The Twilight Saga

this is not exactly a twilight story the charecters are mine. its just based on the fictional idea of twilight. I hope you enjoy. please and thank you COMMENT:)

(hey quick note i found the pictures i want to use for each charecter the names are listed charecters from left to right.

Collyn, Veronica, Gabriel and Lisa. yay im excited thanks fro the replies see ya!)

"There are three things you should know about me.... one im a dangerous person. Two what i do for a living isnt very typical and Three i dont fall easily but when i do i fall hard."


In this world vampires and werewolfs arent hunky teenagers walking around with humans but beast who when they are in predator mode lose all there sences. Some manage to stay hidden in sociaty quit well and i leave them be but others make spectacals of themselfs killing continualy with no regret. The blood of animals only satisfies the hunger for a short while and then they must feed again so most of them take the easy way out and turns to humans.

As for the wolves they are usually under control except for the nights of a full moon. Sterotypes arent always wrong in this case. These guys lose it on those days fighting like the dogs they are and destroying everything in there path.

Thats were i come in. Im a 'hunter' of sorts. I wouldnt call it because i dont always kill them sometimes i just put them on a leash on leave it at that. My job was not something i picked up on my own. My father was the one who taught me all about these creatures. I thought he was just an old crazy man like most people would say and i would feel bad so i listened to him and his ideas. He might have been mad but the guy had some points that were head on. When he was murdered i went out looking for his killer and found a vampire who was awar of what he did and quit sorry.

I killed him anyways.

Then from there i had this sudden feeling in my head...a sort of pain that wouldnt go away. I quickly learned that was a sort of sign i got everytime a creature was near. Im not sure if anything is sane anymore but i know one thing for sure and thats im not going to stop what im doing anytime soon.

But i had to commit to blending in so i enrolled into school which i regreted some ways im glad there is one part of my life that is completly normal. I go to school and have to do the same homework as every other kid except i have an actual excuse i cant use.

'the dog ate my homework?' how typical wolf men are.


"Gabriel?" i wasnt awar i had fallen asleep during class until my teacher moved my hand holding my chin out from under me making me hit my head against the desk. I put my palm against my forehead and stared up with a tight glare.

"Good morning Gabriel i didnt mean to disturb your nap but its almost time for you to go sleep in math class" Mr thorn a particurly small man with a loss of hair proublem smiled satisfied with himself as he walked away. I counted to ten in my head calming myself, it took every inch of my strenght to keep from jumping over my desk and choking that annoying voice dry.

When the bell rang i was the first to stand walking out of the class without a glance back. I walked over to my locker and opened it with a sigh of calmed thoughts. That didnt last long. Troy the captain of the football team came up behind me giving me a pat on the back with one hand then brought that hand over my shoulder.

"Hey spaz" his cocky smile wasnt as great as he thought. He was missing his second tooth just beside his front overly sized teeth. "i see you got a cut on your chin...did you cut your self since you know its your first time shaving kiddo?" he swabbed my hair with his greasy hand.

"Lay off Troy" i said pushing his hand off of me and closing my locker turning around in one movment.

"Or what?" he challenged straiting up. There were so many things i wanted to do at that moment but instead i picked up my backpack from the ground and swung it over my shoulder. It barley brushed against him but enough to make him mad. He glared at me as i turned and walked away.

While walking i reached behind my back pulling off the 'KICK ME' sign he thought he smoothly placed.

I walked into my math class one of the last as usual. I was know for my tardieness. If i was walking in the door you were way late. I sat in my usual back seat without a word and put my head back against the wall staring up at one of the lights giving me the image of spots flying around.

I could hear the giggling of laughter from the girls who sit infron and across from me. Janise and Emily cousins and completly annoying. They have had crushes on me since my first day here. I recall there first conversation going alot like "he has the cutest black hair...he looks like a god." Emily a more talkative girl would say. Janise joined in happily "He is tall and dark has ice blue eyes that make me melt and his tatoo is so hot...sometimes i wonder if he ever even notices any girls here...maybe he likes older woman?" How rediculous.

"Okay well just sit in that seat for today Lisa" Mrs. Graves said to a girl staning there with a scedual in hand. She was tall not as tall as me ofcourse but she wore black heals with a jean skirt and some sort of pink sweater. She had a pink ribbon in her hair that was half up half down. It was a light golden blond color.

