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Okay this is a fan fiction by my good friend Rhoda. She's at FWAR and she's been trying to get on this site but they haven't accepted her for OVER three weeks to she's given up trying and asked me if I could post her story she has been writing called "Hearts Were Never Meant to Race..."

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This is an Edward -POV- fan fic.

The banner was made by the oh so talented Eva!


I waited for Bella on the balcony. The New York air was light and the streets gleamed bright in the dark sky. She smiled when she saw me and walked over. Bella was wearing an astonishing dress. So beautiful.

“Hey?” She smiles.

I force a smile to appear on my lips. “Hello.”

 But I know she senses that it’s fake. I can’t do this. Not her. I thought. I took a deep breath and shook my head. I have to do this.

“Bella, I can’t do this anymore.” I said.

She watched me carefully. “Do what?”

I sighed. “I can’t date you.”


I bit my lip. This was the question I most dreaded. The reason that put the seed of doubt in my mind. The funny thing is. I’ve always known this. I just ignored it because I wanted to see where this relationship would go. To see what I was in her eyes.

“Because…because you have all this, Bella.” I mumble.  “You have all this fame and fortune. Your dad is an amazing scientist and you go to press conferences such as this.”

Bella took a step towards me her arms extended. “So?”

“So, I don’t belong in your world.” Her lips purse as I say this. “The rich don’t associate with the poor. I’ve lived a hard life. So hard that I feel like I don’t deserve anything so special anymore.”

“You belong with someone in your class. I’m not it.”

I turned to leave but she grabbed my arm forcing me to turn. “I know how you feel, Edward. I’m letting you go because I know you have to find yourself. But just know I was the one in the relationship who didn’t deserve the other.”

I scanned her face. Tears spilled over her eyes and I came over and caught one with my lips. “Goodbye, Bella.”


Authors Note:

What do you think? Good? Bad? I got this Idea from the Chris Brown song Crawl. The girl in the video is really rich and I think they split up because Chris didn’t think he deserved him but still he longed for them to be together. Also I think the girl was afraid of a relationship. Anyways, I will update more soon.


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Based on the Chris Brown song Crawl

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Rhoda this is really AWSOME!! Love it

(Rhoda): *blushes* Thanks you so much guys for reading!

Chapter Six:

Do I look fat in these jeans?…

I’d chosen a decent restaurant. Nothing too fancy to make her feel uncomfortable and nothing too bummed out. We sit down and we order our food.

After the waitress leaves Ella burst out laughing. “What?” I ask.

She shakes her head. “That girl was checking you out.”

My eye brows mash together. “No she wasn’t.”

Ella brushes her hand through her hair and sighs. “You don’t see yourself clearly, Edward.”

I’m thoughtful but don’t reply.

While waiting for the food to come we talk about ourselves.

“My full name is Ellaine Carmen Middleton. I was born in Toronto. My parents split up when I was twelve. When my mom died three years ago I moved in with my dad here in Forks.” She gave a small smile.

“I’m sorry about your mom.” I say.

She shrugs. “She wasn’t really much of a mom. She drank a lot after my dad left. Even took drugs for a while.”

Ella looks up at me. “I’m not saying I wasn’t sad when she died. I just wished she was there for me more.”

I reach my hand across the table and grab hers giving it a little squeeze. Her lips curve up a bit and say. “So how about you Mr. famous Edward?”

I chuckle. “Um, full name?”


“My name is Edward Anthony Cullen. Born in Forks. I left home when I was sixteen to move in with my Uncle James. That’s when I met –” I stopped myself. Did I really want to talk about Bella to Ella?

“You met what?” Ella asked.

I sighed. I couldn’t lie to her. “I met the love of my life. Bella.”

Ella looked at me weirdly. “Bella? Love of your life?”


“I met Bella in grade 10. She’s the daughter of the biggest government nuclear science corporation. I fell in love with her and dated her for a while. Earlier this summer I broke up with her because I think I don’t deserve her and I’m ruining her image.” I look down ashamed.

“I have a question for you Edward.” She says.


“Did you ask me out because I resemble Bella or do you really think that this can go somewhere?”

I don’t have to think about that. “For the last couple of hours I’ve been thinking about it and I think that you are special Ella.”

I take a moment to look at her as she looks back at me. “I really think that this can go somewhere. I believe I’m over Bella. At first I did doubt myself. I thought that I’d made the wrong decision when I first broke up with her. But now looking at you, seeing how easy it is to be with you make me believe that there might just be room in your heart for me.”

Ella breaks into a grin. The suddenly she begins to laugh. “I hoped you’d say that. I also think we can go somewhere.”

“Only if you truly see me that way.” She continues.

I smile back. “I do.”

The waiter came with our food and the night went on. We didn’t talk about our horrible past. No Bella or drugs addict mothers. Just our family now and where we would like to go in life. For once this summer I was peaceful. My mind was at ease unless you count all the heart stopping smiles that Ella gave me that evening.



