The Twilight Saga

I’m a monster but I have my own Heaven

(Another Cullen Story)


Just to let you guys know. The David in this story is not the same character from David in ‘My Morning Star. They are completely two different characters. This story was
written before ‘My Morning Star’. I just forgot about it, and never posted it.


Chapter 1


“No please! Stop, I won’t tell anyone. Please leave me alone!”

I was running for my life. My ex-boyfriend was a vampire. I don’t know how I didn’t see it, notice it. But he is indeed one. It must have been a part of a sick joke just chasing me. He could have easily caught up to
me. But instead he ran at a human speed. I just caught him sucking the life out
of a human. I wondered… Did he want to do that to me? Something told me to not
take that walk in the woods. I was backing up… into a tree. I didn’t know that
but he did.

“Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.”

“Please! I won’t say anything.”

“I know you won’t. So, don’t worry about that.”

“What are you going to do to me?”

“Something I should have done the moment we started dating. If I let you stay human, they will come for you and kill you. I don’t want to give them that chance. So I’m going to change you.”

“Don’t I get a say in that matter? I don’t want to become a monster.”

He was thrown so fast I didn’t have to time to blink. There he was. He was gorgeous. My own angel. Standing there staring at me. I don’t know how long we stood there staring at each
other, when I heard his (at least I think it was his) voice whisper through my

<I>Don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you. Let me take you somewhere safe. </I>

And in the moment I knew, he was a vampire too. But that didn’t send me running and screaming off into the night. I knew in that moment, why I was born. To love this wonderful man. I
could see in his eyes that he was in emotional pain, alone. I knew he had a
family. I saw him once or twice.

I didn’t want to speak. So I just thought my next statement.

<I>I’m not afraid. Please get me out of here. I’m freezing. </I>

“Okay” His voice was wonderful.

“By the way, what’s your name?”

“My name is… David.”

“You’re not going to ask me mine?”

“I already know it. It’s Heaven, a beautiful name.” He turned around and said, “Hop on”

“Umm… your back?”

“Yes, don’t worry; we’ll be home in… 1 minute.”


“So you’re a Cullen.”

“Yes, I am. I was ‘adopted’ 2 years ago.”

“How old are you”

“I was changed when I was 18. But really I am 209 years old.”

“Wow! You are super old. You should be dust in your grave by now.”

“I should…” I instantly regretted that comment. It was almost as if we were one. I felt his pain and he must have felt mine.

“Don’t feel sorry. It’s the truth I should.”

“No! It was inconsiderate of your feelings. I take that comment back. Please say you accept my apology.”

He chuckled. “Okay, apology accepted”

I started chuckling too. “Thank you”

“You’re welcome.”




Chapter 2


--------------Okay so this is just an intro on how David met the Cullens. ------------------------

I was just mindlessly roaming the globe. I couldn’t feed off of humans. I couldn’t find it in me to take another’s life with them unwilling because my life was taken away without my
permission. I couldn’t do that to another.

I looked at the sign I was in Forks, Washington. It was raining and the sun, well the sun was barely there. This was perfect I didn’t have to worry about people catching my sparkling skin
in the sun. I was on my way to get some fresh clothes when I saw her. She was
so beautiful and her blood smelled so delicious. I had to remind myself that I
didn’t want to kill her. Even if I could only watch from the shadows, I would
do so proudly and happily. I walked past her and read her mind. I was searching
for what school she went to. I would sign up first chance I got. But, I had to
find a family. And that’s when I heard them. They were doing a family outing.
The guy with the tousled bronze hair could read everyone’s mind just like I
could. He was reading my mind. So it was weird. I was hearing myself in his
head and he was hearing himself in mine. I walked over to Edward. He must be
over 100 that name has been out of style for quite some time. 


---*No offense to the guys who are named Edward. I read Midnight Sun and Edward states that he’s happy his name has decreased in popularity. That’s where I pulled that idea from. ---


“Hello, David”

“Hello, Edward” He didn’t entirely trust me. He was thinking about his daughter Nessie.

<I>Don’t worry, Edward. I am 209 years old. I haven’t tasted human blood. And I am not tempted to do so. </I> The look he gave me contradicted it.

<I>Okay there is this one girl. Do you know her? </I> I thought of her face.

<I> I do. I go to school with her. She is dating another vampire. But she doesn’t know. He’s planning on-

I know I heard him. I have to stop him. Do you think that there is room in your house for another person?

