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Okay, my story isn't very developed- and I'm very new here so I don't know really how this works. Really, I only signed up two minutes ago. But I'm just going to explain my story and put the first chapter in the attached files. I hope thats right LOL :S
Anyway, my story takes place in Forks and it's just about another adventure of Edward and Bella. It consumes content of all the books; twilight, new moon, eclipse and eventually breaking dawn, but not all in the first chapter. Its rather confusing and it's starts when they are still at school.
Hope you can keep up.


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Chapter 4-

That night when I slept, I dreamt of Brenton. His attacking pounce, his blood red eyes; the bared, gleaming teeth.
I woke with a scream as he crouched over me. “Bella!” Edward stroked my hair, cradling me in his arms.

“Brenton” I explained in a hardly decipherable whisper. Sweat dripped off my clammy skin.

“I know…I know”
Edward never moved during the night and he was even there in the morning.
“Charlie left for work an hour ago.” He informed me as I rubbed my sleep deprived eyelids.
The weekend. Finally!
I ate my breakfast slowly as Edward watched me closely from the corner, investigating my every move.

“You should visit Jacob today.” I turned at the strange gesture, flummoxed. I looked into his blackened eyes and sighed. “You’ll be safe with him” he assured me.

Edward dropped me off at the boarder line as usual. He kissed me roughly and whispered “Remember to come home” in my ear.
I didn’t know if he was kidding but I laughed anyway. I felt self-conscious as I walked towards Jacob’s rabbit. I could feel both Edward and Jake’s eyes watching me intently.

“Hey Jacob!” I smiled cheerfully as I ducked into the passenger seat.

“Hey Bells!”
I looked up, but Edward was already gone. I sighed.

“What are we gonna do today?” I asked, clapping my hands together- trying hard to act normal. I didn’t especially want to explain yesterday’s enactment, much less think about it.

“What about a bike ride?” He offered, revving the car engine. It actually sounded like something to look forward to.

We took the motorbikes out to the dirt track, and the wind was soon whipping my face, blowing my hair out behind me. I enjoyed the feeling more than anything in the world, besides Edward’s touch that is.

“Race ya!” Jake yelled teasingly as he zoomed past, overtaking me by miles. I bent low over the handlebars and pushed the engine to its limits. He was just coming back into view when my foot slipped from the peddle and, in the confusion, I let go of the steering.
I skidded, spinning out of control, and next second I thudded to the ground. I must have hit my head hard as the proceeding few minutes were just a blur of darkness.

“Bella!” A pair of hands shook me gently, prodding me back into consciousness.

“Edward…” I sighed, relieved.
He leant down and placed his lips on mine, kissing me earnestly.
I kissed me back for a long moment before my brain hit the light switch. Hang on…these lips were warm. I struggled away, frantic.
“Jacob!” I squealed.
He looked very pleased with himself.

“You kissed me back!” He accused.
“I thought you were Edward!”
“Doesn’t change a thing”
“Ugh” I groaned at his stubbornness.

“Oh no, Edward’s gonna kill me!” He mocked in a fake terror.
He seemed pretty excited about that too. It was not easy to forget the day when Jacob had first kissed me, when Edward had threatened to hurt him if he ever returned me in less than pristine condition or if he ever kissed me again. Now he had done both. I stared at him in disbelief. He was right, he was going to die.

“You better hope dogs have nice lives!” I shouted, attempting to get up but the world spun and I fell back down. Jacob lifted me into his arms. “Where’s my phone?” I yelled as he carried me back to the car.

“Its okay, Edward knows everything. He’s already waiting for me at the border. He’s furious!” Jacob chuckled, very smug indeed.
Anger flared every inch of my body and I kicked and punched, trying to fling myself out of Jacob’s arms.
He paid to attention to my fruitless efforts as he sat me down in the car, driving off the dirt road toward the territory divider.

“Ugh! Jacob you stupid dog. You antagonizing, destructive, irritable little-”

“I got the point, you’re angry. But I don’t care; you need to know how I feel!”