A/N: Hey guys. Thanks for all your wonderful comments. I feel really happy to where the story is going so far. I just wanted to tell you that I plan to do some Bella –POV-’s so I wanted to mention that if It’s a Edward –POV- you’ll see a picture of him or Ella or if it’s a Bella –POV- you’ll see a picture of Bella and some other characters that become a part of her life.

So sorry that it’s short. I know I normally do long chapter but I thought this was pretty decent.

Anyways, I hope you guys liked the chapter and I shall be updating as soon as I can!


Yay!!!! First to comment, I really enjoyed the chapter!!!! Can't wait for more..

(Rhoda): Oh wow you did! I thought it was a big sloppy here and there and quiet short.

Thats amazing plz post more soon

(Vannessa): I've been asking Rhoda where the next chapter is but she says it's going to be a good one that's why it's taking so long. Oh and thanks for your lovely comment she'll apreciate it.

Chapter Seven:

Living without my other half...


A/N: Remember Bella –POV- have pictures of Bella or the people she’s met. Edward –POV- have Edward and Ella. But I’m going to start naming them either way.

Two weeks after graduation.

The air outside is nice. It is one of the warmer days in Paris. I lock my car door and enter the restaurant.  Angela is already waiting for me.

“Hey.” I say and she looks up.

Her face lights up and she smiles. “Hey, I thought you weren’t coming.”

I pull a chair and sit down dumping my bag on the chair beside me. “I was a little held up, sorry.”

Her smile only gets bigger. “By J.T. number 2?”

When I first moved into my apartment I met a nice boy named Justin Saunders. He so kindly helped me move in. Even though he’d live in France his whole life he knew very good English. Probably better than mine. We...I mean Angela calls him J.T. number 2 because he resembles Justin Timberlake. A lot. The brown messy hairs, green eyes, tan skin. The whole lot. He’s supper hot too. I’d checked though. Justin Timberlake when I met Justin Saunders was at the People’s Choice Award show. Couldn’t be him by a long shot.

I scowl at her. “No. I burnt my breakfast –”

“...because he was distracting you.” She says.

I shake my head. “No. He’s not interested in me, Ang. Plus he’s two years older than me.”

Angela my oh so good friend from the U.S had so kindly joined me in coming to Paris to pursue our dance. We both were accepted to Centre National de Dance Contemporaine Angers.

“Sweetheart, age doesn’t matter when it comes to love. And I think he is so into you.” Her voice grew soft as she gestured throughout her sentence.

“Its summer have some fun, Bella. You lack fun. Seriously.”

I ignored her. “We can’t stop dance because of some boy I met.”

She frowned. “I didn’t say to stop dance.”

“I know. But to keep our shape and rhythm up I’ve enrolled us in a dance program free of charge on your part.” I tell her.

Her mouth drops. “No way.”

I smile. “Yes way. So let’s forget about this stupid boy and dance our hearts out to a career we both love.”

“Are going to continue with art?” Angela asks.

“I’ve entered a couple of my work in competitions so that should keep me painting taking pictures.”

She gives me an approving nod, “I heard there’s an art show coming up in late August and they’re looking for artists. All you need is a resume and samples of your art.”

My jaw nearly dropped. “You’re lying.”

She looked offended. “Why would I lie about something this big?”

I got up from my chair and went to hug hair. “You’re the best!”

“I know!” Angela replied.

A waitress came and we ordered our food. She was nice and was patient with Angela.

“How do you do that?” She asks after the waitress left. “You’ve never taken French outside of school.”

I smile at her and wag my eye brows. “I’m just talented plus my mother’s all big on learning new languages. Her dream is to move to Canada. Canada? French? I don’t get it.”

Angela looked at me as if I was the dumbest person on the planet. I probably was. “French is their second language, little miss perfect.”

I bit my lip. “I knew that.”

She laughed. “Sure.”

The morning was full of jokes and light conversations. That’s why I loved Angela she made me forget things and just live in the now. Such a true best friend.

The restaurant door opened and my eyes went to the person who just walked in. Angela turned her head to follow my gaze. She instantly broke into a smile. Look back at me she fanned herself and pretended to faint. I rolled my eyes at her.

We were sitting so that who ever came into the door had to pass us to get to the counter. I met Justin’s gaze and he smiled at me and said, “Bonjour.”

If looks could kill I must have already died. I bit my lip and watch him walk away. Sadly Justin was only here to order a coffee to go. Minutes after he was gone Angela said, “You could have asked him to sit. Chat for a bit.” She rose and eyebrow.

“My French isn’t that good, Ang. Plus what you I say?” I look down at my tea and made circles on the rip of the cup with my pinkie.

“Then get yourself a dictionary girl! ‘Cause you’ll be seeing him more often.”

I sighed. I wasn’t ready to have another man in my life right now. Not after Edward…He really hurt me but I knew it was hard for him too. I can’t blame him.

We were quiet for a long while. “You’re afraid.” She said.

I chewed on my inner mouth. “Yeah.”

