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hey i have read the host again and agian, it's awesome, and i wwant to know what the additional chapter talks about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
has anyone read it???

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yeah i know Thx Nadine i read the additional chap it was great, but it was so dissapointing.......... i wanted more,. it was not enough for my thirst. and with Ian, i expected his reaction to be more... i don't know,. ssupense.
But ti was great,. i wish she would do a Host 2... that would be great bcz it's the best story............ever!
are you talkin bout host sequels??...well, thn yes she is going to write host sequels. The second book wibbe called as "The Soul" and the third will probably be "The Seeker" but i dunno whn they will come out. I've been waiting for so long. =(
oh that's just great............really, i mean it's so unfair if she doesn't, i mean when i finished the Host, i was like so full of ideas, i mean she couldn't leave it hanging,. there's wanda and Ian, and the new cell, and the rest of the seekers what will ahppen to Earht?
Exactly what I felt at first but then I put all the negativety to the side and was thank full the Steph even wrote it (the bonus chapter)
and I did expect it to be more suspensful because I know how Ian thinks (I've read the book more than twice) You see Wabda changed his life, and he's a much more calmer person then his brother its like he was made for understanding then jumping to conclusions and overreacting, though I did think like you said there would be more suspense at the samr time I knew he'd hide all his feelings and just live with the pain internally and listen to what was going on. Do you get what I mean becaus sometimes I just babble haha :P

I sure hope so too

and your vey welcome :)
yeah, i understand., when it goes down to the host, and to stuff i'm passionate about, i babble as well. so i understand too! :) :)
hahahahaa im known for that :P haha
im glad you understand :D
oh you should see me, i'm a babbling freak, so you're lucky that i was the one to read your reply :) i mean my friends caN;T keep up with me!
HELLO! i just read that the Soul will be out in 2012 and that the characters are Ian and Wanda.
2012?? but thts pretty late.Whats taking her so long?? . :O =(
yeah, i read it.............. so disappointing, i hope it's not true!
movies, she's busy with movies :( though her books were better than movies.


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