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This is my first fan fiction so please go easy!!!!



One night Isabella Swan, Jacob Black, Emmett McCarty, and Jasper Whitlock were 2 they were kidnapped by the US Government. They were taken to a remote location in the middle of no where. They grew up and became the best team of secrete agents the US government have.


I don't know where this is going yet but I'm going to have the team go to Forks some how to meet their true loves(that's the reason why I didn't put any of the couples in yet)


If anyone comments I'll post more

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Here is the tree house... except it would be higher up!

New reader!!! This has been a lovely story!!!!!!! If you could, please update me!!!!! And please write soon!!!!! :)
Are you going to be posting soon.... I'm really hooked on your story:)

Yeah just not today or tomorrow because tonight.. well its 1156 here and tomorrow (which is in like 3 minutes now) i have a funeral to go to... but maybe friday hopefully... but idk because i have a waterpolo tournament which end on saturday so maybe then or friday or sunday!!!! But i promise to update on one of those days!!!!!!!

more more more 

Continued... (I’m going to be keep on doing continued because I really lost count of the chapters.)


“So what are we going to do to them?” I asked the guys in my mind. “Jacob go check and make sure there isn’t a bomb or something in the closet, don’t miss anything.” He nodded and went to go check it out. We had the two guys in the basement under surveillance; Jasper was listening to them to see if they mention who sent them, but so far nothing.


“Soon we’re going to have to start interrogating them. Who do you think should? Also, something that has crossed my mind is how all these guys have found about us so fast we’ve only been here for like 3 weeks and people know where we live and where we go to school. I think it’s time one of us goes undercover” I told Emmett


“I was thinking about that when Jasper and I were tied up. Who could know that fast without them hacking into James’s computer and that’s next to impossible. I think we have a leak in our team.” Emmett said


“I was thinking the same thing, but I don’t think it’s one of us. Maybe someone back at base?” I said


“Yeah” Emmett said


“We should go see who the weak one is between the two” I said to Emmett who nodded and followed me to the basement.


In the basement there are two rooms, both sound proof and both perfect for interrogating people. The two guys were both in the same room while Jasper was in the other watching them. Emmett and I walked past the door which had the guys in there and went to where Jasper was. In his room he had a one way mirror, in which he could see the guys but they couldn’t see him.


“Jasper who is weaker of the two?” Emmett asked him.


“Definitely the one Bella took down. He knows that we are dangerous, but only to an extent. Also, I think it will be better to split them up; the guy won’t speak if the other is watching him.” Jasper said


“Okay lets go set up a room. Jasper stay here and see if you can get anything else. Try and see what their weak points are.”


Emmett and I went to go set up the shed, it’s a good location a lot of tools to interrogate with. While walking through the house we saw Jacob carrying something that looked like a bug.


“What do you have Jacob?” Emmett asked


“Looks like a bug, I put on our signal blocker so they, whoever it is, can’t hear us. I’ll try and find out where the signal is coming from but it’s going to take a while.” He said



“Okay, just work as fast as you can. While you’re doing that Emmett, Jasper and I will be working on our intruders.” I said. Jacob nodded and we split up.

*After the shed is set up* 3 A.M.


We put a bag over the guy’s head so he couldn’t see. We took the weaker one because we know he’ll be way easier to break. Jasper is going to try and get the other one to talk with old military strategies. Emmett and I were going to play good cop bad cop, except the bad cops cuts the person when they don’t talk. But first we have to scare him.


“So, who sent you?” I asked him in French. The guy just sat there and stared at me. ‘Emmett’ I said in my mind ‘I’m going to cut you.’ Emmett stared at me like I was some kind of whack job. I grabbed Emmett’s arm and sliced his hand, only enough for blood to come out, and let the blood slip onto the guy’s head. The guy looked scared. The point of this tactic is to show if you’re willing to hurt your partner, how far are you willing to go to get what you want?


“Now, let’s try this again. Who sent you?” I asked him again, while letting go of Emmett’s arm. The guy still didn’t move, but I could see in his eye’s that he was about to crack. “Okay, will get to that one later. Let’s start with your name” I said in French.


“Peter.” He said


“Okay Peter, do you have any kids?” I asked in English.


