. She looked at me and stopped. “Sorry, it’s just that I love this song so much!” Her cheek started to blush a red color.

She looks more beautiful when she blushes.

Don't go all soft Jas! Stay in the game!
I shook my head.

11:35 My watch said.

Damn. 25 more minutes left. I got to step my game up.

I started to boost up my flirtatious talk; I smiled a lot and complimented her. Anything it took for me to win that bet.





Damn it! Come on! Your number! I need it!

The guests started to leave and I still didn’t get that number. I looked around to find Edward or Em, but I couldn’t. “Alice it’s time to go honey,” Ms. Swan or whatever said to her. I got up also. “So Alice, can I get your number? So I can call you sometimes.” I smiled my best smile.

She smiled also. “Let me think about ………..No.” I stared at her eyes wide. “What?” “Nope.” She smiled and walked away and leaving me once again. Feeling like a big idiot once again.


Damn. I lost.

I found my brothers sitting on the chairs. “So…Who got the win?” They both looked up at me. Em and I looked at Edward. “Nope.” I looked at Emmett. “Nada Man.” They both now looked at me. “No.” I let out a big sigh.

“Boys! Come. it’s time to go!” Mom shouted. We got up and walked out the club.

Bet: Failed.

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