Yes we do. </I>

This voice shocked me.

<I>Oh great! Another mind reader. Just exactly what we need. Oh goodness! Would you look at me? Hmm… I could have fluffed my hair a tad bit more. But that’s okay. I’m the best thing anyone has seen. </I>


I growled. Heaven was far better looking than this conceited girl. The muscular one stepped in front of her. He was upset because I growled at her. I didn’t waste my time reading his mind. I
could easily defeat him. He would go for the easy kill, just because he’s the
strongest. The fool. His name was Emmett.

That’s when the father figure, Carlisle, spoke.

“That’s enough. Now what is it you and Edward were discussing but first I-“

“No need I know everyone’s names.”

“He can read minds-“

“Just great!” that was Alice.

She can see the future. I liked that. I wonder if she saw me coming, so I asked her.

<I>I kind of saw you coming. Once you saw the girl, I definitely saw you.

I don’t want to know anymore. Don’t worry; Edward can’t hear this conversation. I am keeping him out of our heads at this moment.

You can do that?

Yes just don’t tell Edward that. It will be our little secret. Ha-ha

Ha-ha. </I>

Let me finish. His power is more of like Aro’s except he doesn’t need to touch you. He can read our entire minds if he chose to” said Edward.

“I just chose to get your names, and leave it at that. It’s rude to invade people’s privacy.”

“So you mean you can, hmm.., shut this power off” Jasper asked that question.

I was really intrigued at what he could do. He could control emotions. I haven’t heard of that one.

“Yes, I can. I can also speak to you with my mind. Not just Edward’s, but anyone if I chose to.”

“That is such an awesome power. Silent conversations. No need to speak. Ugh! Why couldn’t I have got that power? I just got stuck with sending people images. I need to have physical contact
with them if I want to do that. What I would give to change places with you
now!” this was Edward’s daughter, Nessie.


She was his and Bella’s daughter. She had given birth while human and then was changed. It made me wonder…No! I couldn’t’ do that to her. The pain Bella was put through. I wouldn’t do that to


“So will you come home with us? You can if you like.” <I>Please say you will. </I>

This was Esme, the mother, and she already loved me compassionately.

“Um… Yes, if it’s okay with everyone.”

Everyone was okay with it.

We were walking out of the mall when Edward pulled me off to the side.

“What did you do? I mean soon as Alice asked the question hers and your mind went entirely blank.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

I heard him trying to slip inside my mind. So I thought of the girl and how I was dying to see her.


We were walking to catch up to everyone else.

“Forks High School” Edward finished.

“You can be Esme’s brother’s son. That Carlisle and her have just adopted”

“Fine by me. As long as I can see her again.”



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-------------------------------------DavidPOV ----------------------------------------------

How was I going to apologize ifshe wouldn’t listen? How I going to tell her I loved her more than life itself?How would I tell her, I’d give anything to just hear her voice? I’d make her avampire, if only she would talk to me.



“David, I don’t want to talkabout it”

She wouldn’t even look at me.

“You don’t have to talk justlisten”

“What if-“

“You’re going to! I made onemistake, one mistake and you’re all ready to go? Maybe it’s not me who doesn’tlove you, maybe it’s the other way around”

“How could you even say that?”

“I’m tired of this. I’m in lovewith you and if you don’t want to be with me then tell me so. I am not goingbeg and plead for you to stay”

“You don’t have to.”

“Is it a yes or no?”

“Why are you forcing this on me?”

“I’m not forcing anything on you!And here I am thinking that you are so in love with me. I’m so stupid!”

“I didn’t mean to mislead you”

“Oh and like buying clothes andputting them in my room isn’t misleading. Telling me you want to become a vampire to be with me forever isn’tmisleading!”

“I’ll move ‘em!”

“No it’s perfectly fine! They canstay there, you don’t need them!”

“They are my clothes!”

“No, Alice’s because she paid forthem”

“Why are you being so mean?”

“Why are you such a liar?”

 “I’m just confused that’s all”

“I’m here to help you”

“I want you. I love you. Ijust…don’t want to rush into anything”

“Do you still want to go home?”

“Yes, my parents are probablyworried sick”

“Do you have a cell phone?”

”It’s at home. My parents areprobably going to call the police.”

My phone rang. I looked at thecaller id. It was Alice.

