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I got inspired by the song Good Girls Go Bad by Corba Starship. This is a ALL Human story. :)

In this story Bella, Rosalie, and Alice are sister's. They are nerds, geeks. They follow the rules by the book, all that. No one like them at all.

They live with their dad Charlie Swan. Their mom died in a horrible fire. All of their personailty are about to change when the bad Cullen boys come to town.

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Good Girls Go Bad



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i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!
will you please write

Hey Guys Sorry I didn't post sooner, school been eating me alive. Here's Chapter 9!

Read. Comment. Enjoy! 8D


1.Mild language

Chapter 9 – Surviving the Flirtatious Talking and Hangovers

Bella’s Pov
The day after the Black and white party I felt like most people nowadays, Carp. I never thought I would experience my first hangover like this, in bed under in the covers. Luckily, today was a day off for us. Now I’m spending my day in bed with my two new best friends’s headache and nausea keeping me company.

Damn Hangover.

Damn party.

Damn drinks.

Damn Cullen Boys.

“Uga!” I heard Alice whine in my bathroom. I felt dizzy for a minute and lay down with my pillow over my head. First Hangover and I feel like crap. Rosalie knocked on my door. I opened it to see what she wanted. “Hey.” She said with a tired voice. Rose had on her oversize sweatshirt on. With a pillow on hand and her stuffed teddy bear Mr. Wiggly on the other.

Rose never brought Mr. Wiggly unless we have something important to talk about. I told her to come in. “Where’s Alice?” She asked as she took one side of my bed. “She’s in the bathroom throwing up.” I got on the bed and crossed my legs Indian style.

“So what so you want to talk about?” I asked while she nervously played with Mr. Wiggly bedroom hat. Just as she was about to reply, Alice came out of the bathroom eyelids heavy and slightly close, and her hand to her stomach. She met us on the bed and cross her legs also. “Well, you know that we’ve been to the Black and White last night, I just wanted to know what happen with you guys when the jerks talked you.” We all look at each other with hesitation.

Go ahead. Tell them.

“Um… I had a very interesting time with Edward Jerk-face.” I smiled at the memory. Alice eyes got wider with curiosity. Rose passed me Mr. Wiggly; I took a deep breath and pour my heart out.

Last Night
After I saw Emmett talking to Rosalie and Jasper pulled Alice away, Edward came toward me smirking. Mind if I sit there?” He pointed to the stool next to me. I looked at him. I tried not to get caught in his handsomeness. If that’s even a word.

Focus! So what’s he’s handsome! He’s a Jerk! Bad apple!

“Don’t you always take what’s yours?” I asked sipping my heavy alcohol. He took a seat and ordered a drink also. “Um...I know you heard this from some of the guys here but you do look really beautiful tonight.” He said as his grass colored-green eyes stared at mine. My heart skipped a beat.

Ugh! Get a hold of yourself! You’re a Swan!

I held my gaze for a moment and turned to my drink. He sighed a little loud.


“Do you say that to all the girls you flirt with?” I asked as I smirked and brushed the hair off my hair off my shoulders. He looked at me smiling mouth open.


Hmm… This should be fun.

I reached over and pushed his chin up to close his mouth. “You might wanna close your mouth, don’t want to get any flies in there now do we?” I smiled as a red color crept to his cheeks.

“ come to these parties often?” He said after a few minutes of silence. “Um...I used to when I was younger, but after a while I wasn’t that into it. But my Aunt Marie love hosting these things so she convinced us to go.” He smiled. The bartender gave him his drink. I stared at him as he expertly sipped the alcohol and lastly the olive. “You like what you see?” He said without looking at me. I looked at him with a smile curved on the corner of my mouth.

After talking, laughing, drinking, and lots of flirting I felt kinda happy. It ended when I saw a bunch of napkins with numbers hanging out of his pocket.

I knew this was too good to be true. Stupid Corn Ball!

Even though I felt angry enough to throw my 4th drink in his face, I kept calm.

I’m not going to let Corn Ball here ruin my night.

For about an hour and a half we were flirting nonstop, on a whole other level. I never believed that I could keep with his flirting. He’s too good.

No wonder he’s a player.

I felt I wanted to step my game up a little bit better and further. So when my favorite song by Lady Gaga came on I asked if he wanted to dance, “You dance?” He said smiling. “Wanna find out?” I said as I smiled flirtatiously. I didn’t let him answer. I just took his hands and brung him to the dance floor.

This is gonna be a piece of cake.

I silently thanked the angels and Aunt Marie that I saw a movie about dancing flirtatiously. Aunt Marie gave it to me as a gift for Christmas. The Dj turned the music higher and more people joined us on the dance floor.
The song by Lady Gaga, which was called Monster made me turn into a whole other person. I didn’t even know I had it in me, neither did Corn Ball.

Ha! Checkmate!

I shook my hips seductively and brought his hands down to my hips. I laughed at his shaking touch.

That boy is a monster
That boy is a monster
He ate my heart
He a-a-ate my heart

I danced even more flirtatiously then before and all he did was just smile, eyes wide and dance with me.

I wanna Just Dance
But he took me home instead
Uh oh! There was a monster in my bed
We French kissed on a subway train
He tore my clothes right off
He ate my heart the he ate my brain

I swayed with the music smiling enjoying every minute of it. Edward also from the look of it was enjoying it also.