While walking to her seat she looked up at me and i realized then i was starring. I looked down then back up quickly she sat and turned to look at me again. she was only two seats infront of me and i could clearly see her large brown eyes with thickly masscarad lashes surrounding them.

She turned back to face the front and i looked forward to. In the corner of my eye i could see Emily starring from me to the new girl Lisa. I turned to raise a eyebrow at her and she turned to look straight ahead quickly frightened.


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I pulled up into my drive way and got out walking to the front door. My house was empty as usual quiet and gloomy. I dropped my backpack on the nearest chair and walked into the kitchen getting a water bottle. Then i tool off my jacket and shirt examining my arms wound. i remembered there was a first aid kit upstairs. I went and got it walking into my bathroom and putting guaz on it then wrapping it up. If it doesnt heal in a few days after constant cleaning and wrapping it then i would need to go get it stiched up.
I walked back downstairs and turned on my CD player to a Linkin Park CD and put it nice and loud then i sat on my couch starring up at the ceiling.
When i was younger my mother went away for 'vacation' but never came back.It was my dad and i from then on, we wouldnt talk to other people if we didnt have to and i liked it that way. He has been gone for about three years now. Three years have gone so fast. I moved putting my legs up onto the couch laying down.

The next day at school was finally friday so i was happy about the weekend but everyone else was getting happy about the party.
It was all i heard all day in my morning classes. I was relived when it was lunch time and i slipped out to the art class. Veronica wasnt there so i just sat down getting a peice of paper and pencil and started to doodle random things. then one of those drawing started looking alot like the tatoo i have on the right side of my chest. It was a sort of dragon twist, or thats what i call it. It has a dragon head combined with a type of pheonix body and head. It symbolizes unnatural strength since thats what i had.
"Hey is this gonna be a routine thing?" Veronica's voice was right behind me.
I jumped and turned to her she was smiling and holding a brown bag.
"oh uh no yeah i guess it will, id rather be here then in the cafe." i said honestly and she walked around sitting on the opposite side of the table from me.
"Alright then ill start packing a bigger lunch to share with you cause it kinda creeps me out if someone jus watches while i eat" she said taking out a sandwhich and bag of chips. "you can have the chips" she said moving them towards me.
"Uh no its alright"
"No really take then you look like no one feeds you" she said "dont worry im not gonna starve without some chips"
I took the bag and opened them up. I started to snack on them.
"So what is that you drew it looked cool" she said after she swallowed her first bite.
"its nothing just a doodle" i shrugged and she raised an eyebrow.
"Really did you doodle it on your chest because i recall seeing it there yesterday when you came out of the woods half naked." she said then took anoter bite.I flushed red a little and just laughed.
"Yeah i got a tatoo and yesterday was a weird day."
"You have no idea" she muttered
"Oh hey by the way i never did thank you for uh what happened with Troy and everything" i said "so thanks but you didnt need to, i would proubly kick his butt"
"Im sure you could." she said in agreement and that suprised me, almost everyone was teem Troy because he was popular and all bulky that he seemed more dangerouse. "Its always the quiet ones you need to look out for" she said percing her lips to the side and looking away.
"Yeah i guess" i chuckled
"so are you coming to the party tonight? i know its complete bogus but Lisa really wants me to push you into going. se thinks you'll have 'fun'" she did the quote marks with her hands.
"Are you going?" i asked doubting it. She looked less into it as me.
"no ill be at the skate park thats close to his house. My parents said stay close to Lisa not to be there with her" she said that as if it was completly true and i even belived her. "so if shes having a bad time she can come find me and we leave. And if you go and it sucks as much as i think it will you can come join me at the park" she offered and i nodded.
"I'll see what happens i might not even want to go to the party"
"Not that i can blame you it sounds ridiculos but Lisa will be there she said her name mockingly and i had to laugh.
"Yeah again ill see" i said. I might have a job tonight.
"Hey by the way...hows your arm?" she asked looking up at me with a seriouse gaze like she knew everything.
"Uh what? oh you mean the stratch well i got that when i was out for a run" i said trying to lie smoothly
"I see" she said but the way she said it made me shiver. She was way to observant for her own good. "Well i should go" she said as if she could senc the sudden tension.
"Alright" i said and trew my trash away from where i sat. She got up and walked over to the trash can throwing verything and then turned for the door, but before she left she looked at me and glared her eyes.
"I dont like liers Gabriel and i know your lieing." her voice was seriouse and it kind of made me a bit frightened. I locked my jaw and she walked out of the room.
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omg!!! i love it!!! post more soon!!!!
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(sorry about this chapter i got alittle caught up in the moment so if somethings sound kinda disturbing its not intentional. and thank you to the ppl who comment every chapter it means alot :)

