The Twilight Saga

Alrighty Guys this is a Challenge but there will be no winner for we all shall win!

Ok what I'm going to do is start the graphic off.

And we will all take turns adding to it ok.


Things to Remember:

This the Graphic Train and not a competition,

Be mindful of other members work,

Do not cover anyone esle additions.

This is a group effort

Remember that this is for fun.


There will be no more list as long as everyone can go by what's above!







Cycle 1:

Cycle 2:

Cycle 3:


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Me, I guess. Molly :)
ok caint wait to see
Me :) Nikki!
ok gotcha
Sure, Crimson.
This is a little bit I added to the grafic :)
alright Nikki you're up

Molly you can start.... we are waiting for you ;-)

I just posted it :)
you're fast
Lol, yes. I only added a little :)


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