The Twilight Saga

hey i have read the host again and agian, it's awesome, and i wwant to know what the additional chapter talks about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
has anyone read it???

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can anyone send it to me please... i really want to read it to...
will you send it to me too. If you dont mind...My email is
can you please please send it to me too, i didnt know there was another chapter, how did you get it???
please please send it to me...
I've read it! I'm so glad Stephenie decided to write it. I always wondered what happened when Melanie woke up. I loved evey part of the chapter.
is chapter 60 the epilogue in the book?
No, it's an extra chapter Stephenie released with the paperback edtion of the book. She wrote the chapter in Melanie's POV. It's just supposed to fill in the gaps of what happned during those blank pages when Wanderer was in hibernation.
wooooow, i didnt know, how did you get that?, could you send it to me?
I don't have on my computer, I got the paperback edition of the novel. Sorry, wish I had it to send to you.
:O, well dont worry.. ill try to find it from someone else... thanks anyway =)
Yeah, there is a few people on here who have it.
yeah, ill try to get someone to send it to me, i really want to read it now that i know it exists..
maybe stephenie will write a second book with someone else's point of view now that wanda isnt in melanie
The second book is going to be called The Seeker, but I have no idea who's POV it's going to be in, or when it will be released. I don't think she's even started writing it yet.


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