Corn Ball. You can look, but you can’t touch.

The song ended and we laughed our way back to the bar. “Wow.” He said. “You shouldn’t judge right away about someone, Edward.” I said half serious and half joking. “Because, you really didn’t know that Nerdy is the new sexy.” I laughed and he joined in.

We flirted a little more but I looked over to see people leaving and Aunt Marie calling me signaling me that it’s time for us to leave.


“Um...Bella.” Edward asked shoulders up and confident. “Yeah?” I asked unsure what he wanted. “Well I was wondering if I could get your number so I could call you sometime.” He smirked.

So overly confident.

I didn’t really think about it, I just touched his shoulders smiling leaning in our faces inches apart. I smiled and leaned my lips in his ear. “Nice try Cullen.” I said as I left leaving him shocked and confused. I knew he would look back, so I turned my body to face him and winked smiling. I turned back to meet up with Rose and Alice. I turned again and saw him shaking his head smirking sitting down with Emmett who looked frustrated.

Wow Bella! A+ for you!
Great job! Happy dance!

The last thing that I heard before I left was the last verse form the song, Monster still playing.

That boy is a monster
(Could I love him?)

That boy is a monster
(Could I love him?)

That boy is a monster

I smiled and replayed the memory of what just happen in my head as we slipped away into the limo.

Present Day

I looked at Rose and Alice both of them laughing close to tears and mouths open from the shock they just heard.
“Bella I never in a million years would have thought you had done that.” Rose said. I looked at her, “Is that an insult?” I said laughing and hugging Mr. Wiggly tighter.

“Okay. Bella, Alice. My time with Muscle jerk Cullen was something I could never forget.”Rose said as I gave her Mr. Wiggly. Deep breath she took before she stared.

Rose Pov

“Okay. Bella, Alice. My time with Muscle jerk Cullen was something I could never forget.”I said as Bells gave me Mr. Wiggly. Just before I started I took a deep breath.

Last Night
“Hey.” I heard someone say. I turned away from Bells and Alice to see Emmett smiling looking at me from head to toe. I did the same thing also. I looked from his dimples on his cheeks, till his muscles on his arms and legs. I went back up to look at his face to see him smiling. A scarlet color ran to my cheeks.

Damn Guy!

I left the bar and walked to an empty table. I took a sit with the drink in my hand. “So, your just gonna run away?” he said smiling. I looked at him with annoyance. “Look, dude.” I added air quotes. “I’m not your airhead girls you can talk to and assume they’ll fall over you.” He looked at me smirking. My heart skipped a beat. “I don’t think they were that dumb.” “Ugh!” I shouted. He just laughed. “Look, I don’t expect you to fall head over heels over me, but you know that’s okay and all.” I smiled. “Ha! I made you smile that’s a start.” He said. I laughed.

Don’t fall for his lame trick!

“Why don’t you sit?” I said. He smiled the dimples I made my heart skip beats. “I would like that.” He said.

I wonder…

We talked, flirt, and laughed at lot. I found out that it was fun talking to him. That is until when we talked about our parents a redhead girl came by him and talked to him right in front of me, but believe it or not I kept calm.

Cuz, Jerks will be Jerks.

The redhead left a few minutes later and Muscle jerk tried to apologize. “Look, you don’t need to apologize.”

Cuz I want you to beg!

He smiled, and we resumed talking like nothing happened. “Yes! Finally someone who understands!” He yelled after I revealed that I had a stuffed bear. I laughed. “I mean who don’t have one.” And it was like that for the next couple hours. We even had a few drinking contest. “Ready?” He said as we both held our tequila shots. “Go!” I said as I tried to gulped many shots before him.

Ha! Take that Cullen! I win!

“Ha!” I said I swallowed the last cup I had left. He let his head hang as he was only two more shots from winning. I reached over to him and took his shots and drunk them both.

I’m gonna regret this later.

We both laughed, and flirted until I noticed people started leaving and Aunt Marie signaling Bells it’s time to go. I got up. “Rosalie?” I looked at him. “Um…Well, I was wondering if I could get your number.” He smirked. “Hmm…” I took a napkin from the table. “You got a pen?” I asked. He took a pen from his pocket.

Of course.

I wrote something but it wasn’t my number. I gave him the napkin and walked toward Bells who was laughing. I looked back and saw him shake his head smiling.

I smiled all the way till the door and I slipped in to the limo smiling at the memory.

Present Day

“What did you write?” Bella said. I smiled. “I wrote ‘Not in a billion years Cullen.” Bella laughed and I joined in also. “What about you Ali-.” I looked at her fully asleep and even snoring. “Hey Bel-.” I saw asleep also on top of Alice snoring. I giggled and closed my eyes and let the conciseness get me.

My first Hangover.

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omg love it!!!!!
keep me posted
That...was...amazing!!!! I can not believe that they had that side of them! and when they where flirting with the guys and drinking i was like omg! they do not sound like nerds and when they said nerdy is the new sexy! i was laughing until i was practicly crying! You have to update!
that was good i like it just read the last 2 chapters
Love your story. Great chapter. Thank you.
That was priceless !
Bella was awesome ! Rosalie was amazing !
Hmmm what about Alice !
Post more soon !
Then Boy pov =]
i really like the story plz continue and notice me when you post
hey keep me updated this is really good =]
what about Alice what did i do to jasper Cullen hmmm hope something good and funny


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