I cant belive im doing this. thats exactly what i was thinking while i sat at a stop sign just about two or three blocks away from Troy's house. I could see lots of cars heading that way but i stayed sitting there. Eventually i cutt of the engine and stepped out walking around the corned and shaking my head. I could see the skatepark on one side of me and stopped looking around for Veronica.
I saw her sitting on a bench that was facing opposite side of where i was standing. I strolled across the street deciding to say hello since i was passing by.
"Hey" i said coming up behind her and she turned quickly a bit startled. "sorry didnt mean to frighten you" i said with a small smile. I wasnt sure what grounds we were on since our last talk.
Her eyes shifted looking at what i was wearing and then back at my face "on your way to the party right?" she said and i sighed in relife. she didnt seem to be mad at me or anything.
"Yeah someone convinced me it would be fun"
"What an idiot" she said with a playful smile.
I chuckled and looked down then around i felt a small pain in the back of my head but i ignored it. "So why arent you going to the party with me?" i asked with a coy smile "its kinda cruel to tell me to do something and then you punk out of it" i raised an eyebrow and she stood to her feet coming around the bench and leaning on the back of it infront of me with her arms crossed.
"Im not punking out i just came from it and it was just as lame as i thought." her face seemed to harden and she looked a bit fragile for a second like she was about to break but just as soon as it came that expression was gone.
I was about to try to say something comforting but then the pain in my head seemed to grow and i shook my head.
"I should proubly get going" i didnt notice i had interupted her midsentence until i saw her lips freeze and then drop back to a straight line.
"Okay sure" she said and walked around the bench back to where she was reaching down and grabbing her bike walking with it over to the opposite side far away from possible.
I turned and walked heading off trying to find the monster ruining my weekend.

