The Twilight Saga

Co-Written with Ellie and Tayler

In Romania there are a huge pack of wolves, Grey wolves to be exact, and they have their Royal family like the vampires have the Volturi, their Royal family are the Lupei. The Luepi have one son that goes to America for an exchange program and while there he is accompanied by his friends on four. While there, they each meet their mate, but the girls aren't wolves, they are half wolf, well some of them are wolves and know, but are not allowed to tell the friends that aren't wolves. So how will the guys explain to the girls that they need to go with them to Romania and bond with them?

Each wolf only has one mate, and when that mate dies they die. But they need to complete the mating bond, first the male mate gets a tattoo added onto his tattoo and his female mate also gets a tattoo that fits into his like a perfect puzzle. Also only the alphas have tattoos that go around the front and back of his body, so that no matter how he stands people can see that he is the alpha. 

The male wolf will know who his mate is because, first they are able to talk through thoughts and they having the matching tattoos, but also the mates can't stand to be away from each other for long periods of time.

*You can crush on someone, but it doesn't mean that they have to be your mate*

*Also the male wolf usually calls his mate by a nickname like Luna or something*


Roles Needed:

His Friends (1)

Girl's Friends (1)




Name: P/B:






Human Look:

Wolf Look (If Wolf):



Chasity Pierce: Sammi


Mate/Crush: Mason

Chasity is a sweet loving girl, with her mother and father perfectly happy. Chasity knows that she's a wolf and loves it, she can turn into a grey wolf with little hints brown and gold in them. She is a loving person and is very sarcastic when this get serious and pressure is put on her. Chasity loves helping people and knows that once she finds her mate she would go with him to get his female Alpha and help him control the pack. She is serious about her job and doesn't let people control her, she loves to have fun her friends when she is with them though.

Role: Daughter of Alpha, and mate with Romanian Prince.

Other: Chasity is the captain of the dance and track team, but she also plays tennis, lacrosse, volleyball, and is in gymnastics. 

Wolf Look (If Wolf):

Carter Lupus: Sammi


Mate/Crush: TBA

Carter is a good family friend of the royal family. He is the Prince's guard and will protect him at any time. They grew up together so they are great friends. He is about 6'1 in height, just like most wolves. He is charming and a flirt, but when he needs to be he is protective, mean, and is a great fighter. He went with the Prince, because the Alpha of their pack ordered it and he wanted to come anyways.

Role: Prince's Friend/ Guard

Other: He plays football,lacrosse and runs

Wolf Look (If Wolf):

Melissa Grey: Ellie


Mate/Crush: Crushing on Carter:3

 Ari is very outgoing, random, Enjoys Corrupting today's Youth, Tomorrow she shall corrupt the world with much perviness  She is more of the silent type when she's not corrupting the youth. She only speaks when she needs to. She doesn't trust people easily.

Role: Corrupter of the youth/ Chasity's friend

Vegetarian, Captain of Gymnastics and Lacrosse, Volleyball Player

Wolf Look (If Wolf):

Blake Archer: Ellie

Age: 18

Mate/Crush: Tba

Don't feel like boring people with the lovely details. Generally he doesn't speak to anyone. Only if he feels like it or he he has too. He is generally an easy going guy and very laid back. He can be a bit protective at times. He has been told he is very sexy..he knows that he is very well.

Role:  One of the 4 Friends with the Prince ;3

Other: He loves Tacos

Wolf Look(If Wolf)

Addison Pierce: Perry


Mate/Crush: Blake Archer

Addison is Chasity's little sister. She and her sister are pretty close. Addison didn't get any wolf gene. Addison is quirky and strange. She is very outgoing and very smart. She can hack into almost anything. She often talks very fast and has a scatter brain. She loves making souffles. (someone please catch all of the doctor who references in that) 

Role: Chasity's sister

Other: she loves to surf and do gymnastics

Mason Rossin: Perry


Mate/Crush: Chasity

He is the wolf prince of Romania. He will remind you of it constantly. He is arrogant and conceited and stuck up. All of it is his guard. Once you really get to know him you will find that he is loving and protective and sweet and caring. He has a very large temper.   

Role: The Princey

Other: he loves to play just about every sport there is. 

