The Twilight Saga

Goodbye for now. (Give it a try I promise you wont regret it(:

This is an idea I had I hope you enjoy it as much as I write it (:

    What if Bella had an older brother when she was human? What if her older brother was Emmett? What if Emmett one day went for a hunting trip and never came back? Bella receives the news that her older brother died in a bear attack. Or she thinks............

  Chapter 1: Goodbye for know...

  "Emmett?" I asked. Emmett is my older brother. He’s the only thing I have. My parents died in a car accident when I was 14 years old. At that time Emmett was 18 and because he was my older brother and 18 he had taken in charge. I’m 17 my Emmy is 21.

I don't know what I would have ever done without him. Just then Emmett appeared. "Hey Bells" he said while he gave me a bone crushing hug. I laughed "What’s that for Emmy?" I said while using the nickname he hates being called. "Nothing’s wrong squirt I just have to go on another hunting trip" he while he put me down. I frowned “Another one did you not come from one a couple of days ago?". Emmett noticed my frown "Bells I know how much you hate when I’m away but you know that we need the money" he pleaded for my understanding. I crossed my arms across my chest. "So? You do realize that I can just get a job end of problem." I said. "Bells you’re my little sister I’m supposed to be the one taking care of you not the other way around." He said. I smiled my Emmy always the caring one he always put my needs in front of his. I sighed, "Fine but hurry back Emmy". "You’re the best Bells" he said while coming to give me a big hug. "One last thing, here I bought you this one it’s of a kind" he said, pulling out a Silver necklace that has half a heart that says "Emmy". "I bought 2 silver ones each one holding half a heart and when untied it has one whole heart. Yours has Emmy and my half heart says Bells. We won't ever be separated Bells" I rushed and gave him a hug. "Hurry back" was the last thing I told him before he went out.  "Goodbye Emmett" I whispered. 


Emmett’s POV

 On my way out I grabbed my gun. I walked out to the forest. The fresh air came to me at once I love the nature. I would have stayed here all day but I know bells would get mad I know how she worries for me. I thought as I smiled. I was caught off guard when I heard something behind me grab me and start to claw their way through me the agony was huge. Bella was my last thought while I fell to the darkness………….

Bella’s POV

  It was getting late where was Emmett I was going to kill him when he got home he know how worried I get when he goes hunting for a long time. At that second I felt pain go through my heart. Emmett something went wrong something had to my heart just doesn’t hurt unless something bad happened to Emmett. Oh no. I held the silver necklace that he gave me. “Emmy it said. “ Emmett please come back safe and sound I don’t want to lose you like I lost mom and dad……."


  thats the first chapter i hope u liked it please post your comment on what you thought thnx ;)





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Bella Cullen (hailey): Thnxx!! i will later today thnx for readin!
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Bella Sawn: Thnx. sorry if its sad i promise for it to get better (: chapter will come up soon today later on thnx for reading!

New Reader! I absolutely love this!

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i <3 it! update soon plz
thnx! i am updating right now =]
nice love the story

Wow I loved all your wonderful comments they all made my day thnx guys I appreciate that you guys are reading my story thnx again. (:

  Chapter 3:

Stars POV

       This girl it’s been over 5 days and she the girl I found still hasn’t woken up! I’m starting to think that there’s something wrong with her! I sighed I have to go hunting soon I could feel my pitch black eyes. This is what I get for wanting a buddy? Maybe she wont turn into a vampire after all. I sighed again. It was getting on my nerves her screaming in agony and then she stopped. I looked at her. Was the transformation finally over? She still wasn’t moving yet maybe this means that she’s dead? I growled. Well there goes my chance to getting a buddy! Just when I was going to leave she started to move.

      She stood up gracefully. “Who- who are you?” she asked in a quiet voice. I smiled finally she had woken up. “Well sorry I didn’t introduce myself properly. My name is star. Star Winter. Pleasure to meet you- uhm?” I asked politely. She smiled “my name is Isabella McCarty but you can call me Bella. May I ask star what’s going on here?” Bella said while looking at me closely.

     I laughed I was being rude she must be dying of thirst but I had to tell her what she is or this might turn into something ugly. “Well first things first Bella you’re a vampire.” I said simply I just got to the point what’s the point in stalling if she needs to know what she is.

Bella’s POV

   The pain the pain. Make it go away please. I shouted in my head I felt as if I was burning in flames and being stabbed and being cut open all over my body. It felt forever. Was this death making me suffer slowly and painfully? I felt it all over my body why was this happening. Why of all of the times just when I was going to find out the truth about my older brother death hits me with this pain. All of a sudden I stopped I felt as if I was being eaten and being cut and burning in flames all at the same time.

    Then it stopped. I saw light I saw the light hit me with a big wush. I suddenly jumped up to my feet. I looked and saw a girl. “Who- who are you?” I asked timidly. The girl smiled up at me. “Well sorry I didn’t introduce myself properly. My name is Star. Star Winter. Pleasure to meet you- uhm?” star said. I felt embarrassed. “My name is Isabella McCarty but you can call me Bella. May I ask star what’s going on here?” I asked I really had so many questions. She laughed I was startled what did I say? Then she said “well first things first Bella you’re a vampire” she said as if it was nothing. I stood still I nodded. “Well I guess that’s a shock but I mean what hasn’t happened to me” I said glumly. Star looked at me “Don’t worry Bella I know everything is going to get better promise.” She said “wait aren’t you thirsty?” she questioned.

      I shook my head. I honestly wasn’t thirsty. She smiled “that’s great your just like me then were are a special kind of breed we don’t have to live on blood but it’s entertaining to eat my prey and then I don’t like the way eye start to get pitch black. Come on I need to get you home with me and I will explain everything promise” she said with a smile “thank you star” I said but I wished deep down if she could have helped me with finding Emmett. She started to walk and I knew that she wanted me to follow. We were walking she told me not to run just yet. I wonder why. “Star if you don’t mind it when you’re done explaining to me the vampire stuff if you would help me find the truth of how my older brother Emmett died” I said half about to cry and half hopeful. Star suddenly stopped and faced me “I know how you’re past has been and I can help you with it” star said to me. Then she started to walk again. “Wait what do you mean by that?” I asked started by what she had told me. “I mean that one of my powers in see someone’s past through their eyes and see lie that hold in their memories you older brother Emmett, well there’s a possibility that he might be alive” she said…………………….

 Well that’s the end of chapter 3 I hope you like it (: please let me know what you thought about the chapter thnx (:


OMG, that is so good! keep me updated!


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