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Twilight Relation: The setting is in Forks, the Volturi are secondary protagonists  creatures such as, vampires and werewolves are included in this RP.

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Hemlock Grove is a gripping tale of murder, mystery and monsters set in a ravaged Forks steel town which starts with the body of a young girl, mangled and murdered in the shadow of the former Godfrey steel mill. 

Some suspect an escapee from the White Tower, a biotech facility owned by the former steel magnates. Others believe the killer could be Peter Rumancek, a 17-year-old Gypsy kid from the wrong side of the tracks, who tells his classmates he's a werewolf. Or it could be Roman, the arrogant Godfrey scion, whose sister Shelley is disturbingly deformed and whose mother, Olivia, the otherworldly beautiful and controlling grand dame of Hemlock Grove. 

As the crime goes unsolved and outlandish rumors mount, Peter and Roman decide to find the killer themselves, confronting unspeakable truths about themselves and Hemlock Grove as the mystery unfolds, and that their are others who call themselves the Volturi, who are trying to stop the madness as well.


- Follow The Plot

- Be A Boy & Girl

- Don't Ditch

- I HIGHLY Recommend You See The Show [ It's On Netflix ] 

- Ask For OC's [ Only When Main Characters Are Filled ]

- You Can STILL Join Even If You Have Not Watched The Show

- Don't Make Your Characters Perfect People

- If You've Read The Rules, Write The Title of This RP In Your Comment


C H A R A C T E R S 

The Volturi:

Aro: Me

Jane: dreamer™

Alex: Perry the Platypus


|| Peter Rumancek || Eighteen || Werewolf || Letha || Played By; Me

Peter Rumancek is the new guy in town, and in a small town, things go around quicker than a blink. Peter and his mother moved into a trailer cart where Peter's uncle Nicoali, used to live before he passed away from 'alcohol poisoning'. Unfortunately, just when Peter moves into town, a brutal murder is taken place. And when Christina spreads rumors about Peter being a werewolf, people immediately think he was responsible for the murder, and more killings to come. 

|| Roman Godfrey || Eighteen || Human* || Letha || Played By; dreamer™

Roman Godfrey is one of the most richest kids around town because of his dad's business, and over the years, the fame, fortune, and success has gotten to his head. He's arrogant and persistent  and he gets everything that he wants, spoiled by his mother as she treats him as her treasure. Like the rest of the Godfrey's, Roman is abnormal. He has the ability to look into someones eyes, and make them do whatever he wants them to do, compelling them to his demand. Roman is pretty selfish, and seems to care for himself, but the only person he loves more than his cousin, Letha, is his sister, Shelley. Roman has strong feelings for Letha, thus causing him to compel her to forget that he had raped her, and gotten her pregnant, though he seemed to have no recollection of that either.   

|| Letha Godfrey || Seventeen || Human || Peter || Played By; Perry the Platypus

Letha Godfrey is related to Roman as cousins. Letha cares very much for Roman, but her grades and family sometimes gets in the way of that. Letha feels that Roman is all she ever thinks about, because he always seems to get into trouble. She has a kind soul, but believes the inevitable. She believes she was impregnated by an angel in her dreams, but what she doesn't know, is that the father of her baby is Roman. During her pregnancy, she started to have fantasies about Peter, which caused her to be drawn to him. Her feelings for Peter were so strong, and she couldn't help staying away from him until he liked her back.

|| Shelley Godfrey || Sixteen || Unknown || -- || Played By; Me

Shelley Godfrey is the sister of Roman. To her, Roman is the only one who truly loves and cares about her, and feels that they need each other desperately to cling on to their difficult life. But Shelley has the most difficult life. She thought she was born the way she was now, deformed and unnaturally human. But, the truth was, was that she had died when she was an infant, her father going mad about the tragedy and took her to the biotech facility in Godfrey, and one of his workers brought her back to life, the price of her being something ugly and monstrous. She was grown up to be over seven feet tall, hairless, one of her eyes bigger; the shape of an alien's eye, and her skin, a light blue glow when touched. Shelley can't talk either, she shows her emotion through an abnormal groan, and she communicates with her iPhone, typing up sentences that a robot voice says for her.

|| Christina Wendall || Fourteen || Human-Werewolf || Peter || Played By; dreamer™

Christina Wendall is a ninth grader who seems to be obsessed with the fact that Peter Rumancek is a werewolf. Christina wants to become a writer in life, and she is so drawn to the idea, that she decides, to be a great writer, you have to experience the things you want to write about. She had her suspicions that Peter had committed the first murder in Hemlock Grove, so she went out of her way to spread outrageous rumors about him being a werewolf, and being the serial killer. Christina had came across another victims' body in the woods, which caused her to become mentally ill, and put into a mental hospital. Because of the stress, her hair tends to become grayer and grayer everyday. Before the incident, she had researched on how to turn into a werewolf, simply drinking from the wolf's paw print had done the job, and she later became a killing werewolf, committing the murders she did not know she had done.


|| Angela Carter || 19 || Vampire || TBA || Khrystail Cullen

She never wanted anything more than to have people think she was normal. But they never did, they never thought she could be normal, at about 17, her life changed. She had no clue what was happening to her, but soon she had someone to help her.

|| Rylie Carn || 18 || Werewolf || TBA || Khrystail Cullen

He could never understand his life, his parents never cared, his brothers were never any help when he first changed. he had no idea what was happening, so he hid for a year while he tracked down people who knew what was happening to him. He finally found Peter at age 17, and he explained everything that was happening to him.

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