The Twilight Saga

Co-Written with Ellie and Tayler
In Romania there are a huge pack of wolves, Grey wolves to be exact, and they have their Royal family like the vampires have the Volturi, their Royal family are the Lupei. The Luepi have one son that goes to America for an exchange program and while there he is accompanied by his friends on four. While there, they each meet their mate, but the girls aren't wolves, they are half wolf, well some of them are wolves and know, but are not allowed to tell the friends that aren't wolves. So how will the guys explain to the girls that they need to go with them to Romania and bond with them?
Each wolf only has one mate, and when that mate dies they die. But they need to complete the mating bond, first the male mate gets a tattoo added onto his tattoo and his female mate also gets a tattoo that fits into his like a perfect puzzle. Also only the alphas have tattoos that go around the front and back of his body, so that no matter how he stands people can see that he is the alpha.
The male wolf will know who his mate is because, first they are able to talk through thoughts and they having the matching tattoos, but also the mates can't stand to be away from each other for long periods of time.
*You can crush on someone, but it doesn't mean that they have to be your mate*
*Also the male wolf usually calls his mate by a nickname like Luna or something*
Name: P/B:






Human Look:

Wolf Look (If Wolf):

Chasity Pierce: Sammi


Mate/Crush: Mason:

Chasity is a sweet loving girl, with her mother and father perfectly happy. Chasity knows that she's a wolf and loves it, she can turn into a grey wolf with little hints brown and gold in them. She is a loving person and is very sarcastic when this get serious and pressure is put on her. Chasity loves helping people and knows that once she finds her mate she would go with him to get his female Alpha and help him control the pack. She is serious about her job and doesn't let people control her, she loves to have fun her friends when she is with them though.

Role: Daughter of Alpha, and mate with Romanian Prince.

Other: Chasity is the captain of the dance and track team, but she also plays tennis, lacrosse, volleyball, and is in gymnastics.Wolf Look (If Wolf):Carter Lupus: Sammi


Mate/Crush: TBA

Carter is a good family friend of the royal family. He is the Prince's guard and will protect him at any time. They grew up together so they are great friends. He is about 6'1 in height, just like most wolves. He is charming and a flirt, but when he needs to be he is protective, mean, and is a great fighter. He went with the Prince, because the Alpha of their pack ordered it and he wanted to come anyways.

Role: Prince's Friend/ Guard

Other: He plays football,lacrosse and runsWolf Look (If Wolf):

Parker Brooks : Ellie:3

Age: Seventeen

Mate/Crush: Tba

Personality/Bio: Parker Parker Parker, what can be said about this crazy girl. She basically grew up with Chastity, and most of the pack members. Overall personality, she is stubborn, crazy at times, outgoing, bubbly and laid back. She does suffer from Attention Dephisite Hyperactive Disorder(ADHD). She currently lives on her own in an apartment, with her rabbit she named Mojo. Both her parents are out of the picture. Both died in a accident 2 years ago. She currently works as a waitress at the local diner to pay off bills.

Role: Chastity's Best friend and Pack Member

Other: Captain of the Gymnastics team.

Wolf Look (If Wolf):

Andrew Dimir "Andy" ; Ellie

Age: Eighteen

Mate/Crush: Tba

Personality/Bio: Not much can be said about Andrew's History. All he can say is he has a father and his mother left when he was very young. Personality wise, he is more of the silent type enough that people forget that he is there, he is also laid back and easy going. He can also be very protective at times.

Role: Prince's Friend/ Part of the guard

Wolf Look (If Wolf):

Addison Pierce: Perry



Addison is Chasity's little sister. She and her sister are pretty close. Addison didn't get any wolf gene. Addison is quirky and strange. She is very outgoing and very smart. She can hack into almost anything. She often talks very fast and has a scatter brain. She loves making souffles. (someone please catch all of the doctor who references in that)

Role: Chasity's sister

Other: she loves to surf and do gymnastics

Mason Rossin: Perry

Mate/Crush: Chasity

He is the wolf prince of Romania. He will remind you of it constantly. He is arrogant and conceited and stuck up. All of it is his guard. Once you really get to know him you will find that he is loving and protective and sweet and caring. He has a very large temper.

Role: The Princey

Other: he loves to play just about every sport there is.

Wolf Look:

Minnie Waters: Peter Pan

Age: 18

Mate/Crush: Carter (

 Minnie comes from a very rich family that moved from Beverly Hills a while ago. She was raised spoiled rotten! Minnie is the mean girl in school. She knows everything about everyone (that's why her hair is so big. It's full of secrets ;D). And if you get on her bad side, she can ruin you socially within a day. She is often clashing heads with Chasity but Minnie is a very loyal friend. She is very protective over her friends and hopes her mate is like that too. 

Role: Resourceful friend and pack member

Other: She's very catty

Wolf Look (If Wolf):

Oliver Wesley: Peter Pan

Age: 17

Mate/Crush: TBD

Personality/Bio: Oliver is quiet but VERY observant. He is the type that blends into the background but has information about people if asked. He is good friends with Mason and was brought to the US just because he is very persuasive with the alpha ;D. Also because he performs well under pressure and if anything were to happen to the prince, he would be a good resource.

Role: Friend of mason

Wolf Look (If Wolf):

Xander Ryde: sail.

Age: Eighteen

Mate/Crush: Mia?

Xander is one of the sweetest guys on earth. He would never ever let anyone be sad around him. He always love being a light in the room. He can be cocky sometimes but usually he isn't, he loves to plays sports and games with all the guys and he loves getting dinner for the ladies. 