“Bella, He’s the one who left you. You shouldn’t hold on to people who don’t love you.”

A flash of anger crossed me. “He loves me!”

She looked at me. “Then why did he leave you?”

“Because he had to. For my own good. He’s selfless Angela. There’s no one out there like him.” I press my lips together. “Not a million Justin’s can compare to the one Edward.”

Angela sighed. “Have you ever talked to him since?”

I nodded. “At graduation I told him I was going to Paris.”

“I mean personal.”

I shook my head. “I’m proud of him though. He got into Julliard. He always talked about that school. Maybe a few months into the school year I’ll call him or email him and see how school’s going.”

“Do you want to stay friends with him?” She took a sip of her coffee.

“I do. But it’ll be weird. But I guess us being miles away will help”

She nods. “Promise me this summer you’ll forget about Edward and just live in the now.”

I hesitated.

“Please Bella. You need to escape your Edward zone and live for a while.” She says.

I took the last sip of my tea and sighed. “Were going to be late for our first dance class.”

Her eyes ran over my face for a while and nodded. “Can we stop at my place so I drop off my car and pick up my clothes?”

“Yeah.” I paid our bill and we walked outside and to our cars.

Inside my car I watched her turn her car on and speed out of the parking lot. I took a moment to consider what Angela had said. Was I hanging on to him? I thought.

 I pulled out my phone and stared at the wallpaper. It was picture of Edward and I on our first year anniversary. He’d taken me to his home like he always did every holiday. It was Christmas that time and he took me a meadow. He said it was his favourite place in the world. He told me he always went there when he just wanted be alone.

The meadow was so beautiful. Snow filled the entire land. Trees were bare and as I walked towards the center my footsteps left a mark. There was a little bench in the center; he’d told me Alice found it once and realized I went there a lot so she put a bench. It was one of those wooden benches with metal arm rests. We sat there the whole afternoon just talking. I loved that place as much as he did and I was glad he’d showed me.

A tap on my window was what took me away from my thoughts. I rolled down my window and there was a middle aged man standing beside my car. “Miss, if you are leaving can I please have your spot?” He said in a thick accent.

I looked around and show that all the parking spaces in the bistro were all filled. I blushed and nodded at me. He gave a quick nod back and went to his car. I turned on the engine and back away and excelled to the road. I turned on a little music. It was classical music. Edward got me into classical music. Realizing that I switched to the radio.

I have to stop thinking about him. I sigh. Angela was right. I might as well be obsessed with his very presence because I can’t keep my thoughts off of him.

I made to Angela’s bachelor pad before she even noticed I stayed behind. “Hey, I said as she opened the door. You ready?”

She groaned. “I can’t find my sock.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Your sock? Just wear any pair.”

“I ordered special dance sock. Now I can’t find it.” She walked away with a pout.

Angela does live me because she lives with her hunk of a brother Jacob. Most people notice it right away that Angela and Jacob look nothing alike. Jacob was adopted by the Weber’s when he was two months old. Jacob’s mom was 16 when she had him and his dad was 18. They couldn’t take care of him so they gave him up for adoption. Angela’s parents had a big heart to adopt him when no one else didn’t want to. Jacob was only two years older than Angela. So it’s Jacob, Angela, Marcus, Philip and Liam.

After five minutes of searching I spotted something under the couch pillow. I raised it up in the air.  “Found it!” I yelled. “Let’s go!”

Angela came dashing from her room with her bag. She stuffed the sock in her bag and we left the apartment. We descended down the stairs. Behind the wheel we drove off.

When we got there surprisingly Jacob was there. Angela scowled at him. “What are you doing here?”

He looked at her innocently. “Bella said you guys were talking classes here I just wanted to support you.”

Angela huffed and walked passed him. “More like to check the girls out.” She muttered on her way in.

I smiled at the sibling rivalry. “I see you’re happy to see me.” He said turning his attention to me.

I shook my head. “Always.”

He grinned. Before I walked into the building he grabbed my arm. “Bella, I know you and Edward just broke up a while ago but I was just wondering maybe you want to grab lunch or maybe dinner with me.”

I froze. “Uh, Jacob – ”

He cut me off. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have asked.”

forget about Edward and just live in the now, Angela’s words rung in my head. She was right.

Before Jacob could leave I said, “Yeah sure, Jake! When and where.”

He turned around with a goofy grin on this face, “Friday. And where? You’d just have to wait and see.”

I smiled back at him and walked into my dance class. What have I done?


A/N: Sorry for leaving you all waiting for a while and I hope this chapter was a worth while wait. But I don’t know I was just having some trouble putting it together. Yes I know, it’s PRETTY long. Sorry! Anyways, I hope you liked it! More will be coming.




great updates!  I can't wait to read more! please update again soon and please, please, keep me updated! :-)

(Rhoda): hehe, glad you liked it. I should have read it over but I was so eager for to post it I just sent it off. I will be updating soon. Thanks for reading.



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