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hey i have read the host again and agian, it's awesome, and i wwant to know what the additional chapter talks about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
has anyone read it???

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Im glad I can help :)
Could you send it to me as well, if ya don't mind please, email is thanks.
it's good but not awesome..... when i started reading it, i was kinda hoping for more adn when i finished i was like "so that's it???" but it's good to know more about the story
I loved it but I was disappointed because I wanted more and it was sooo little
was about mel waking up after wanda was removed. good but not nearly enough to satisfy the thirst
But it was still excellent
Yeah I thought she was going to write till Wanda wakes up but no not really
so I was sad at that part but I still loved the rest
i don't find it excellent at all, i felt she worote it just because... there was a huge lack of emotion there, i thought that ian's feelings and reactions would be stronger as if you could feel his emotions but everything was very plain, no extreme feelings, no tears running down your cheeks while you're reading, etc.... in my opinion it was good, but not excelent...
yeah, i was so excited to read it, and when i did, i was like.: ...oh... its' really no enoguh....... i thoiught she was going to continue till Wanda wakes up,
and what aboiut JaMIE??? I MEAN we did not see his reaction to his sis. and in the Host, Ian told wanda that he held her in his hands and i really reallt really... wnated to see that, or rather read it but you know what i mean
yeah there was so many things missing in the chapter.... i wanted to read a little about the mel jared and jamie's raid to find a new body, about ian holding wanda on his hands, staying next to her new body till she woke up.... i was dissapointed
yeah. me too!! maybe the other host sequels will make our day... i don't know what she will talk about but i think it will all be about wanda, since its' the soul!
i hope she'll write ian/wanda's relationship.... i'm just dying to know more about it!!! i melt everytime she describes ian's way to treat wanda!!!!
Ya I really wanted to read about the raid and stuff
and i'm hoping she will do exactly that, Dodo, hahaha

and Denisse I do too, I just completely melt! hehe


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