“David, pick up the pace. Theyare going to call the police in 10 minutes. I don’t know why they took so long.Don’t parents care at all for their children?”

“All right, Alice. We are about 2minutes away.”

“Let her out before you get toher house. Her dad will flip if he sees you.”


“See you when you get home”


I hung up.

“Who was that” asked Heaven.

“Why should you care? You’releaving. Alice will drop off your clothes once your parents leave.”

“If they ever leave again”


I stopped a block before herhouse.

“Why are we stopping?”

“It’s time for you to get out”

“You can’t even drop me off infront of my house? You jerk!”

“No, I’m not! I’m looking out foryou! Your dad will flip if he sees you getting out of my car! Now if you’redone calling me names, you can get out.”

She didn’t.

“I’m sorry, is there somethingyou would like to say to me?” I asked her. I didn’t know why I was being somean to her.

“No, I can understand why you areupset with me. But I’m trying, I am. It’s just; I don’t know what I want.”

“I’m here for you. That’s all Iwant you to know.”

“Thank you and keep the clothes.I don’t know how to explain it my parents. But, uh, I’ll see you at school.”

“Was counting on it”

She got out of the car. I waiteduntil she was in the house until I did a u turn and went back home.




I walked in the house. My parentswere sitting in the living room. Dad was holding mom as she cried. Dad got upand walked up to me and backed me up into the wall.

“Where the hell were you?! Do youknow how worried we were?”

“I’m fine”

“I can see that. Now answer myquestion. Where were you?”

“I was over a friend’s house”

“What friend? We called all ofyour friends’ houses.”

“I made a new friend. Her name isAlice Cullen.”

“The Cullens?” said Mom.

“Yea, what’s wrong with them?”

“I hate them! Especially thatCarlisle. Ever since he came here all of the patients want him as their doctor.Taking up all the business”

“We don’t want you to go overthere again” said Mom.

“Why?! Because you two don’t likethem. That isn’t fair!”

“Who are you yelling at? You musthave forgotten the rules around here.”

“What rules? You never told meabout any rules”

“Quit talking to your father likethat”

“Like what?!”

“I had enough of you” said Dad.

He grabbed my arm and practicallydragged me up the steps.

“Let me go! What are you doing?”

He started to take off his belt.

“Get off! I’m too old to get awhoopin”

“No, you’re going to getsomething much better.”

“Get off! MOM!”

All I heard was her cryingharder. My dad pushed me into my room. He walked in a shut the door.

“Take off your pants”


“You heard me”

He unzipped his zipper….


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I already saw Alice’s vision. Itook off. I think I jumped through a window. I sent Esme a mental note that Iwould fix it later. I had to run faster. I had to get there before-

I couldn’t even think about it.If I didn’t reach her in time I would never forgive myself. I was almost there,when I heard her scream. I instantly saw red. I would kill him and her mom forletting it happen. She was calling out to her mom. All her mom did was cry.I’ll break her neck. No, I’ll rip out her eyeballs so she’ll never cry again.Heaven’s dad was done. I jumped and climbed into her window. She was lying onthe bed curled into her ball. I touched her. She flinched.

“Heaven, it’s me. David”


“Yes, I’m here. I’m taking you tomy house but first”

I was going to go kill them buther hand on my arm stopped me.

“Just get me out of here, please”


“Did you need anything?”

“Just my phone, Ipod, clothes butthe only thing I care about is my laptop and Ipod.”

“I’ll buy you a new phone and youstill have all those clothes that you and Alice bought. You’ll never have tocome back. I promise.”

I kissed her forehead. Shedrifted off to sleep. I jumped out the window and took off towards my home,which will now be Heaven’s as well. But I knew one thing…I would never, everforgive myself for what happened…



I can’t believe he actually didthat. I feel so exposed. Like something was ripped out of me, from me. Icouldn’t bear to open my eyes. Tears were building open in my eyes. But Ididn’t want them to fall. I wanted to forget everything. I felt so dirty. Myfather, my <b> dad </b> did this to me. I wanted to die. I just, Ididn’t want to live anymore. I heard someone walk into the room.

“How is she?” asked Alice. Hervoice sounded sad.

“Not so good”

“I wish I would have seen itsooner. My power is so inefficient”

“Don’t blame yourself. I shouldhave run faster.”

It sounded like Alice was crying.

“Alice, you don’t have to stayhere”


“No, it’s not your fault”

“I know. But I can’t help butthink otherwise”

“Where are the others?”

