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Goodbye for now. (Give it a try I promise you wont regret it(:

This is an idea I had I hope you enjoy it as much as I write it (:

    What if Bella had an older brother when she was human? What if her older brother was Emmett? What if Emmett one day went for a hunting trip and never came back? Bella receives the news that her older brother died in a bear attack. Or she thinks............

  Chapter 1: Goodbye for know...

  "Emmett?" I asked. Emmett is my older brother. He’s the only thing I have. My parents died in a car accident when I was 14 years old. At that time Emmett was 18 and because he was my older brother and 18 he had taken in charge. I’m 17 my Emmy is 21.

I don't know what I would have ever done without him. Just then Emmett appeared. "Hey Bells" he said while he gave me a bone crushing hug. I laughed "What’s that for Emmy?" I said while using the nickname he hates being called. "Nothing’s wrong squirt I just have to go on another hunting trip" he while he put me down. I frowned “Another one did you not come from one a couple of days ago?". Emmett noticed my frown "Bells I know how much you hate when I’m away but you know that we need the money" he pleaded for my understanding. I crossed my arms across my chest. "So? You do realize that I can just get a job end of problem." I said. "Bells you’re my little sister I’m supposed to be the one taking care of you not the other way around." He said. I smiled my Emmy always the caring one he always put my needs in front of his. I sighed, "Fine but hurry back Emmy". "You’re the best Bells" he said while coming to give me a big hug. "One last thing, here I bought you this one it’s of a kind" he said, pulling out a Silver necklace that has half a heart that says "Emmy". "I bought 2 silver ones each one holding half a heart and when untied it has one whole heart. Yours has Emmy and my half heart says Bells. We won't ever be separated Bells" I rushed and gave him a hug. "Hurry back" was the last thing I told him before he went out.  "Goodbye Emmett" I whispered. 


Emmett’s POV

 On my way out I grabbed my gun. I walked out to the forest. The fresh air came to me at once I love the nature. I would have stayed here all day but I know bells would get mad I know how she worries for me. I thought as I smiled. I was caught off guard when I heard something behind me grab me and start to claw their way through me the agony was huge. Bella was my last thought while I fell to the darkness………….

Bella’s POV

  It was getting late where was Emmett I was going to kill him when he got home he know how worried I get when he goes hunting for a long time. At that second I felt pain go through my heart. Emmett something went wrong something had to my heart just doesn’t hurt unless something bad happened to Emmett. Oh no. I held the silver necklace that he gave me. “Emmy it said. “ Emmett please come back safe and sound I don’t want to lose you like I lost mom and dad……."


  thats the first chapter i hope u liked it please post your comment on what you thought thnx ;)





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:) i will later on today =)
amazing !! new reader and loved it !
:) thnx n im alwayz happy to get new readerz =)

(: you guyz are amazing, just reading ur comments makes my day one thousands times better!!! =D heres the next chapter for u guyz


Chapter 11 (Bellas POV)

“Aro” I said shocked to see him, he turned and looked at me and silenced me with a stare. “Isabella, before I get my hands dirty and kill this Emmett. I will give you a chance to explain why in the world would he snatch you, and then run away without telling any of us what was the cause of it?” he told me while giving Emmett a cold glare. I gave Emmett a weak and shaky smile.


  “Aro, Emmett kinda-” I was cut off brutally by Aro. “As a matter of fact I don’t want to hear the excuse you have for me my dead Bella and know-” I did not let Aro finish, I cut him off with as much force as he had cut me out. “Aro but you haven’t let me finish-” I was once again cut off. I was starting to get impatient with him. “Don t you try to cover for him, he deserves death permanently over and over again-” I sighed,


   “Aro you keep interu-” he again interrupted and meanwhile I was going to explode “Bella it doesn’t matter to me what you have to say-”


   “Enough! Aro you let Bella finish this instant, give her a chance you owe her that much after all of these centuries!” Star said, she looked indignantly at Aro the gleam in her eye made it clear that if anyone would to say one word before me they were gonna get it. I shot Star a smile, she winked at me. “ No probz little Bella bear, just looking out for 'ya with these fools here” I chuckled when I saw the irritation Aro had in his face.


    “hey I wouldn’t say I was the fool in this situation” Alec said I looked at him and gave him the 'stare' which meant if he talked one more time he was going to get it when we get back to the castle. After a few seconds of silence I turned myself to Aro “Aro, Emmett hes my long lost big brother” I said timidly when everyone's eyes were staring at me. I looked at Aro to see his eyes wide in pure shock.


   “yeah that sure kept him shut” Star commented at the silence there was. I smiled, “so you see Aro hes very important and last time I saw him we left things a little edgy between us, and when he saw me today I guess he wanted to change things” as I finished I couldn’t read Aro's face. Hmm I wonder what he might be thinking about.

I heard someone cough and my head shot right up, “yeah, so I guess stealing you for a few minutes or so wasn’t such a good idea was it bells?” Emmett said and shooting me a goofy smile. Way to cheer up the atmosphere. Aro turned around and ran full speed to the castle. I frowned, this wasn’t a good sign I heard ruffling in the leaves and Demetri and Felix appeared,


  “sooo hows it going bell?” Felix said with a small smile. I smiled back. Took a deep breath and motioned Emmett to come to me. “come on Emmy” I told him in a small voice. He nodded, I took his hand and looked at Star and one curt nod. Then I ran to full speed to the castle with Demetri, Felix, Star and my Alec.

As we entered I noticed the rest of the Cullen family standing around Aro, and the leader of the coven arguing with Aro.

   “SHE DOES NOT” Aro said fired up. “ehem” I said, all eyes were turn to me I fidget and held Emmett harder. “Bella do you wish to leave with the Cullen’s with your older brother and leave here” Aro said.

I instantly smiled, “Yes! Now that we are reunited I don’t want to lose one more moment without my dear brother and star and Alec could come as well” I said, I was ecstatic. “I’ll follow you anyway my angel” Alec said shooting me a knowing smile I beamed at him. “well your not leaving me behind, not after everything we've been through” Star said in a goofy matter.


   “then what are we waiting for go pack your bags belly and were off” Emmett said with the most joy in his voice I have never heard his I nodded quickly and signaled Alec and Star to follow as well.

NO, if Bella leaves, then there must be a sacrifice she is to precious and if she wants to leave I will let her, but Alec or Star must stay and die or you could stay my dear Bella but the Cullen’s and your brother leave” Aro said in a sick sweet voice. I froze in my spot and stared in horror at Aro.


   “n-n-no! You cant ruin my happiness Aro, why?” I said as I felt everything crumbling down. Star came over and put a arm over me and gave me a hard squeeze. “What am I going to do Star, I have to stay but Emmett” I said in a hush whisper so soft but I knew everyone had heard.


   “I don’t know Bella bear, I don’t know. I guess we have to stay. He always gets what he wants” Star said glaring at Aro with so much hatred. The next words that I heard made me stay frozen in shock.


   “No, you deserve happiness I’ll stay you go ahead let Aro kill me but be happy, go”

my world literally came crumbling down.........................



soooo watcha think? I worked real hard in this chapter (: till next time, please leave your thoughts and guess who was the one who is going to stay? (:

Gina Rose <3

Love it... I think that it was Alec...
:) nice guess maybe true? :D thnx for reading
post more plzzzzzzzzzzzz
:) i will
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I love it!


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