Veronica's P.O.V.
I grabbed my bike. It was a nice bike it had those pegs on both tires and it was a nice orange color. I wasnt really examining my bike but just pretending to be preoccupied while Gabriel walked away. I turned back when he was gone and shook my head sitting on the top of the underground ramp. It looked more like a pool with no water. The reason i was here and not at that stupid party was that as soon as i got there ifelt just like i did back at our old school. I was being pampered like some rich snob. Money is never something to be ashamed of weather you have it or not but thats all i ever get noticed for. Taken in for ransom is something i have to watch out for alot. So when i moved here i was hoping if i stuck out and stayed true to myself which ment not acting all high and mighty like Lisa maybe i would be left alone like i wanted.
"why do i even bother" i said outloud. It was quiet for a long moment. Silence is the best solution for pain because if you scream it makes everything worse. I was about to stand up when there was a loud growling sound that sounded like it was right in my ear. I slowly turned my head and saw man standing about maybe two yards away from me with blood red eyes. He had a wicked grin on his face and i could see the sharp ends of each tooth in his mouth. My first instinct was to scream or run.
Before i could work up anything in my mind to move i was being pulled by my jacket up into the air. He had a good grip on either sides of my shirt in the front. It felt like a movie because what he was doing was so unreal. He growled again but this time i moved fast with adrenaline pumping in my veins and reached in my back pocket for my small pocket knife that i used to tighten a screw on my bike when i didnt have a screw driver. It was out and open in one second and i thrust it right into his face not getting a chance to see where because in the instant it hit he dropped me and i fell down. Rolling down from the top of the round underground ramp all the way to the bottom.
I groaned and rolled over onto my side looking up and around then looking over to my arm. I had a large scratch and i could taste some blood inside my mouth. I stood to my feet holding my arm with my other hand to cover up the exposed cut. I moved in a 360 degree circle looking for that man and saw no one. I ran over to the stairs to get out of the ramp area and stayed alert when i came back to ground level. I didnt notice my knuckels had turned white from squeezing that knife in my hand incase he came back.
I heard a twig snap from behind me and turned around with my arm raised with the knife there. I saw him charge and he was about an inch from my face, so close it wouldnt even be possible to get a good stab before i was down and dead. Just then something or someone charged at him from the side raming them both down to the ground. I flew back from the sudden movement and turned over moving from a crawl to a run. I reached my bike where my bag was and hurried through the items finally finding what i was looking for.
I unwrapped the hankerchief from around the knife i found back in the woods and throwing the small pocket knife out of my hand and getting a good grasp on the new weapon. I put the blade area sticking out from inbetween my middle finger and ring finger holding the hadle in my palm. Then i ran over to where the two men had somehow fallen down to the bottom of the ramp and they were in what seemed a usless fight. The man with red eyes was moving at unreal speed.
"Hey!" i yelled "Up here you creep" i yelled and he looked up at me with a glare so dangerouse i almost ate my words. The other guy looked at me like i was crazy but before he could say anything he was pushed the farthest distance iv ever seen someone fly. From one end all the way against the opposite end of the ramp wall.
The one with red eyes turned to me and jumped coming at me. It felt like slow motion he was coming at me closer and closer but i kept my arm behind me hiding the blade. I would wait till he was three inches apart.
"Veronica!" i heard Gabriels voice and i snapped out of my trance that i seemed to be in and my arm jolted the blade going straight into his forehead. I let go and he fell back this time he didnt come at me again. I took a step back with a bewildered expression im sure. A hand on my shoulder made me turn with a fist that almost met Gabriels face but his other hand caught it so easily like he had done this many times.
"Calm down its over" he said. my face must of been hard because he looked somewhat distant like he was talking to someone new for the first time.
The other boy made his way out and walked over to us. Gabriel turned to him and gave him a strict look.
"What happened?" he asked not looking back at me.
"I was doing the job you cant seem to finish Gabriel" he said dusting himself off. He looked up and straight at me. He had green eyes that the light of the moon was reflecting off of. "I didnt need your sidekicks help" he said then turned his head to Gabriel.
"Shes not my sidekick and i think you did. From what i saw you were getting pounded" The other boy looked suprised. completly caught of guard.
"You mean she has no idea about what just happened?" he asked
"Not a clue" i answered for myself. "all i know is you did need my help and thank you goes alot further than your macho act" He clenched his jaw and Gabriel shook his head dissapointed at the boy.
"Collyn how many times have i told you night hunting is dangerouse and could expose everything" I looked from one face to the other.
"I wasnt night hunting i was minding my own buisness when i saw her getting attacked by that thing." he turned his head looking over to me. I stayed mute and he grined "thank you goes along way" i narrowed my eyes and looked away.
"That changes things....but for now we should get out of here others will be coming to pick up the remains" Gabriel said afer a few seconds.
Collyn jumped down to where the body was and came back up just as fast.
"Isnt this yours Gab? why did you have this?" he asked me and i looked at Gabriel "i found it in the woods the day of your 'run' but i didnt tell anyone" i said incase that was the concearn.
"Where you the only one there when you found it?" He asked me suddenly with an expression of concearn. I shook my head "Lisa was with me but she doesnt know its yours"
"She could be in danger too" Collyn spoke up and Gabriel grabbed the knife. "They could be there now lets go, your involved now so keep up"
"I hate to agree but hes right...lets avoid bringing Lisa into this if not nessasary" Gabriel said and turned running in the direction of the party. I looked up at Collyn and saw he pulled up next to me on my bike.
"Ill give you a pump" i moved jumping on the peg bars and holding onto his shoulders. "ill explain this more clearly later"
"I dont think Gabriel even wants me to know"
"Which makes this all more fun" he chuckled and we took off towards the party at a fast speed
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ahh, this is SO good :D i love itt! post soooon <33
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Veronica's P.O.V.

