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Okay, my story isn't very developed- and I'm very new here so I don't know really how this works. Really, I only signed up two minutes ago. But I'm just going to explain my story and put the first chapter in the attached files. I hope thats right LOL :S
Anyway, my story takes place in Forks and it's just about another adventure of Edward and Bella. It consumes content of all the books; twilight, new moon, eclipse and eventually breaking dawn, but not all in the first chapter. Its rather confusing and it's starts when they are still at school.
Hope you can keep up.


>> BY Edwardluvrgirl!!! XD

By Callie Cullen :) >>AWESOME

>>By the wonderful 'Lyric'

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This happy Edward just makes me smile times a million=]=]=]=]
I can't wait to read about the best week ever!!!
Email with updates =]

Peace Love Twilight
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your killing me with the flipping cliffhangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have to keep going please please please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it i love it i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you don't keep going I'll die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! write at vampire speed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 6, Part 3

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his throat softly. Next second, I thumped down roughly on a soft and large object. A bed.
We were somehow back in Edward’s house- collapsed across the large mattress he had situated in the middle of his bed room last summer.
He hung over me, careful not to crush me with his weight. We kissed passionately and I reached up to unbutton his shirt. The mood was right, we could both feel it.

“I’m sorry Bella. I can’t do this!” He suddenly drew away to sit on the end of mattress, head in his hands. I reached down to him, trying to drag him back. “I have to go”

“No, Edward stay!”
He stood staring at me with indecision for a minute.
“Sorry” He whispered, braking off from our gaze and walking gracefully towards the door.
Panicking, I jolted forward and pressed my lips eagerly against his, crushing them together with all my might.
“Bella, what are you doing?” He gasped as I forced my tongue into his mouth, wrenching backwards.

“Trying to prove to you that I would life all over again, just to keep you for one more second” We stared into each others eyes, mine wide with pleading, Edward’s shocked and squinted- almost in pain.

“I have to go!” He repeated.
Grasping for my last hope, I decided to play the only ace I had left. It twisted my insides to even think of it, but he was getting closer and closer to leaving- to possibly not coming back.

“Jacob was right. You’ll always be willing to run away when times get tough!” I sniffed acidly. Edward was suddenly two inches away, his cold breath biting at my skin.

“Do you think that’s what I’m doing? Running away?” He barked. I nodded hesitantly. He growled a low curdling rip.
“You’ll never be safe with me. You will never be truly able to live! I nearly killed you Bella, and I could do it again- any minute now. How am I supposed to live with that? What do you suppose I do?”

“Stay” I finally whispered.
Sighing heavily, Edward embraced me, crushing my small figure between his arms.
I nestled myself there, planning to never move again. Edward pulled me closer and closer until almost every surface of his hard pallid skin was in contact with mine. He seemed desperate and irrational as he placed a hand on each side of my face and kissed my roughly, eagerly but at the same time soft and lovingly. The wish to go further re-entered my mind and I thought now, while his guard was done, his guilt high, would be the time to strike. My hands felt down his built upper body to retrieve the hem of his shirt and tug it back off his shoulders. His arms jerked upwards and, expecting them to be pulling away, I was surprised to find them co-operating in the removal of his shirt.
Triumph ran thick through my veins and, overexcited once again, I rushed to remove my own top. Again, Edward’s speed beat me to the chase and I felt a cold gust of wind against my exposed skin, no where as cold as Edward’s body.
I traced down his defined chest muscles with the hand that wasn’t entangled in his hair. I had been waiting for this moment for so long, but yet I didn’t know what should happen next. I gasped as Edward swung me down onto the bed so he hung over me, careful not to crush me with his weight. His breathing was fast as he drew away.

“Do you see how dangerous this is?” He whispered into my ear.

“Edward, to stop now would be cruel”

“Then let’s take it slow”
Pressing his lips back to mine, I let his tongue explore my mouth carefully. What had triggered this side in him? Somewhere, surely, he would fall over the edge. I needed to find where that cliff top lat, where he would fall.
Travelling down his chest again, I fumbled pointlessly with the button on his jeans. Bullseye. He stiffened and next second, I lay in the bed alone, the darkness closing in around me.

“Let’s not go all the way tonight, Okay Bella?”

“Fine!” I nodded, all too willing to respect his wishes.

“We have to start over anyway” He moved out of the shadows, grinning.

“Why?” I frowned.
“We wrecked the mood. I broke a rule!”

“Well sir, I think I can let you off with a warning. Just this once”
I laughed, impersonating a police man. He chuckled, pulling out a crooked smile, coming back to sit beside me on the bed.

:) I tried to make it a happy ending!
Hey guys. I was thinking I could do a bit of the "best week ever" in Edward's POV?
What do you think? Yes? No?

That sounds good, but how do you feel about it? You don't want it to be forced.
True. I think I might just do half half. Edward could probably explain it better, but this story has all been in Bella's POV so far, so I'm worried about reactions.
I personally love hearing both POV's

Edward doesn't think like normal guys do, and often his actions seem hard or cold, or like he doesn't care, yet his mental torture shows he is doing what he thinks is best for Bella.

I love this story, and you are an amazing writer Abbie.

Looking forward to the next part!
Awww thanx a heap load!! :D

Thats exactly what I was thinking, about Edward's mental torture and everything. :)

Next parts already on its way. I couldn't wait
That's good to hear!

I'm not in work today, and I'm not venturing outside again after getting brutally sunburnt yesterday, so I'm in need of something to read! lol
Oh, sounds hurtful.
Got any idea of what you'd like to see them do for 'the best week?'
I'm kind of at a loss here. HELP!
What if he wants to take her to buy her things or exspensive places or away on holiday, but of course she veto's him immediately. Then he could suggest something more like what she did when he left, i.e. motor bikes and cliff-diving...He won't be happy about it but he's trying to make her happy. They are things she has done before. However, as they were things she as done with Jake will she want to do them with Edward? They would be a very big gesture on his part (I.e. putting her in danger) and the gesture would be more important to her than actually doing it! Then again, 4x4 off-roading could keep them both happy. Dangerous driving for her with a secure vehicle for him! (Well, more secure than a motor bike!)


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