“Can’t you just say it?”

“There’s no word to explain it Bella. I’m sorry, but every time I see you, I just want to hold you and look after you the way he does. I want to be the one you want, the one you choose. I want you to love me.”

“Jacob” I groaned, putting my arms around him, pity and guilt brewing in my stomach. I suddenly felt like I was doing wrong by him. “I wish it was like that for me too Jake. More than anything I do. But it’s not, I love Edward.”

“That stupid bloodsucker will leave you a million times before you leave him! I, on the other hand will always be here for you”

“Don’t do this Jacob”

“Why not?”
I hadn’t noticed we had stopped and as Jake leaned forward towards me, I heard a low growl snap from somewhere in the distance. Jacob pressed me against the car door, not releasing his hold an inch, and forced his lips onto mine. I could see Edward walking towards us, towards the invisible line. Surely he would cross it soon. I reached backwards, feeling around frantically for the door handle. It swung open and I tumbled backwards onto the road, Jacob landing on top of me. I gasped, winded.

“Get off me!” I yelled, jumping up and running toward Edward as fast as my clumsy feet would carry me.
“Edward!” I grasped him and clinged on. He held me tight, glaring over my head. I had a deep cut on my leg and a large bruise was forming on my forehead, both of which his searching eyes failed to miss. He pushed me aside gently.

“I warned you once pup. You’re dead!” The words were truly frightening and I actually hoped that he meant them. Jacob stood there coolly, arms folded.

“She kissed me back you know. Whatever you give me is well worth it.”
A sickening crack echoed through the air as Edward’s first collided with Jacob’s jaw, no doubt braking it. I winced as Jacob fell to the ground, spitting out some blood.
“I see you keep your promises.” He muttered, springing back to his feet. “As do I!” Jake sprung, only to get knocked backwards pathetically.
A look of rage crossed his face before the mocking smile took its place.

“No!” I screamed as Jacob quivered from the tips of his fingers to the hairs on his head. Convulsing, he transformed, bending to a crouch to face Edward, who mirrored him in every hostile position. “Don’t!” I sobbed, racing forward and flinging myself on Edward’s back, attaching myself with every muscle of strength I had. His head snapped back to face me. His expression was dark, horrifying- a true vampire.
i really love your fan fiction this is great keep it up
Chapter 4, Part 2.

I backed away from the intensity of his gaze, lingering on the delicate edge of a breakdown. Collapsing to the ground, I wrapped my arms tight around my unsupportive knees and watched, through a flood of tears, as my two reasons for being got ready to rip each other to shreds.
Jacob was the first to pounce, diving headlong into Edward’s stone sculpture figure. It was all just a blur of growls and undefined movements as the creatures fought, more vicious and aggressive then I’d ever seen either of them.
My heart stopped in it’s tracks as Jacob emitted a long howl of pain and skidded backwards, clutching his leg where a chunk of fur was missing, swelling with a sickening flow of blood. That second, I forgot how much I hated Jacob right now- how much I wanted him in pain. I couldn’t stand this one second longer I had to something.

“Stop it! Stop it right now!”
Even though I was shrieking at the top of my lungs, my calls where shoved aside by a new round of snarls. The story of the third wife re-entered my mind. I decided it was time for another dose of self sacrifice.

Without thinking I lodged myself between them, flinging myself between myself between the two lives I desired the most. I suffered one blow to the chest, which sent me flying nearly to the edge of the forest, and that was the end of it.
If I thought I was winded before, it was nothing to now.
“Bella!” They chorused, Jacob suddenly in his human form, sprinting to my side in a matter of milliseconds.

“Bella, it’s okay. Bella, can you hear me?” Edward asked, pulling me into his lap, protectively but carefully wrapping his arms around me.
It felt like I was drowning. I was blacking out for seconds at a time, only short gasps of air reaching my lungs.
Edward was panicking, not sure what to do.

