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Have you ever managed (like Bella) to clip the back of your head and the person's in front of you with a bandminton racket?

I have .... twice!

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haha no but i did hit a girl with the volleyball last year and knock her glasses off
Hehe. Her glasses fell off.
well it was kinda like ur question but i ended up hitting 4 of my friends plus myself in the same swing....ok it went like. the birdy was comming my way and i was like "I GOT IT" i swang the racket hit danielle in the shoulder so i lost my balence and i ment to grab julia to catch my balence but i sorta reached with thelike hand i had the raket in ... so she got hit in the head... then i like swing my arm back as to try and hit someone but ended up hitting my head so i got freaked out and thrugh the raket and it went over the net and hit jessika in the leg and bye the almost the whole class was folling on the ground with laughter so i just ended up laughin-while clutching my head-after i replayed the whole sceen in my head....after that day i was voted the shcool klutz!


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