“Downstairs deciding what to do”


“They didn’t want to interrupt.Your place is here with Heaven”

“I’ll listen in”


I felt a cold hand against myforehead and what felt like lips. I heard the door close and David’s arm windaround me. He kissed my head.

“I am so sorry, Heaven. Wordscan’t begin to explain how sorry I am. They are downstairs discussing what to do with your, with your p-them. Idon’t want them to be called your parents. Parents would never do that to theirchild. If you can hear me please say something. You have been lying there for 2days.”

<i> I can hear you</i>

“No, Heaven, I want to hear youout loud.”

I couldn’t speak at least notyet.

“Do you want to press charges?”

I did but knowing ‘them’, theywould blackmail me with my secret. A secret that no one could know.

“What secret?”

I couldn’t say anything.

“Open your eyes, Heaven. Pleasesay something, anything”

“I’m not pressing charges”

“Why not?”

“Can you take me to La Pushbeach?”


“Can you?”

“Why won’t you press charges?”

“Because I can’t. They knowthings, complicated things. Now can you take me to the beach?”

“Sure. Do you wanna changeclothes?”

“Can you just grab me sum shortsand a white beater?”


When I heard him leave I finallyopened my eyes. The tears that I held in fell. I felt horrible but once I couldget into the water, I’d feel so much better.


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Chapter 10

----------------------------------------David’s POV--------------------------------------

I went into Heaven’s closet and grabbed her clothes, towel, and a washcloth. I went back into our room she was standing in front of the mirror. She was crying. I dropped her stuff on the bed and came up to hug her. She turned.

“Excuse me.”

She walked past me.

“You okay, Heaven”

“I will be once I get to the beach”

I turned and she was already dressed.

“You get dressed fast”

“I know”

“Come on”

“Hold up. You sit right here. I’ll be back”

I walked downstairs. My family were still discussing.

“Edward please tell me you picked up on something”

“Her mind is blocked. I really could never read her mind”

“Why doesn’t she want to press charges?” asked Rose

“They know something, something that, is complicated.”

“We have to figure out what” said Alice.

Her face looked as if she was focusing on something.

“Are you still taking her to the beach?” asked Nessie

“Of course, he is. I’m ready to go” said Heaven.

I didn’t even hear her come downstairs.

“Can we leave please?”

Her eyes started tearing again.

“Of course. I’ll see you guys later.”

We walked outside towards the cars.

“Can we run?”


I threw her over my back and took off. Because of the recent negotiations the treaty between the vampires and the werewolves, we were allowed on the beach. Within a few minutes we were at the beach. She got down and started walking towards the beach, Heaven didn’t stop until the water was about up to her waist. I was about to walk towards when she held up her hand.

“Daddy…” she whispered.

Water began to ripple. Then it rose and morphed until it became a solid figure. No….I didn’t think they existed….


-----------------------------Heaven’s POV-----------------------------------------------------------

The water was waist deep. The pain faded away.

“Daddy…” I whispered. Please come.

The water began to ripple and then my dad appeared. Poseidon, the god of the sea… He held out his arms. I went into them and began to cry.

“Shh…It’s okay.”

“What do I do?”

“We need to have a talk with Zeus”

“He told me that if I said anything he would tell anyone who would listen”

“I didn’t know that Mary was that weak”

“Me neither. She’s my mom”

“Don’t you worry. I’ll deal with everything. Is that him?”

He was referring to David.
“Yes and he is very sweet so be nice”

“Are you going to introduce us?”

“Only if you promise to behave”

He smiled. “All right” He looked away.

“Daddy, uncross your fingers”

“How did you know?”

“I know you.”

“Fine, let’s go meet your friend”

I heard water swishing and I knew that Dad was changing into his ‘human’ form.

“David this is my dad, Poseidon. Dad this is David”

They shook hands.

“I would like to thank you, David”

“You shouldn’t, I didn’t get there in time”

“Do not blame yourself. You were there for her after, thank you”

“You’re welcome, sir”  

“Heaven, I need to go see Zeus. You may have to go up there for awhile until John is taken care of and Mary”

“Do I have to come up there now?”

“No, you will be summoned. Say your goodbyes and be careful”

“Bye, Dad.”

He kissed me on the forehead and drifted back into the ocean.

“I can’t believe it” said David.


“Is that the secret John was keeping?”