“Yes, three, a daughter and two sons.” He said back in English.


“I’m going to take a wild guess that the people who hired know about your kids and they said that they’re going to kill them if you didn’t do this, right?” I said. I knew he wasn’t going to answer, but I could tell by his eyes that it was a yes. “I also think that the people who hired you, or forced you to do this, never told you how dangerous we really are?” I said, and he nodded. Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. ‘Emmett play good cop while I go see how Jacob is doing’ I told Emmett in my head. He nodded. I knew Emmett could make anyone talk when he was playing the good cop, that’s why I knew he could be in there alone.


I got up and walked up to the house. I heard a car coming up our driveway; I hide behind a tree getting my gun ready to shoot. I mean who would be here at, dang it’s already 6:30. I turned to see it was Edward. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HE DOING HERE????? I ran as fast I could to the house. When I got up there I ran through the door. “Jacob, Jasper we have a bit of a situation.” I yelled. Both of them ran out of their rooms with guns ready. “No, not that kind of a situation, an Edward situation.” I said


“What is he doing here?” Jacob asked.


“Did you invite him or anything?” Jasper asked


“No to both of the questions. What are we going to do? He’s going to be here any minute. I saw him at our gate.” I said


“Tell him that we’re sick and its very contagions.” Jacob said


“Okay go to rooms cough or something, change into sweats and come down in like 2 minutes I’ll go start cooking oatmeal.” I said, they both nodded and ran to their rooms. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed the oats and milk and cinnamon, and then I turned on the stove and put a pot on it and poured the milk into the pot. When I heard the doorbell ring, I went to the door and opened it.


“Hey Edward, what a surprised? What brings you here?” I said


“Um, I was wondering if you wanted a ride to school.” He said


“Here, come in. I’ll go see if it’s okay with the guys.” I said opening the door wider so he could come in. I walked to the stairs, “Jacob, Jasper” I heard them open their doors and… *cough cough*


“Yeah?” Jasper said in a hoarse voice. Okay, how in the world could they act so well? They both had bags under their eyes, their eyes were red, and you could hear their nose running. I was so disgusted, yet so proud that they could do this.


“Are you guys alright?” I said.


“No, not really *cough” Jacob said


I looked back and forth between the three of them, but I stopped on Edward. He looked at me and nodded.


“I understand, maybe another time. How about Sunday night?” He said hopefully.


“Yeah, maybe if the guys are better by then, it’s a date.” I said smiling, walking him back to the door and closing it behind him. I ran to the kitchen to turn off the stove. Then went to talk to the guys.


“Okay, so you guys can look sick in like 2 minutes but you can’t take a shower 10 minutes?” I said looking at them.


“Ummm, yeah. Do you know how much practice we’ve had to perfect this? How do you think we missed so many practices?” Jacob said, while Jasper was nodding and laughing.


“Whatever. How’s the bug coming Jacob? And Jasper, the other guy?” I asked them


“Almost have it, I’m done, the computer is just trying to triangulate the source” Jacob said. I nodded and turned to Jasper.


“Not good, I’ve tried everything but drowning him” Jasper said


“Well, Emmett and I have Peter talking so you might not have to do that” I said


“Okay” *BEEP BEEP* Jacob ran to his room, with Jasper close behind him, and me running up the stairs.


“This can’t be right,” Jacob said typing away.


“What is it?” I asked


“It says it’s coming from the Cullen house” Jacob said

Hey guess what?!?!?! 1st comment!!!!!!

Loved it, more soon please

Thanks... I'm not sure when I'll be able to update waterpolo season is coming to an end but we have a lot of games coming up... weird ik but yeah I'll try and update soon though... and again THANKS!!!!

"Who Honors those we love for the very life we live? Who sends monsters to kill us...and at the same time sings that we'll never die? Who teaches us what's real...and how to laugh at lies? Who decides why we live and what we'll die to defend? Who chains us...and who holds the key that can set us free? It's you. You have all the weapons you need. Now fight!"

This is my favorite quote from my favorite movie and whoever can figure what movie this is from I'll give them the first peak of the next chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!



UPDATE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so I'm almost done with the next chapter but I'm disappointed about the amount of people who haven't commented :'( Oh well thanks to the two people who did promise to update soon


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