“I’m so sorry Bells” I heard Jacob repeat again and again.
I screamed out loud as a gut wrenching pain burst through my head and my eyes squinted in agony.
Suddenly, I wasn’t on the edge of the forest anymore. I wasn’t with Jacob…or Edward.
I was alone in a large room, pitch black and eerie.
Looking around, I recognised the scene and my mouth fell open in horror. I had to be hallucinating- lack of oxygen could do that to you right?

“Remembering hurts doesn’t it?” A jeering voice echoed around the glass walls of the ballet studio. A silent scream blocked my throat as Brenton stepped out from the shadows. “But re-enacting will be even harder.” His eyes were red, hungry- his expression delighted and malicious.

Then I was back. I practically jumped on top of Edward in my fright. We were at the Cullen’s home, Jacob was still gone.
“Are you okay?” He looked as frightened as I felt. I could see Rose, Emmett, Jasper, Alice, Esme and Carlisle’s worried face’s gathered around the kitchen table where I lay.

“You’re okay now” Esme crooned, stroking my hair.

“You were gone for some time Bella! Almost have an hour! We were awfully worried- I told Edward to keep you away from the forest-”

“Enough Alice!” Edward snapped, interjecting his sisters sing song chatter. I tried to sit up right but winced as a pain pierced my chest.

“Careful” Carlisle warned “You broke a rib and fractured your lung- very brave of you to jump in like that!”
I looked to Edward’s face to check his reaction; I could see it was killing me- that he would never know who had served the punch, if he had been the one to cause me such pain.

“Can I speak to Alice…alone please?”
Edward looked slightly hurt that I didn’t want to share my news with him first, but left without a complaint.
“What’s up Bella?” Alice sung cheerfully.

“When I was unconscious…I was in the Ballet Studio…with Brenton.” I gulped loudly before continuing “I was wondering if you saw anything…unusual.”
Alice looked confused but she closed her eyes all the same; the blank, focused look I had learned to fear taking over her perfect features.
When she opened her eyelids again, her expression was shocked, scared even. Nodding slowly, she moved onto the table and wrapped a comforting arm around my shoulder.

“Show me your finger.” She suddenly snapped.
I sighed. I really shouldn’t have gotten her into vision mode.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I denied sharply.

“You’re an awful Liar! Show me Bella!”
I relented and pulled out my hand to reveal a severely dented finger. Alice gasped, shocked by the enormity of my damage.

“What did Edward say?”

“He thinks it’s from the fight this morning.”
I admitted, hanging my head- ready a guilt trip lecture.

“Isn’t it?”
I frowned, confused. I had assumed Alice had known the real source of my injuries. Apparently not.

I didn’t want to tell her now. This way Edward would surely find out and go mental. I didn’t want him looking for revenge.
“Brenton…trod on my finger.”
I couldn’t say anymore. Those words alone made me feel like the most fragile and blank person alive. It sounded like an injury a two year old would sook over.

“How could you keep this from me?”
Edward burst through the door, rage and worry mixed on his face.

“Eavesdropper” I grumbled accusingly as he examined my finger.

“You were just going to let me think I had done this to you!” He growled, surprised at the prospect.
I hadn’t thought of that.

“Edward, it wasn’t you. I know you didn’t hit me.”

“You can’t prove that Bella!”

“I don’t need to!”
All of a sudden his face was inches from mine- his breathing fast and short.

“I am not going to play your games anymore”
I felt red hot tears slipping down my cheeks as his scorning words hit hard. He drew back, shame replacing the anger.
“You should go” He whispered. But I didn’t move. I just sat, staring in disbelief.
“Go!” Edward bellowed, pointing a shaking finger at the door.
I jumped up from the table, ignoring the extreme agony in my ribs, crashing as much as possible to prove me fury.
I was nearly to the front door when a cold, hard hand grabbed my forearm- stern and restraining.

“He doesn’t mean to hurt you Bella. His just trying to protect you-”
Rosalie whispered. I didn’t want to hear his defence; I was over all this protection bull.