“Yes, I think it’s time for you to hear the truth.”

He picked me up and ran back to the house.


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OMG!! I am a creative person who values the use of complicated and expressive words, and all I can think to say right now is, WOW. Great job!


i was thinkin of a way to go further than just your twilight character and made up vampires.

I really enjoy reading about greek mythology and so i was thnkn why not add it into this story.

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-----------------------------David’s POV------------------------------------------------------------

 As I ran back to the house, I couldn’t help but be in disbelief. All my life I just thought of them as myths but to actually see a…Greek God was unbelievable. We were out on the front lawn.

“You don’t have to do this. If your life is danger you can go, where exactly?”

“Mount Olympus; now let’s go in the house so I can give my life story”


Chapter 11

------------------------------------Heaven’s POV -------------------------------------------

Everyone was gathered in the living room; the Cullens and Jake’s pack.


“ My mother, Mary, is a demigod. Her dad was a lesser known God. She doesn’t talk about him much or her mother. My mother always liked the sea. She went there every week. My mom, back then loved to travel. She went everywhere. My mom actually met my dad when she went to South Beach in Miami. She told me that it was night time when she was riding out in het waterbike. It was actually kind of stupid. But she just had this urge to ride out deep into the ocean. My mom rode out a bit too far; so she couldn’t see the shore. She ran out of gas. My mom asked Poseidon if he could give her a push back towards land. It was sort of like a prayer. He appeared and my mom fell in love with him immediately. She never told me if he loved her. He gave her a push and when she arrived home there was a box on her porch. My mom went into the house and opened it. There was a necklace made out of pearls and a note. Years later she showed me the note and said my dad sent it but never told me who he was. They had sex several times and she became pregnant with me. My dad stayed for awhile and then never showed up again. My mom began to resent him and then resent me. She thought that he would stay but he’s a God and she never understood that. Sometime later my dad sent a note to my mom letting her know that my life was in danger and that there were evil things out there that would try to kill me. My mom even though she resented him she was afraid of what might happen to her if she should fail to keep me safe. She ended up getting married around when I was 5. John was all right. I first realized that I was different when I got cut. My mom told me to run water over it. I did and the cut went away. That was when I was 13. My mom told me about my real father. I am ¾ Goddess technically but I’m seen as a demigod half and half-.”


“Wow, you would think with all that power they had they would be able to do math well” said Emmett.

Jasper and Jacob laughed.

“That is such an interesting story” said Esme, “To think that all those myths are actually true.”

“Who were the things that your father was referring to?” asked Carlisle

“If you read any Greek myth, you will know; anything evil”

“So you’re going to Mount Olympus” said Nessie

“I don’t know yet”

“When I first saw your dad he looked different when I met him”

“A mortal can’t look at a God’s true form. But you’re not a mortal so I don’t know. I have no clue why”

“Can we see yours?” asked Jake.

 “If you are part God, why would you need to become a vampire?” asked Rose

“I was hoping that I could just show my true goddess form and you’d guys believe that I was a vampire. I would never age so...”

“So when I saved you from that vampire…” said David.

“I haven’t been taught how to use my powers, anything could have happened”

“Why haven’t you been taught how to use your powers” asked Carlisle.

“Using my powers would have alerted the others. They could have found me”

“Can you somewhere else besides Mount Olympus?” said Bella

“I could go to my dad’s palace. Which is underwater”

“You don’t have to leave” said David.

“I have to. If John threatens to go public, well it’s not like anyone is going to believe him. But just to be safe because he can come after me himself or get help. Let’s not think too much into this. Time up there is way different then time down here. Who knows my dad could have already dealt with him.”

David grabbed my hand.

Can I have a word with you in private?

He mentally spoke to me.

Sure. Let’s go to your room.



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----------------------------David’s POV------------------------------

I couldn’t believe it. She was talking about just up and leaving as if we didn’t have anything special. I refuse to just be cast aside. I heard Rosalie’s thoughts…

Seriously! She had us all thinking that she was going to become a vampire? What an idiot! How could she have possibly faked the turn? I’d bet my perfect complexion that she was eventually going to leave. She never loved David. Mount Olympus? Please, she was just going to move to another city. That vampire that ‘tried to kill her’ was probably all a ruse. She is fool of….

I didn’t want to believe it but what Rose was thinking made all the sense in the world.


“How were you planning on faking the turn?”

