The Twilight Saga

Goodbye for now. (Give it a try I promise you wont regret it(:

This is an idea I had I hope you enjoy it as much as I write it (:

    What if Bella had an older brother when she was human? What if her older brother was Emmett? What if Emmett one day went for a hunting trip and never came back? Bella receives the news that her older brother died in a bear attack. Or she thinks............

  Chapter 1: Goodbye for know...

  "Emmett?" I asked. Emmett is my older brother. He’s the only thing I have. My parents died in a car accident when I was 14 years old. At that time Emmett was 18 and because he was my older brother and 18 he had taken in charge. I’m 17 my Emmy is 21.

I don't know what I would have ever done without him. Just then Emmett appeared. "Hey Bells" he said while he gave me a bone crushing hug. I laughed "What’s that for Emmy?" I said while using the nickname he hates being called. "Nothing’s wrong squirt I just have to go on another hunting trip" he while he put me down. I frowned “Another one did you not come from one a couple of days ago?". Emmett noticed my frown "Bells I know how much you hate when I’m away but you know that we need the money" he pleaded for my understanding. I crossed my arms across my chest. "So? You do realize that I can just get a job end of problem." I said. "Bells you’re my little sister I’m supposed to be the one taking care of you not the other way around." He said. I smiled my Emmy always the caring one he always put my needs in front of his. I sighed, "Fine but hurry back Emmy". "You’re the best Bells" he said while coming to give me a big hug. "One last thing, here I bought you this one it’s of a kind" he said, pulling out a Silver necklace that has half a heart that says "Emmy". "I bought 2 silver ones each one holding half a heart and when untied it has one whole heart. Yours has Emmy and my half heart says Bells. We won't ever be separated Bells" I rushed and gave him a hug. "Hurry back" was the last thing I told him before he went out.  "Goodbye Emmett" I whispered. 


Emmett’s POV

 On my way out I grabbed my gun. I walked out to the forest. The fresh air came to me at once I love the nature. I would have stayed here all day but I know bells would get mad I know how she worries for me. I thought as I smiled. I was caught off guard when I heard something behind me grab me and start to claw their way through me the agony was huge. Bella was my last thought while I fell to the darkness………….

Bella’s POV

  It was getting late where was Emmett I was going to kill him when he got home he know how worried I get when he goes hunting for a long time. At that second I felt pain go through my heart. Emmett something went wrong something had to my heart just doesn’t hurt unless something bad happened to Emmett. Oh no. I held the silver necklace that he gave me. “Emmy it said. “ Emmett please come back safe and sound I don’t want to lose you like I lost mom and dad……."


  thats the first chapter i hope u liked it please post your comment on what you thought thnx ;)





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lml, aww thnxxxx :) :D

i sent you a friend request please accept it!!

and keep me updated

i have n im soo sorry i havent been on but now tht its summer vacation i promise tht i will update more!!

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luv the story

post more soon plzzzzzzz

hey thnx for reading n i will soon im sorry for the wait

wow its been forever but my mom broke my laptop -__- well i got it fixed today!! :D yay!! heres another chap for yu guyz, hope u still reading =/ (:

    Chapter 10

 Bellas POV

    As I sobbed into Emmett's chest he held me close. From distance I heard ruffling and something coming towars us. I stopped for a second,

   "Emmett what-" i didnt finish my sentence, becauase i was yanked away from emmett. Something grabbed hold of me while I struggled getting away.

   "Easy princess its me, we searched for you after this guy-" he said while he pointed at emmett, "took you in his arms and ran away, i should be tearing him to peices, he could have hurt you!" he hissed, the whole time that he was telling me this he glared at emmett, not once loosing eye contact.

   Oh no, this isnt good, Alec had horrible temper when it camed to me and my safty. "Alec, hes my older brother" I said softly, he looked bewildered for a second and then said in a hiss combined with yell "HES THE REASON WHY YOU WERE DOWN, YOUR BROTHER WAS THE ONE WHO PUT YOU THROUGH ALL OF THAT BACK THEN!!!" he seethed.

   I looked back at Alec and Emmett i knew i had to act fast real fast. I jumped up from Alecs arm and stood infront of Emmett, " The past is in the past, theres not need to be angry for his actions back then, even if they hurt me" i said and mumbled the last part.

    Thats when i felt something, pressure blow me and i stumbled fowards, "You dare come back and think everythings all better? your wrong, leave, leave. LEAVE" Star hissed with a pure rage it gave me chills, she grabbed me by the wrist.

   Noticing that Alec was there her eyes were instantly became filled with rage, "YOU!!! What are you doing i will personaly take care of big fake bro here,you grab her and-"  Emmett cut her off.

   "shes my sister, you freaks had her enough im taking her home with me, where she belongs" he hissed, finally taking stance, but ofcourse star being star she turned around slowly and took slow steps towards him, she let go of my wrist.

  she circled Emmett , swayed her head from left to right, i gasped i knew what that meant.

   That was her killing position,


 "what are you doing star" i said in a goofy voice, star was taking steps towards a bunny we found and circled it, poor bunny was paralized in fear, i started to laugh, i was sooo glad i didnt have to breath,

 Star swayed her head from left to right, and bouced on the poor little bunnny, my eyes were wide open.

  "whats the point in killing? This way its fun , the prey doesnt know what hit them till its too late" she said proudly.

   I shook my head, and cracked up laughing, she glared at me, "shut up will ya?"

   I smiled "bunny killer" i said while sticking my tongue at her.


i mentally slapped myself for forgeting this important moment, it took me half a second to understand what she was about to do to emmett.

    "STAR!  dont you dare try it! im not a child, i make my own decisions, i know what im doing , i dont care if you may or may not like them, its my life, DEAL WITH IT you cant just kill him i will never forgive you" i screamed at her finally meet my temper.

  "She- she wass-s going to kill me?" emmett whispered almost shocked.

   I nodded to him, "this just had to happen today?" Alec joked, i glared at him, this was not the moment!

 Emmett walked towards me "Bells-" he started but never ended,

  " whats going on here" said a deep angered voice, i turned around and gulped he was indignant more than that he was filled with rage, oh no we were in for it now, when aros mad theres no one to stop him.

  "Aro" Emmett breathed, I instantly was filled with worried, everything just has to happen to me!

 "were dead" Alec whispered to me filled with worry, I felt the atmosphere change to deadly......


                       well watchaa though? :D please b honest,  till next time byee :D  

                                                             Gina Rose <3

cool plz write more :)
(: will do, thnx for readin

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