We came up to the front yard where there were some of the kids from school sitting around laughing. Several took notice to the three of us showing up in a fast hurry and panic.
"Where is Lisa?" i asked letting go of Collyn and jumping off the bike in one movement. He pushed the bike off to the side and came up behind me. Gabriel was already a foot infront of me but didnt walk inside until i moved pushing the door oopen shoving the people who were making out beside it. I ignored there small rants and walked right into the middle of the small hallway area that lead to the livingroom on my left.
"Split up and look for her" I said turning to look at them. Gabriel nodded and hurried upstairs. Collyn stood there scanning the room.
"By the way why are we in such a rush to find her?" i asked and he dropped his glance to me and shaking his head.
"I'll explain everything later" i sighed for a moment and walked for the back sliding door. There were some kids jumping in the pool and goofing off like normal. I could smell the heavy alcohol coming off there breath as some said hi ignoring my personal space while they walked away dizzily.
"Lisa!" i called when i saw her sitting on the diving board comfortably talking to Troy who also looked like he had his fair share of drinks tonight. She must have been put there because knowing Lisa she wouldnt go near water knowing she cant swim.
"Hey Marie!" she called waving to me. She only called me by my middle name for two reasons. One I was in trouble with her or at home or two She was in trouble and needed saving.
I walked over to her avoiding Troys wide grin.
"Now its a party!" he boomed putting an arm around me and Lisa "The party to party" he laughed so loud it hurt my ear.
I decided to try and talk nicely, when people are drunk they are usually eaily persuaded.
"Yeah Troy im gonna need to borrow my sister" i moved slowly trying to get out of his grip but he just pulled tighter.
"No no no you girls are gonna go for a swim with yours truley" i saw the panic in Lisa's eyes and i shook my head.
"Seriously you seem alot cooler when your not talking" i said and elbowed him straight in the gut then twisted his arm out backwards. He yelped and Lisa jumped out of his grasp moving next to me. By the time i knew it we had a small audience.
I let go of him kicking him down with my leg and grabbed Lisa's arm pulling her with back inside there i saw Cllyon and Gabreil coming towards us.
"Lets get out of here before things get ugly" i said and we hurried out of the house without glancing back at the sudden commotion i heard from the backyard.

It was a quiet ride home for all of us, Lisa and i sat in the back quietly except for the quiet shallow breathes coming from Lisa who was now fast asleep with her head down on my lap.
When i was sure she was knocked out cold i looked up at Gabriel who suprisingly was starring at me from the review mirror. after a second he turned back to the empty dark road.
"Alright time for some answers...what happened earlier and why was it so critical we got Lisa before anything 'bad' could happen?"
They glanced at each other and Gabriel spook up first.
"I think it would be best if you knew as little as possible" he began "right now all i can tell you is earlier what happened was that....thing was trying to kill you cause you had my knife."
"Your knife?" i said confused and Collyn tured around in his chair to look at me.
"Yeah that knife you had was used something else and that dude was hunting down the owner of it and you just so happen to have it. Geez looks like he did a number on you two" he handed me peirce of cloth and i had forgotten how i must of looked with a busted up lip and scratched arm. i used the cloth to tie around my arm.
"So now what do we do...i mean was it just really one guy who was looking for you?" Gabriel shrugged and Collyn smirked "more like a whol family...sort of and now that another is gone there gonna keep coming. We arent bad guys were the good guys in a bad situation" he chuckled and i noticed how diffrent he and Gabriel are from each other. Gabriel is more stern when it came to all this and he took it seriously while Collyn the new guy i had just met was more go with the flow and he didnt seem to mind me being involved.
"How do you two know each other?" Collyn slaped his hand on gabriels back and chuckled again.
"Our dads were good friends they were pretty much family, they even thought alike so we became pals but little Gab here grew to cool for me so we both went solo and i guess faith has brougth us back together right old pal" Gabriel rolled his eyes ad pulled into the parkinglot of my house.
"You guys never answered my first question...whats next?" they stayed quiet until Gabriel spoke up.
"I think you two should get inside and get some rest." With that i nodded once and walked out pulling Lisa out with me and we walkined inside.

Gabriels P.O.V.
Once they were out of the car i shifted to revers and drove back towards the park where i was gonna drop off Collyn.
"What is your proublem you know you cant just leave her out of this now. we all have history" Collyn grinned "Besides it wouldnt be bad having a girl on the team she can fight and plus shes walking talking bait and she doesnt eve know it. Its like putting shrimp on a hook without it even struggiling..."
"First of all we are not a team and secondly we are not gonna use her and her sister as bait."
"Why not the vamps are after tham now anyways all we have to do is include them in and bam they'll come to us"
"No" i said but he kept nuding me
"Hey its not like we arent gonna protect them ill take care of miss independent and you take care of cinderella easy as that"
"You dont even go to our school your a trop out remember" I reminded him and his face dropped for a second but brightened up just as fast.
"Then i guess im gonna have to go back now aint i" he sat back in his seat and i rolled my eyes.
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