Human Look:

Annaleigh Elizabeth:cuzbabyurafirework



She is super small, and is rarely seen eating. If she is though it's always a small salad with no dressing. She loves to talk to her friends and is known to be the failure in the family. Not becoming a wolf was her father's horror. Annaleigh's father was a cousin to the Pierce's and she was pretty much one of the few in a family who didn't become a wolf. She don't care though, she's to focused on hanging out with Chasity and Melissa.

Role: Chasity and Melissa's friend

Other: She is in cheer-leading, gymnastics, track and drama along with choir and Why are you so obsessed with me?

 Grant Elizabeth: cuzbabyurafirework



Annaleigh's older sibling, but he doesn't know that nor does she, they were separated at birth. He doesn't like to talk much and tries not to put in any opinion. It's hard for him to have the other wolfs know what he is thinking since he is so used to being a closed book. He protects people instead of himself. In fact  he doesn't care what happens to him. If he woke up on the top of a random building he wouldn't care. But if the Prince or a friend went missing he would flip and put on a FBI worthy rescue mission to find them.

Role: Annaleigh's Secret Brother/ Prince's Friend

Other: He is only in football

Human Look:



Chasity x Mason

Addy x Blake

Melissa x Carter



Boy and Girl Please

Detail 2+ Lines

Ask if your girl can be a wolf, I only want a few

No Ditching

No younger than 14 and older that 18 

No Doubling in pics

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Carter raised an eyebrow. "Okay." He said and dropped her. He dropped her on the bed through but she didn't know that so she had her eyes closed.

Chasity was getting really confused. "But why would you need to meet him?" She asked trying to figure out why her father, the alpha of the Minnesota pack,met with three human boys. They were human right? She thought to herself and looked up at the stars.

Carter was surprised when she grabbed him and landed onto of her, but he made sure that none of his weight was on her. "Comfy?" He asked smirking

Addy smiled and said "ooooooh!" Before grabbing Blake's coffee out of his hands and running out of the room. She ran down the stairs, careful to not spill the coffee, and into the living room.

Mason didnt know if he was allowed to tell her or not so he went with not so that he wouldn't get into trouble. "Oh because he was wanting to meet the foreign exchange students"

Carter landed on the floor with a thud and looked up, he raised an eyebrow as Addy ran away with Blake's coffee..."Um I don't think she should have that?" He said getting up from the floor.

Chasity glanced at him, but decided to let it go. "Oh well, that sounds like him, trying to pry into my sister and mine lives finding out who we could hang out with." She said smiling. "Come on let's head back, it's getting really late." 

Addy smiled and laughed. "Oh please! Nothing bad happens when I drink coffee!" She said really fast. She giggle and looked at Melissa "so this means I can have two more cups!?" She said excitedly.

Mason smiled back at her "yeah we should" he got up off of the rock and walked next to her. "So what is it about me that infuriates you?" He asked her, giving a crooked grin.

Carter raised an eyebrow, "Should we be scared?" He asked Melissa smiling at her as they walked into the living room sitting down.

Chasity got up and was walking, she heard his question and raised an eyebrow. "Everything, just how you come here and think you rule the world. When really you're in my territory." She said sticking her tongue out at him. 

Carter shook his head, "She's like 5'3 what harm could she do?" He asked shrugging sitting on the couch next to Melissa putting his arm around her casually.

Mason chuckled. "Oh I do rule the world" he said winking and smiling at her "you're territory? Please I own the world" he smirked.

Addy giggled "oh please it wasn't even that bad!" She said smiling and putting her hands on her hips. "It was so much fun!" She exclaimed

Carter smirked. "Let her have coffee, I want to see what happens. I mean seriously she can't be that bad, she's like a foot shorter than me I can handle it." He said rolling his eyes. Hey person in my head, do you think this elf is that bad on sugar? He thought/asked

Chasity glared. "Just because you came from Romania, doesn't make you a prince or anything." She said rolling her eyes. Really who does this guy think he is? She thought to herself

Carter smirked as the voice replied, he had a new minion. Really is she bad on sugar too? He thought not even thinking about how this could mean he could his mate.

Mason chuckled "oh yes it does" he smiled. He heard something in his head and he looked around 'I think I'm Mason Rossin?' He thought very confused

Addy laughed "well you see one night I had quite a bit of coffee." He said smiling and crossing her arms "apparently I got a little crazy"

Carter laughed, "You know since you made a pot of coffee she can get some now right?" He asked laughing as he watched Addy get up slowly.

Chasity's eyes widened hearing a voice. What are you doing in my head! She thought and kept walking looking normal. 


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