She sat on my bed. “What?”

“How were you planning on faking the turn or were you ever going to go through with it?”

“How could you think that? I don’t know what I was going to do. How could you even think that I would lie to you? I love you!”

“Then why? Why not just come out with the truth?!”

“Why? What would you all have thought of me if I just said ‘Oh hey, by the way, I’m Posideon’s daughter.’ I have no proof of this but just know that all the Greek myths are actually fact. What would you have thought. Huh!?”

“You could have asked-“

“Shut up! No! I couldn’t just ask my father to show himself! Are you nuts?!”

“Why is that such a problem?”

“You idiot! The same reason why you guys just don’t tell anyone you all are vampires!”

“Why are you so okay with leaving?”

“I would like to stay! And anyway it’s not even definite. If my dad can change John’s mind then I’m good. Why are asking me all of these questions? How could you ever doubt me?”

I didn’t have an answer. To be honest, I let Rose’s twisted thoughts lead me down this path. I wish I could take it back. I’m not sure she will ever forgive me for this.

“Um...Hello! Are you going to answer my question? Or are you just going to continue standing there was this far off look. If you’re having one of those ‘I realized I was wrong’ moments please do share.”


“Oh and don’t even go there.  I do not, do not, want to hear how you are so sorry and you didn’t want it to happen like this.”

“I was-“

“Going to say those exacts words? Oh, I know. Typical male….”

“Would you please let me finish?”



“This is me letting you finish.”

“Oh, what I was going to say was, I let Rose’s negative thoughts effect me. I never doubted you, it’s just you were all like ‘yea, I’m leaving. Peace.’ And I just felt like these past few days meant nothing to you. What I’m trying to say is, please don’t leave. My family and I can protect you” 

“I don’t need you all’s protection, David. My dad is going to deal with this. Okay? I will speak to him later and he will decide what is best. I don’t mean to blunt but I do not want you guys involved with this. This isn’t a vampire problem.”

She began to walk out of the room. I blocked her.

“You’re not about to just walk out of here and then decide when you want to come back. You walk out of this house, then you can stay gone. You’re not going to yo-yo back and forth”

She had no idea how much that statement killed me. But the look on her eyes hurt even worse. She looked betrayed.

“David…I’m trying to protect everyone. (Tears were falling from her eyes) How can you say that to me? What do you mean yo-yo?”

“Anytime you’re in danger, you run and leave. We are in a relationship. That’s not how it works.”

“It never was stated that we were dating”

“I didn’t think we would have to, Heaven”

“Get out of my way, David! I want to leave!”

“NO! You tell me right now what it is that you want. You want to go? Fine! Stay gone, don’t come back here”

And with that being said I opened up the door. Maybe just a tad bit forceful because it came off the hinges.

“I’m not welcome back here?”

“Let me show you to the door”

She stomped down the steps. She turned to me.

“I’m –“

“Only trying to protect us? Oh, I know.”


“Act like this? I’m sorry. You’ve led us all into thinking that you wanted to be here; you were happy”

“I am happy! I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. You have –“

“To trust you? Been there, done that and look where I ended up?”

“David!” exclaimed Esme. “That is enough. You will treat this young lady with respect!”


“Hush! You will let her leave in peace! You are always welcome back here, Heaven”

Esme glared at me. I looked down.

“Bye, everyone” and Heaven waved. She then turned and left. Turned and left; like we had nothing, like we were nothing. Like, I didn’t hold her that night as she cried. She said she was doing this for the best, but she wasn’t. every time we made progress, she always did something to mess it up. I ran after her.


It began to rain. She turned to face me.

“Don’t tell me that it’s for the best. I want the truth, Heaven.”

“And that is! I’m doing what’s best!”

“No, you and I both know it’s not. You’re afraid of our relationship, the intensity of it”

“No, that is a lie. I-“

“One minute, you’re in love with me and then the next you want to go. You want to become a vampire and then you doubt why I love you. You introduce me to your dad and then here you are leaving again. You’re running away from US. Why?”

“I-I’m- I don’t know. I want to be here but to be with you means forever and I’m just not ready for that. I want to graduate from high school and go on to college. I want to cry because this guy, who I was desperately in love with, rejected me. I want to have crushes and stalk those crushes. I can’t do that if I’m with you. I’m young, I want to live young. If that made any sense. To be with you would mean giving all of that up.”

