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Welcome to Graphic Mentor and Pupils Guild.  The purpose of this group is to help new artist or designers to get better. So since there was a little misunderstanding between one of the mentors and her pupil I will be posting some guidelines to follow will teaching your pupils. Its nothing to big but one your pupil(s) gets the basic down then you can teach them other things.
This is a term kind of thing. A term if 3 months. At the end of the term the mentor and her/his pupils will post there work and the group members will vote on the team they like best. So it'll kinda be like finals at school. GMPG Finials is what I'll call it. But this time the  finals will be a bit different and if any of you have any suggestions fill free to let them be known! Thank you for being apart of GMPG!!!
 Admin of GMPG
[Room for Two more!] 
All those who are already mentors and would like to mentor this term you have until March 15th to let me know.
Mentor Sign-Ups For Term 3 Now Closed.
Click Here 
Note to Mentors: If you fail to keep in touch with your pupils you will lose
your mentor positions and a nother mentor will take your place.

Pupil Sign-Ups are Still Open.




η ι κ κ ι (from a fairytale world) aka Nikki
Gimp is perferred
1. Claire

2. Niya





♥ʙɛɐuᴛiғuᴌ♥ɱiᴎᴅ♥[MrzCarstairs™] aka Zanica

1. Juliee
2. Niya
3. Hannah
Romance is my Fiction |Juliee| aka Juliee
Gimp and Free Websites
1. Elena
2. Andii
3. Hunter
4. Kate

AfterAllThisTime aka Crimson
Primarily GIMP, willing to help with free programs


AndiiMarie6♥NotAmericanAverage aka Miwa, Scarlett, or Juliet or Andii
Gimp, Pizap, and ArcSoft PhotoStudio6
1. Kara
2. Sophia


Claire J. Darling
1. Nikki
2. Zanica
3. Elena
4. Juliee
5. Andii

6. Niya


Aria Black aka Aria
1. Niya


❄ 生活 {Hunter} 死 ❄aka Hunter
Program: GIMP 2 and Photoshop Elements 9
1. Zanica
2. Kelsey
3. Hannah


♥Robsessed♫Mieke♥ aka Meika
1. Zanica
2. Claire
3. Megan

4. Juliee

5. Hunter

6. Rachel


megan [ twist3r ] aka Megan
1. Aria
3. Zanica  



1. ηικκι (ғяσм α ғαιяyтαℓɛ wσяℓ∂)™ aka Nikki

2. ♥ʙɛɐuᴛiғuᴌ♥ɱiᴎᴅ♥[Bookie™] aka Zanica
Claire and Mieka and Hunter

3. Claire J. Darling aka Claire
Nikki and Mieke

4. A Thousand Years aka Elena
Claire AND Juliee

5. megan [ twist3r ] aka megan

6. Яσмαиcɛ ιƨ мʏ ғιcтισи |Ĵʋℓιɛɛ| aka Juliee
Mieke and Claire and Zanica

7. ❄ 生活 {Hunter} 死 ❄ aka Hunter
Mieke and Juliee

8. Andii Marie Sixx aka Andii
GIMP, Pizap, Lunapic, ArcSoft Photo Studio 6
Juliee or Claire

9. ¥TheBeckon3r™ aka Niya
GIMP & Picnik
Nikki and Claire and Zanica and Juliee

10. Aria Black: The Girl on Fire aka Aria

11. Ғℓαωℓɛƨƨ Яσƨα||Sophia|| aka Sophia or Sophie
Megan and Andii

12. ❤ ѕуηƒυℓ мαѕтєяριєcє ❤ aka Kelsey

13.Acid, Pink Lemonade™aka Hannah
GIMP, Photoshop
Megan and Zanica

14.♥Rachel♥ aka Rachel

15. Madison Emily ♥ aka Madison

16. кαяα [ѕαη¢тυαяу] aka Kara
Andi Marie Sixx

**Important Dates*****************************************************************************
Last Day for GMPG Finals Mar.27.2012
Voting for the Finals Begins Mar.28.2012
Term Begins April.1.2012

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Replies to This Discussion

ok i kinda need two Admin for this mini group

I'll be one :)

Well, if you want, hate to be pushy.

I would love to help out as much as I can Zanica but I don't have to be an admin :D
Oh btw, I was wondering, can we post like links or things for some tutorials here, or would we have to message our pupils? Because I have a photo album that I am putting together for this so...
i dont have a problem with that but i guess we should take that over to the admins corners to see if they would mind us doing that
okay, no problem.
Z, a guild, club or sub-group is independent of the larger group... the biggest difference between TGBT and its guilds or clubs and TTS and its subgroups is that TGBT allows everyone and to advertise and promote services, recruit members, or events... pretty much... what a guild does is its business as long as it isn't getting TGBT into trouble... ;)
ok kool
alrighty you're up
UserName: Claire J Darling
Name: Claire
Program: GIMP
How many pupils do you want to mentor?: Two or three at once, no more than three please.
Will you participate in the GMPG Finals?: Sure.
Extra?: I've helped beginners in GIMP a few times already, and from feedback have been told I was very helpful. =D
you're up

Mentors Form

UserName: After All This Time.    [Note: This changes A LOT. I'll try to keep it the same for a bit since I don't use this site much anymore]

Name: Crimson.

Program: GIMP for a most things. Picknik for effects, text and other embellishments ("Stickers" etc.) and where I do my vampirizations.

How many pupils do you want to mentor?: I can manage up to three.

Will you participate in the GMPG Finals?: Sure?

Extra?: I will be sharing my innermost secrets with said pupils. They must not reveal them.
Seriously though, my banners are different, I like them like that. No offense to the awesome people here and my pupil peoples. I don't want them spewing how I do stuff. I feel like a lot of the stuff here is similar and I really wouldn't prefer it if people did it my way and then it became that way that was done.
I know it seems snobby, but something similar has happened to me and it really vexed me.


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