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Okay, my story isn't very developed- and I'm very new here so I don't know really how this works. Really, I only signed up two minutes ago. But I'm just going to explain my story and put the first chapter in the attached files. I hope thats right LOL :S
Anyway, my story takes place in Forks and it's just about another adventure of Edward and Bella. It consumes content of all the books; twilight, new moon, eclipse and eventually breaking dawn, but not all in the first chapter. Its rather confusing and it's starts when they are still at school.
Hope you can keep up.


>> BY Edwardluvrgirl!!! XD

By Callie Cullen :) >>AWESOME

>>By the wonderful 'Lyric'

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I like it! Write soon!

~Sidayah Dawson~
Oh, so sweet, sob. Write soon.
i am having problems, i can see chapter 1 and chapter 8, please post the link to the rest
I am afraid that is something of a disfunction on your end, since chapter 1-8 are all posted on this discussion...
No seperate chapters have been added elsewhere :S
yea i cant see ch 1 also but i can see ch 8 fine

your story is awesome i love it keep writing plz
Chapter one is indeed attached on a seperate document up the top of the discussion...
Sorry for the inconvenience =]

Thanx for reading
Glad you like =]
i love it it was great keep on writting oh and i read ch 1 it makes more sense now i really like it.
Chapter 9

“Hey Bella… since this is the best week ever I think I should get a part in it!”
Alice demanded from the top of the stairs, hands on hips.
I shook my head, mumbling through a mouthful of toast.

“No Alice. This is Edward’s best week…not yours. No shopping allowed!”
I snapped sternfully.
She rolled her eyes and skipped away, making me laugh at her little ‘huff’…

“Where’s she going?” I asked as Edward joined me, grimacing at the avocado lying on the side of my plate. I knew he hated human food, so something mashed up and green probably looked like puke.

“Trying to figure out a way to blackmail you into a shopping trip…”
He muttered, still staring at my breakfast, nose wrinkled.

“Well can we leave before that time comes…?”
I laughed, grabbing his hand and pulling towards the door.

“Bella…look at you!” Edward sighed, eyebrows raised in sympathy.

“What…what’s wrong?” I squealed, panicking.

“You can hardly walk…you’re tired honey.”

Okay, so I was exhausted from yesterday…but why should I let that bring me down? Or Edward for that matter. “So what?”

“I think we should stay here today. We can do whatever you want.”
Edward was interrupted by a loud booming from upstairs…

“Well there’s always a spare bed here Eddie Boy. No, you guys wouldn’t need that would you?” Emmett mocked, thumping down hard on the floor.

Edward growled but I only laughed.
“Hey, I think I know what we’re going to do today…”

Jasper, Alice, Rosalie and Edward were gathered at the table, waiting to hear my plan.
As soon as I started, Rosalie marched off, which was to be expected.

When everyone understood, which was pretty much even before I’d started speaking; we set off upstairs, as quite as a dead mouse.
Jasper and Edward took the windows, while we crept towards the door.
Emmett was lying on his bed, watching the football, jeering deafeningly.

“Ready?” I whispered, loading my pistol.

“Ready” Alice grinned, letting out a wild war cry and flying around the corner.
Emmett gasped as we attacked him from all sides, yelling as we saturated him, water spurting in all directions from our water guns. He spluttered and tried to get up, but Edward held him back, splashing water against his face.
Jasper was having so much fun it looked like he would explode with laughter; I suspected he kept a lot of anger bottled up against his insensitive, overbearing brother.

When my tank ran dry, I dropped it and ran, knowing Emmett would come after me first, since I was the only one who couldn’t flee to the other side of the country in a millisecond.
I heard a roar and Alice called “Run Bella Run!”
My stomach was aching from laughter, and once I reached the lawn, I could run no more.

I screamed as ice cold water hit my back, drenching my clothes.
Emmett tackled me to the ground, squirting into my face.
He let me push him off, and I ran around the yard squealing like a little girl, most likely mimicking me. Alice, Jasper and Edward joined up, throwing me a weapon and we continued the water fight from there.

I saw Rosalie out of the corner of my eye, glaring at our joyful play.
Obviously, she thought Emmett would be angry, and she was mad that he actually joined in with our muck up.
Alice stuck her tongue towards Rose and she growled, stalking off once again.

Today had been one of the happiest, funniest, energetic days I had ever witnessed.
It was like we had all truly been family, brothers and sister, running around on the grass, childishly drenching each other.

“Hey Bella. There’s something I wanna show you. Get Edward and bring him to the dining room…”
I heard Alice call from inside.

I blinked curiously, but hurried to follow her instructions…

Finally Updated...YAY XD
Yay!!! You updated!!!
Yay! First to comment!

Gonna go read now!
yay! love it :D
Pleeeease update faaast ! Love your writing!


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