“It doesn’t have to be like that now”

“But it’s going to be. And that would be what you’re constantly wishing for. Everybody is content with their significant other. I just can’t be around that 24-7. You’re going to wish for something I can’t give you at this moment.”

“I will wait for you”

“No, you can but you would be unhappy.”

“Then how about this-we take things slow. It would be like getting to know one another. I’ll even build you your own little cottage. I would come over; have a curfew, and all that.”


--------------------------Heaven’s POV---------------------


I laughed. He was trying.

“That would be nice.”

“Go to the movies, and out to dinner”

“I would love that”

“Drive to you school”

“Actually I want to drive”


“But, you can always fill the tank up”

We both laughed.

“I’m sorry, David. I’m such a butt”

“No, love. Maybe not right in the head-“

“Jerk! (Laughs)” She punched me on the arm. I went flying into the tree. “David!”

His family came rushing out.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know…”

“It’s all right, Heaven. Calm down” said Carlisle.

I saw Jasper walking up to me.

“I’m fine.”

“Don’t be sorry Heaven. What have we learned David? No messing with the goddesses” said Emmett, waving his finger in a ‘bad boy’ motion.

“Shut up, Emmett!” said David.

David got up to charge Emmett.

“Hey, hey, hey now! Don’t make me get Heaven on you.”

“Emmett!” said Carlisle.

“Behave yourself” I said. Sometimes Emmett was funny when poking fun but other times he was quite annoying.

I heard Edward chuckle behind me. “I thought I was the only one who thought that”

“Great minds think alike” I replied.


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Chapter 13

Esme walked up to me. “Heaven, how long will you be gone?”

“I have no clue. Time on Mount Olympus is entirely different then time on Earth”

Seriously. I can be gone from down here for 5 minutes but up there it will be 5 years. And vice versa.

“And I hope it’s not the latter.” Said David

“Me too” I replied.

“Is there any way you can keep in touch” he asked me.

“I can send down messages but you probably want get them unless you’re focused on them”

“So they are like encrypted?” asked Nessie

“Yea, you can say my name and the wind will blow or a leaf will fall”

They had no clue how hard it was to communicate through different worlds.

David hugged me.

“Don’t be long”

“I’ll try”

And I flashed to Mount Olympus.


---------------David’s POV---------------------------------------------


If she was gone for 5 years….Edward walked up and grabbed my shoulder. I didn’t know what I was going to do.


--------------------------------6 months later----------------------------------------------------


--------------------------------Heaven’s POV -------------------------------------------------------

Wow! That was pretty fast I didn’t expect my father to deal with John that fast. I was only up here for 2 days. I was going to flash myself down to David immediately. Zeus said I couldn’t contact him. I hope it hasn’t been that long for him.


-----------------David’s POV---------------------------------------

My old friend stopped past to see me, Lydiana. Well actually she’s been here for the past 4 months. I know she wants me. I figured that Heaven wasn’t coming back. I haven’t heard anything for 6 months so she probably went and moved to another city. Every time Rose is around, she’s always thinking “I told you so”. I didn’t want her to be right but I’m beginning to think that she is. Lydiana came up to my room and sat next to me.


“Why are you always so down? I’m here. Don’t torture yourself with the past”

She never spoke Heaven’s name. She just referred to Heaven as the “past”.

“I love her”

“It’s okay but you have to ask yourself did she ever love you? She left and hasn’t sent word in 6 months”

She put her arm around me.

“Listen, Lydiana, I know what you are trying to do-“

“And what is that? David, I’m just trying to make you feel better”

She was caressing my chest. I didn’t feel anything. All I wanted was for those fingers to be Heaven’s.

“Lydiana, stop.” I grabbed her hand. “I don’t want this or you”

“You wasn’t saying that 50 years ago”

“Well, things have obviously changed”

“You just can’t stop loving someone!”

“I never said I loved you. I needed to expel my…frustrations. You were there to help”

“What did you just say?!” she jumped up. “How dare you call our love ‘expelling frustrations’?! You know that is the furthest from the truth!” 

“No it’s not!” I jumped in her face. “I told you that it was nothing serious. That’s why I left”

“No, you left because you needed to see how your family was doing. You were coming back but I left, so you couldn’t find me”

She was very delusional.