Role: Pack member and friend of Andy

Other: He loves cliff diving and photography.

Lacey Brianne Jacobs: sail.

Age: Seventeen

Mate/Crush: She likes Oliver

Personality/Bio: Lacey was raised in a tough family and environment. He older brother died of leukemia when he was fifteen and she was eleven and her mother and father were divorced when she turned 8. She never saw her father ever again after that. When Lacey got to high school her mother got her everything she wanted/needed to be popular. She was happier, but she was also sad every time someone mentioned her brother's name. No one talks about it often anymore. She now is one of the most popular girls in school and one of the prettiest in the gossip world. 

Role: She is one of the pack members' mate.

Other: She loves to bow hunt.

Matthew "Matt" Berringer
He's kind of a shy boy but once you get to know him he's so sweet. He loves his family and friends. He's very smooth with the girls but he makes it sound cocky too where irks don't want too be anywhere near him. He mostly hangs out with the pack but if he's not with them he's out with his family on camping trips.
Role:Pack member
Human Picture:
Wolf Picture

Mia Simmons



Mia is a pretty intelligent girl but she likes to hide it  thouh. Shes from Chicago, lived with her aunt she never knew her father and her mother died when she was 7. Shes usually with Minnie but she loves hanging out with Chasity and Parker. She loves her friends and will do anything for them no matter what.

Role:Friends with Minnie & Pack Member

Other:soccer, gymnastic,cheerleading

Human Look:

Wolf Look:

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Chasity smiled, "It was because he was cute." She whispered smiling at her and heard Addy. "We can go surfing for a little bit, but we have some drills to run when Dad gets back from his business trip." She said smiling, "And we need to be here to welcome those new boys." She said winking and smirked at her walking up to her room to go get changed.

Carter laughed, "I guess we are always being watched." He said and smiled and put his headphones in and leaned against the seat closing his eyes. After a while he felt the plane descend and opened his eyes. Shaking Mason awake and throwing things at Andy and Oliver he smirked. "Guys we're here." He said getting up and grabbing his carry on.

Minnie glanced out the window at the sun "I'm gonna get my tan on today". Minnie was such a girl, not interested in the sports at school or surfing. She sat at the table, examining her necklace. Was it too scratched up to wear anymore? Would anyone really notice? She was also materialistic. She looked up at her friends "foreign boys." She said with a smirk "no matter what they're going to be kinda cute"

Oliver was woken up by carter throwing things at him "nooo!" He picked up whatever it was and whipped it back across the plane "you can have that back" he grumbled. He wasn't pleasant just waking up. He say up and yawned. He waited for Carter to grab his carry ons before standing up

can i still join

Yes you can :)

Oliver realized he had thrown his bag at Andy. "Oh. Sorry. I was half asleep." He said quietly, standing up, stretching out his long limbs and yawning again. He grabbed the rest of his bags and waited for the others to get ready. 

Minnie grinned at the thought of going to the beach "I do need to fix some tanlines" She said with a small laugh. She was always the one to sit on the sand and watch them surf just in case something happened. She was always going back and forth between surfing and tanning

Chasity rolled her eyes smiling at them. "I'm driving and were taking my cars." She said and went to the garage and grabbed her and Addys board. Everyone else grabbed thee owns. Strapping them to the top of her car. Smiling she looked at them and got into the car and started driving to the beach, "I don't need to tan by just laying down I do enough sports outside and I am naturally tan." She said smirking turning on the radio.

Carter nodded, "Yeah it's in my GPS, but we're meeting our host family first." He said as they found their rental car and started putting their bags into the car. "Okay everyone in!" He shouted and got into the car smirking. He started the car and put the directions into the GPS on the car. "Well here we come minnesota." He mumbled still mad that Mason didnt choose a place like California.

Hey can is still join ?

Oliver shot a look at Andy. God why can't he just get over crap like that? There was a reason why he didn't talk much. He followed  the others to the rental car and threw his bag in the truck and getting in back seat. He still didn't understand why Mason didn't choose a better state. But whatever.

Minnie rolled her eyes "You're also naturally annoying" She said with a smirk. Minnie could be mean sometimes but she was joking most of the time. Chasity looked at her and Minnie made a funny face, puffing her cheeks out and going cross eyed.  

Chasity heard Minnie's comment and rolled her eyes, "Get over yourself Minnie its like you don't think that your annoying." She commented not in the mood to joke, since she found out some news from her dad yesterday. Getting to the beach she put in a smile and unpacked all of their boards and got all of their other stuff.
Minnie smirked "yeah I'm annoying. Might as well be the best at it." she said with a shrug. It wasn't easy to insult Minnie. She had just been joking and the mean comment was unessecary. She sometimes felt like Chasity didnt like her. She sighed, getting out of the car and grabbing her bag. She put her sunglasses on and took her shoes off, throwing them into her bag. She ran onto the beach, jumping into the deep, warm sand. She loved the beach
Chasity rolled her eyes, "Get off my back, your not my mother or father." She snapped and took her shorts and tank top off and set them down near her stuff and smiled grabbing her blue and white board. Smirking she ran towards the water and set her board down and started swimming and waited for a wave. "Come in baby give me a wave." She whispered

Minnie glared at Chasity "was I on your back? no. I wasn't." She snapped back, a hint of ice in her voice. They were always butting heads like this. Minnie wasn't the type that took being snapped at well and people just had to learn to take it with a grain of salt. She walked into the sand and laid out her towel. She changed into a bikini and sat on the towel, watching them. She liked watching them surf. Her on the other hand? Minnie had a fear of water.


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