“Tell him not to come over tonight!” I seethed, storming out the door.
omg loving this story!!!! please dont take to long to update
I am having a hard time finding a pic for your story any suggestions on your picture?
Maybe just Edward, Bella and then Brenton in between can pick who will portray the bad boy XD
Thanx so much for taking time to do my banner. ILY!!
Your welcome!! Umm I will try to figure sumthing out but if I can only get Edward and Bella is that ok??
Yeah that's fine. XD Im happy with whatever you decide to do
K coolI working rite now
AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 love it love it love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please please please keep going!!!! more more more i need more!!!! write at vampire speed!!!
Chapter 5-

I hadn’t walked far before my knees surrendered and I feel to the ground. Curling into a ball, I gave myself to death- wishing with everything I had I would just die right here.
Everything was wrong. How could Edward leave me to walk, when I didn’t even know the way? How could he yell at me like that? Of all the times I had let him down and deserved to be abandoned, this one was not my fault!
Had he given up on me? I remembered the glare, the terrifying vampirific look he had given me more than once today. I had never seen him this way- it made me confused, distraught, disoriented.

I fumbled for Edward’s phone, which I had forgotten to return, and hurried to dial the memorized pattern of number I knew so well.

“What’s up Bella? Are you okay?”
“No! He hates me!” I sobbed pathetically.
“I’m coming.”
The line cut off. How did he know where I was? Only ten minutes passed before Jake was beside me, his comforting arms around my waist. I cried in his arms, all dignity gone out the door- why bother hiding my tears from him now.
“This isn’t right Bella! He can’t treat you like this. I think it was rather stupid of you to jump into our fight the way you did- I was just starting to have some fun! But it was in no way your fault!” He assured me “You never smile anymore- it’s like I’ve lost my Bells! And I’m not going to put up with it!”

I smiled but the tears didn’t stop. Jake walked off in the direction of the house, a business- like look about him.
“Don’t fight again Jake!” I pleaded, reaching for his hand.

“Don’t worry Bella. It’s all words this round. Stay here.”
I waited till he was out of sight and then snuck back up behind him, keeping a safe distance so he wouldn’t notice I was following. Edward met him outside and I watched anxiously from behind a bush, straining my ears to hear their low mutters.

“What do you want dog?” Edward snarled.

“For you to show Bella some respect. None of this is her fault, more so yours! Do you know where I found her?” Jacob waited as Edward read his mind- pain clenching in his eyes as he saw what a mess I must have been when Jake came to me, lying at the entrance to the Cullen’s driveway.
He heard our conversation, the desperation of my phone call.

“This is all for her. If I have to put up an angry front and pretend to be full of hatred for a few days- won’t it be worth it if she leaves? I know we’ve been here before but this time it’s different. In a matter of two days I’ve nearly killed her twice and it’s not over yet.”

“Yeah sure, it’s all worth it. All we have to do is wait for her to jump off the cliffs and this plan will be perfect.” Jacob mocked, sarcastic.

“Look Jacob. Take her! I don’t want her!”
A knife stabbed through my heart with his words, my brain drained of living thought.

“You don’t want her?”

“I can’t want her! I can’t do this. I can’t…” I’m sure if Edward could, he would be crying now because he was bent over with emotion.

“Pathetic!” Jacob’s bellow rang through the trees. “You’re only backing out, because it’s hard. When she needs you most, you can’t be there. You don’t want to be there. You’re making her life hell-”

“You know nothing of hell.” Edward snapped.

“Take my advice, leech! Go to her tonight, tell her the truth, and say something I haven’t heard you say for a long time- I love you. Because I sure know I do. I love her, I need her, I want her and I know I’d without her. Think about that bloodsucker.”
They stood in silence for a long moment before Jacob turned and started walking away.

“Let’s go Bella.”
Edward looked surprised and regretful as I moved out from my hiding place and looked up at him, offense and rejection shining in my eyes.

“Isabella.” He whispered
I was taken aback by the use of my full name. Jake took my hand as he passed and I walked beside him, looking back many times to Edward’s blank face.


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