“Lydiana, when you left for Texas, you wrote a letter and left it on my bed. I read it and decided it was best if I didn’t follow. I was hoping you would find someone and forget about your feelings for me”

“David, you-you left me hanging on all these years”

She looked devastated. “I waited for you. I couldn’t stand to be around other men, I knew you would come back”

“Lydiana! That was 50 years ago!”

“That time flew past me! I don’t care if it was 100 years! I would always be yours. I love you”

She grabbed my head and kissed me. I felt cold. Her lips were nothing like Heaven’s.

“I’m happy to see that you didn’t sit around moping about my absence” said Heaven.

I spun around, trying to figure out the words to make this better.

“Heaven-she is nothing” I pushed Lydiana away.

“No, this seems more like something” Heaven replied, “I pop in and you’re kissing her”

“Heaven please-“

“Go away! He was finally getting over you. I almost had him!” said Lydiana.

“Who are you?”

“Why, David never talked about me? I guess he didn’t want to get you jealous. I’m Lydiana. David’s first, last and only.”


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--------------------------Heaven’s POV--------------------------------------

His…what? How long was I gone? On the outside, I had to appear fearless, but on the inside I was so very hurt.

“David, what is she talking about?”

“She’s, an old friend, well not even that.”

“We are way more than that, David. Do not start to deny what we have. Heaven, I’ve been here for the past six months. Picking up the pieces that you left lying on the floor”

And all the time David accused me of not loving him. But in all actuality, it was the other way around.

“Listen Heaven, there is nothing between me and Lydiana. We met 50 years ago and had a brief fling. That was it”

“Well how did she find you, David? And I was really gone for six months?”

“Yes you little twit!” She lunged for me. David got in the middle and I heard him whisper “I got it”.

“You need to leave, Lydiana! I tell you every day how you are not wanted here.”

“Oh, you’re just putting on a show, my love”

I was tired of the theatrics. “Lydiana, look at me.” I held her gaze. “You are going to leave Forks, and never return. I don’t care what you do but do not step a toenail into Forks, or I will deal with you. Is that understood?”

Her voice sounded empty when she replied. “Yes” And she…disappeared.

“Did you have more practice with your ability?”

“Yea, just a little something. I was really gone for six months? Honestly, I only was away for 2 days.”

“It’s okay. I’m just happy you’re here.”

I heard a knock at the door. David rolled his eyes so I knew it was Rose, my least favorite person. She came in. She didn’t have that smug look on her face like she usually did whenever she saw me.

“Heaven!” She pulled me into a hug. I was shocked. That’s when I heard David’s voice flitter through my head.


“Hey, Rose. I’m happy to see that you missed me.”

She backed up so she could look me in my face. “Heaven, I acted like, well, someone who runs with Jake in his pack. Our last few encounters have put things into perspective for me. I’m sorry”

“It’s okay. I understand where you were coming from”

We exchanged smiles.

“Well if the lovefest is done up there can Heavena come down and say hello to the rest of us!” said Emmett. I don’t know why he thought to add the –a to my name but it’s to be expected from him. I walked down the steps. Everyone was there. Carlisle, Esme, Edward, Bella, Nessie, Jake, Jasper, Alice (who was doing the pee-pee dance), and Emmett.

When I hit the last step, Alice rushed me. “Oh, I’m so glad you are back! I had no one to go shopping with. Do you know how alone I was?”

“I’m sorry, Alice, I didn’t-“

She dismissed my apology with a wave of her hand. “It’s fine. There isn’t a need. Just don’t let it happen again”

I really did feel bad. If I could have just sent them some kind of sign that I still thought of them….

“So what did I miss?”

“Oh not much. David was laid up with some loony chick and-“ Rosalie cut Emmett off with a punch to the gut. David gave Emmett a murderous look. It seems that whenever we had some privacy, I would have to get some more details on Lydiana. I walked up to Esme and gave her a hug, out of everyone, I missed her the most. She was so loving.

“Alice and I built a cottage for you and David. We always knew you’d come back.” She motioned for David to show me to it.

“You didn’t stay there, David?”

“There was no point. It would have been just me. And before anyone (with a look to Emmett) mentions Lydiana, I didn’t want to give her the wrong impression that it was meant for us.”

“Yea, we need to discuss her when we get a chance”

Jake and Emmett snickered.

“Well I guess we better get going.”

I waved bye to everyone and followed David to our new cottage.

It was beautiful. The inside was grand. I heard David shut the door. I turned to him and was…surprised but a little scared. The look in his eyes…


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