The Twilight Saga

Goodbye for now. (Give it a try I promise you wont regret it(:

This is an idea I had I hope you enjoy it as much as I write it (:

    What if Bella had an older brother when she was human? What if her older brother was Emmett? What if Emmett one day went for a hunting trip and never came back? Bella receives the news that her older brother died in a bear attack. Or she thinks............

  Chapter 1: Goodbye for know...

  "Emmett?" I asked. Emmett is my older brother. He’s the only thing I have. My parents died in a car accident when I was 14 years old. At that time Emmett was 18 and because he was my older brother and 18 he had taken in charge. I’m 17 my Emmy is 21.

I don't know what I would have ever done without him. Just then Emmett appeared. "Hey Bells" he said while he gave me a bone crushing hug. I laughed "What’s that for Emmy?" I said while using the nickname he hates being called. "Nothing’s wrong squirt I just have to go on another hunting trip" he while he put me down. I frowned “Another one did you not come from one a couple of days ago?". Emmett noticed my frown "Bells I know how much you hate when I’m away but you know that we need the money" he pleaded for my understanding. I crossed my arms across my chest. "So? You do realize that I can just get a job end of problem." I said. "Bells you’re my little sister I’m supposed to be the one taking care of you not the other way around." He said. I smiled my Emmy always the caring one he always put my needs in front of his. I sighed, "Fine but hurry back Emmy". "You’re the best Bells" he said while coming to give me a big hug. "One last thing, here I bought you this one it’s of a kind" he said, pulling out a Silver necklace that has half a heart that says "Emmy". "I bought 2 silver ones each one holding half a heart and when untied it has one whole heart. Yours has Emmy and my half heart says Bells. We won't ever be separated Bells" I rushed and gave him a hug. "Hurry back" was the last thing I told him before he went out.  "Goodbye Emmett" I whispered. 


Emmett’s POV

 On my way out I grabbed my gun. I walked out to the forest. The fresh air came to me at once I love the nature. I would have stayed here all day but I know bells would get mad I know how she worries for me. I thought as I smiled. I was caught off guard when I heard something behind me grab me and start to claw their way through me the agony was huge. Bella was my last thought while I fell to the darkness………….

Bella’s POV

  It was getting late where was Emmett I was going to kill him when he got home he know how worried I get when he goes hunting for a long time. At that second I felt pain go through my heart. Emmett something went wrong something had to my heart just doesn’t hurt unless something bad happened to Emmett. Oh no. I held the silver necklace that he gave me. “Emmy it said. “ Emmett please come back safe and sound I don’t want to lose you like I lost mom and dad……."


  thats the first chapter i hope u liked it please post your comment on what you thought thnx ;)





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sad but it is so good plz post more
Thnxx x) i will =]
Thnx for all your wonderful comments i appretiate them sincerely i will be posting soon today acctually. (: again thnx for your comments =]

Chapter 2: My last Tear

  I sat in my living room impatiently where Emmett was; all of a sudden the doorbell rang. Thank god Emmett came already I’m going to kill him why did he take so long?! I got up and opened the door. In front of me was a police man. “Are you Isabella McCarty?” he asked with a deep and voice. I thought the worst what happened? My heart was beating faster and faster by the minute. “Yes I’m her. Why do you ask officer?”  I could see by the officer’s expression that the next thing that he would have told me was something that he didn’t want to tell me. “I’m sorry to tell you this but Emmett McCarty has just died he died by being attacked by a bear I’m sorry to tell this buy we didn’t find his body but found the remains of it and blood all over it-“ the officer kept on talking but I didn’t listen my heart stopped beating my Emmy….. He’s dead…. I have no one. I clutched my heart it hurt my heart I fell to the ground crying and crying this couldn’t be happening to me why everything does bad happened to me? The officer stood there by his facial expression it looked that he wanted to comfort me but didn’t know how to. I stood up wiped my tears away. I won’t ever cry a tear for Emmett not anymore if he were still here he wouldn’t want me to cry. “Thank you officer” I say without any emotion. What was the point everything I ever loved has been taken away from me. The officer left without any other words. As soon the door closed I vowed I would at least go to the resting place of my dear dead brother. It’s impossible for a bear to kill him Emmett is to careful to get killed by a bear and not find his body. Something is wrong and I won’t stop until I know how my brother died.

Rosalie’s POV

  I was out hunting. I needed to get away from Edward he always bother me. But I have to admit he’s such a pain I can’t believe that I ever wanted him to be with me. I was running until I stopped I spotted a bear. Yummy bears were the easiest. Just when I was going to lunge for my prey I realized horror struck a human being clawed by a bear. The man screams run chills through my back. Everything stops everything goes in slow motion. I see the human before me he looks so small and fragile his black perfect curls covering his face. Then in one moment the human is screaming in pain and the next he stops screaming reality hits me I can’t let this human die I push the bear out of the way and with one swift move I kill I then grab the human hoping I’m not too late. I run as fast as I have ever ran before hoping I’m not too late. I finally reach the Cullen’s in a matter of seconds but it felt like hours to me. I rush I knock the door open and I rush to Carlisle studies not caring if Alice or Jasper or even Esme saw me then.  Because Carlisle was doing his studies when he saw me with the human half alive or even half dead he looked at me. “Carlisle please I’m begging you save him please. I feel this connection with him” I started to sob which is something shocking because I wouldn’t cry for anything. Carlisle realizes the bond I have with him and rushed to me took the human out of my arms and carefully put him in a couch and bit down in his wrists and then neck. Then the human started to scream in agony. I knew that this was going to be a very hard and terrifying 3 days……

Bella’s POV

  I went upstairs I didn’t care if it was 9:00 o’clock in the night I rushed upstairs and grabbed my jean jacket I was already wearing some black jeans with a regular green shirt. I grabbed a flash light. I went to the forest Emmett had told me everything he knew he told me the places he would go when he would go hunting in case I got worried. But he told me to never NEVER to go out here alone if I do it has to be something very important. But I didn’t care anymore he’s dead and I need to find the answers that I needed. I turned on my flashlight and looked around then I saw a bright thing pass me and grab my neck and just bit through my neck I fell to the ground in agony what’s happening is this death...

  Star’s POV

 Being a vampire can be so boring. What does it matter that you live for eternity it you have no company? I was hunting I love the speed. Then I spotted a human girl she seemed 17 or 18 I looked in her eyes a quick look before she could even notice and I see everything her past. Poor girl shes has been through a lot. Then I got an idea what if I bit her no one will notice and I will get a new buddy! I made up my mind. And I bit down her thought. She fell to the ground in agony. I sighed this was going to be a long 3 days...

   Well that’s the end of the second chapter thnx for the other comments before it makes my day reading all of the wonderful comments (:

Thnx, I will soon (:

HEY this chap is unbelievable!!! bella and eddie will be together right???

but then she'll be a vampire...........................COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have a feeling this is gonna be VERY interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

post more soon

ur a good writer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

keep it up :)


>>becky :)

FireStar Becky: thnx so much for your comment (: maybeeeee who knows keep reading to find out :) thnx. thnx sooo much for sayin im a great writer that makes my day (: thnx again n thnx for readin =]
wow nice ... post more :)
Reka Thiru: thnx i will. thnx for readin n for ur awsome comment (:
it so sad but i like it when is ch 3 comeing
i like it! you should totally write more!!
oh I love it!!!! Plz updaye more!!!


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