The Twilight Saga

I got inspired by the song Good Girls Go Bad by Corba Starship. This is a ALL Human story. :)

In this story Bella, Rosalie, and Alice are sister's. They are nerds, geeks. They follow the rules by the book, all that. No one like them at all.

They live with their dad Charlie Swan. Their mom died in a horrible fire. All of their personailty are about to change when the bad Cullen boys come to town.

Please comment! =D

Good Girls Go Bad



Oh! If you want Updates I created a profile just for Good Girls Go Bad. Please add that profile if you want to know when's the next update is. : )


Good Girls Go Bad Officail page :

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longest comment ever, lol...
oh man, love your story. please write more. As in soooooon.........
I love this fanfic!
love it
love it write more
So funny! :) lovee it! i am adding you!!
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
laughing out loud
l'm laughing so hard my sides are hurting and l can't stop the tears from falling
Oh wow!!! I loved it!! You know when I was in high school I would guys like that the number for the local family planning office!!! HAHA!! I loved it. Next time please remember to send me the link because it took forever to get to the story!!! LOVE IT!!! MORE PLEASE!!
you know good is an understatement, it was great! love it please keep me posted about this story.
I love this story plz let me know when u put more up
good girls really do go bad!!!!


i love this story!!!!
pls keep me updated...
LMAO!!! xD
Haha AWESOME!!! :D
More soon plz!! :)


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