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Okay, my story isn't very developed- and I'm very new here so I don't know really how this works. Really, I only signed up two minutes ago. But I'm just going to explain my story and put the first chapter in the attached files. I hope thats right LOL :S
Anyway, my story takes place in Forks and it's just about another adventure of Edward and Bella. It consumes content of all the books; twilight, new moon, eclipse and eventually breaking dawn, but not all in the first chapter. Its rather confusing and it's starts when they are still at school.
Hope you can keep up.


>> BY Edwardluvrgirl!!! XD

By Callie Cullen :) >>AWESOME

>>By the wonderful 'Lyric'

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Awww. That's SOOO sad...=[[[[[[

Can't wait for more!!! =]]]]]
Keep me Posted!!!! =]
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love ti i love it i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please please please keep going!!! write at vampire speed!!!
plz let me know when you write more!!!!!!!
Chapter 5, Part 2.

Jacob walked me to the front door and I could see Charlie watching us happily through the curtains. The sky was just starting to darken and I was surprisingly grateful. It felt like I had somehow managed to fit a month into twenty-four hours. So much had happened.

“Thanks Jake. You’re the best friend ever.”

“Still just friend huh?” He asked disappointed.

“Jake…” I was lost for words.
I so badly wanted to kiss him, just to make it all better for him- to make him feel as if I lived him the way wanted me to love him. “I’m so sorry.” I whispered, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Let me know how it goes” He tried to smile but I could see through it.
Walking straight past Charlie, who was sprawled on the couch with a smug grin spread on his mouth, I charged into my room and slammed the door behind me. I needed some time to think. I groaned and turned to my bed, ready to collapse for the night. I gasped when my eyes met Edward’s, sitting cross legged on my pillow.
He was hugging me in a second, so tight I couldn’t breathe. I pulled back and found his lips. He kissed me desperately, obviously trying to apologise without the same old words. I knew I didn’t have a choice but to forgive him. Just because I was tired of the protection excuse didn’t mean it wasn’t true. I didn’t want this kiss to end, because that would mean it was time to talk. All too soon he took a step away and held me at arms length. “I need to explain my actions Isabella.”

“Would you please stop calling me that?” I persisted, wrinkling my nose in distaste.

“Sorry.” He smiled slightly and led me back to the bed. He looked taken aback when I snuggled into his lap, obviously expecting me to be angrier.
“Okay first off- your have to understand this was all for your protection Bella.”

“I do”

“Please be angry at me. Yell or something!” He sighed, playing with my fingers. I felt him sigh when he came to my disfigured one.
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you” I apologised flatly.

“Don’t be sorry. I’m not truly angry- I care much more that your hurt than the factor of my self pity. I was only trying to drive you away by bringing in the cold shoulder. It was very hard for me to look at your that way.” He seemed to be trying to unblock his throat “I’m sure Carlisle can fix your finger for you. And I can fix Brenton.”
He added darkly.

“Don’t Edward. Please don’t go looking for revenge.”

“Bella! I don’t have a choice!” He exclaimed.
Amazed that I had any tears left, I tried to sniff back the sobs aching to get through. I was such a cry baby.
“Honey, don’t cry. Please don’t- Look, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I fought Jacob. I’m sorry you got hurt. I’m sorry he kissed you. I’m sorry I shouted at you and kicked you out. I’m sorry you had to hear my argument with the dog. I’m sorry I put you under the impression I didn’t want you. Because I do! I love you Bella, honey. I love you, too much to say. I’m so so sorry-”

He could have babbled on forever I’m sure but I couldn’t bear to hear the word sorry one more time. So to silence his frantic talking, I pushed myself forward to lye on my back and pulled Edward down by the neck to meld our lips together.
With this, he seemed to loose control. It was like he had erased all the carefully drawn lines he had placed around us. For when my lips parted, his followed suit, our mouths moving in perfect harmony. I wondered if I should stop, if this was taking advantages too far; but I couldn’t bring myself to brake apart.
I was jumpy, nervous, over-excited. He pulled me closer and with one jerky movement, a prick of pain in my bottom lips and a bitter taste, blood pooled into my mouth. I kicked him away urgently, seeing his eyes widen and swell with an uncontrollable thirst.
More Please!? I just started reading your story and i'm hooked, cant wait for an update!
Wow your story is captivating! And I love your writing!
Yet I have to admit I was a bit confused sometimes and didn't understand clearly what was happening exactly.
Anyway- please post more soon!!
Yeah sorry about that. I'm not that great a writer, I just write for the fun of it :D
Thankyou :)
Yeah I'll message you for sure!
that is so great plz get the next chapter up fast bc i wanted to know what happen next
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Part 3-

“No!” I gasped in pain as he pinned me against the wall. I could see through his eyes, to the separate sides of his mind arguing furiously.
I saw the vampire within, taking over my Edward, convincing him to attack. To finally obtain the blood he’d lusted for since we’d met. And the other side, fighting desperately against the evil, trying with all its might to stay sane. To keep its true love alive.
I knew which one would overcome, but I had to help it win over.
“Edward” I whispered, taking his twisting face in my hands. “It’s okay. I love you. I forgive you for everything; it wasn’t your fault to begin with. I know you love me too Edward. Break through.” I spoke each word deliberately calm but begging, watching the play of emotions grasp his features. “You can do it”

I gasped for air as he released his strangling hold, falling onto the bed.
Alice and Emmett ran through my open door, followed closely by Jasper. They dragged Edward away, who didn’t resist.
Rosalie climbed over next to me as the shock set in and I trembled uncontrollably.
She held me in her arms and the tears slid down my cheeks.
Edward was sitting on the ground, arms folded over his knees, looking dead. I could see his hands and nose twitching, dyeing to have a taste.
“Take her away Jacob”
He muttered, his voice low and depressing.
I hadn’t noticed the werewolf standing in the doorway until he threw me over his shoulder and streaked down the stairs. I caught a glimpse of Charlie, snoring in bed and blessed his remarkably deep sleeping.

Jake took me deep into the forest before changing into his human form. He seemed angry, shaking enough to transform back to his wolf form.
“Let’s review this day shall we?” He yelled, waving his arms randomly and counting off on his fingers. “Firstly, your vampire tries to fight me, you nearly die. Seconds, he “pretends” to abandon you again and says he doesn’t want you. Thirdly, he goes straight ahead to get some and ends up nearly killing you…again. Oh and let’s not get into that bloodsucker at your school yesterday. What part of your insane mind still like the leech?”

I was too shocked to memorise a group of words long enough to push them out my mouth, so I just sat on the leaf strewn ground in silence.
When I could finally speak, it was only a whisper “How did you know about Brenton?”

“Please, Bella. You didn’t think you could keep this from me did you?” He raised his eyebrows, still pacing back and forth angrily.
I shook my head and let my eyes close, exhausted. He slide down so that I could lean onto him. “That’s it honey. You’ve had a long day.”
Jacob’s tone suddenly changed into a sweet honey sound and I smiled, letting my heavy head fall and my mind sink into a deep sleep.

Sorry it's so short guys. Just needed to finish off the chapter.
No, no, no, you can't keep Edward and Bella apart! Hmm and that vile Jacob!!
I love your story, keep,writing!


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