The Twilight Saga

Edward and Bella are finally happy and together again and Renesmee has a mother and father. Everything's great, right? Then, they decide to move. Relationships are on edge and so are lives. 

(Better summary later)


There will be a couple of new characters that I'll be making up. But also the ones we all know and love. 


Starting up as soon as I can!! 


For those who haven't read "Don't Forget": 



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Just another play list iWill definitely be listening too !
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Hey!!! yaya! finally this story is on the goooo!!


But can u give us the last few lines dont forget because I forgot what happen..sorry about so many stories I read I always mix them up

love it more ASAP

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and i have the PDF file up there ^^

Can't wait for the chapter!!!
going to try to write it ASAIC!
Now, that i'm going to be as busy as before, I'm going to get started up on this one along with writing on some of my others i've neglected. So, hopefully I can get started next weekend.





Here We Go Again



Chapter One: The Yearn for Perfect- Bella’s POV

            The sun glinted off the diamond weighing down on my left ring finger. Every time I looked at it, I felt a mixture of emotions. Joy, happiness, and a bit of nervousness. Edward and I weren’t married yet. Alice still had plenty of preparations for the wedding to partake in before that time came. But we were together and more in love than ever.

            We were moving to Portland, Oregon, now. We needed a new place close enough to Forks but far enough from the past Forks held.

            “Renesmee!” I called my daughter’s name as a continued packing up the car.

            She ran over, her red-brown hair she had inherited from her father swishing behind her in its ponytail.

            “Do you have everything?” I asked her.

            She nodded. “Yes. At least I think. One minute.”

            She ran back into the house only seconds later coming out again with a huge grin on her face and a trace of hope in her eyes.

            Her hand was clasped around bigger, tanned one connected to my once best friend who was there when I most needed him. Jacob laughed as Renesmee dragged him over to me.

            “Okay, now I’ve got everything,” she said.

            I crossed my arms. “Renesmee, I told you. Jacob can’t come with us. His priorities are in Forks, right Jacob.”

            He was staring at Renesmee, not taking his eyes off of her. “Uh huh. Sure.”

            It had been two months since Jacob revealed that he ‘imprinted’ on Renesmee. At first, my mind was boggled. I lunged toward him threatening to rip his throat out. But then I saw that look on Renesmee’s face. She cared about him, and I admit that it made me feel weird. After all, Jacob was my friend. It may had been years ago. But he was there for me.

            And now he couldn’t keep his eyes off my daughter.

            I snapped my fingers in front of his face.

            Finally he looked over at me. “Huh? Yeah, Bells?”

            I rolled my eyes. “You’re not coming with us. No matter what Renesmee says. You have to stay here, okay?”

            He nodded. “Yeah. I know.”

            Renesmee pouted. “But mom.”

            I held up my right index finger. “No buts. Say goodbye to Jacob. I’ll leave you to alone.”

            I walked over to where Edward was staring out at the greenery of the woods. I always found it hard to read his emotions. But now, they were clear enough.

            “I remember running through the woods here in Forks. I remember trying to run away but knowing I had to come back. It was because of you. I knew I wasn’t good for you. But I had a feeling deep inside of me that wanted to stay. I was in love with you even then, I guess,” he whispered. “So much has changed since then.”

            “Well, I hope you don’t mean you loving me,” I said standing beside him.

            He glanced over at me with those golden eyes. “No, not that. Just the circumstances. I thought about killing you, you know. But I didn’t want to because I loved you. Now, you’re a vampire. Your blood is no longer a problem. And we have a beautiful daughter. And you’re wearing that ring on your finger.”

            I smiled up at him wrapping my arms around him. “And things are perfect.”




Chapter Two: Wants and Needs- Renesmee’s POV

            As soon as my mom walked away, I threw my arms around Jacob.

            “Don’t leave me,” I whispered into his ear. I wanted to yell it, but I knew even without my mother or father’s super vampire-hearing they would be able to hear it.

            He chuckled lightly. “I’m not the one leaving, Ness.”

            “Then, come with me,” I told him.

            He pushed me away keeping him hands wrapped around shoulder gently.

            “You heard your mom. My priorities are here,” he explained.

            My eyes started watering up. “But I thought I was your top priority. Doesn’t that mean you’re supposed to come with me?”

            He shook his head. “Renesmee, you are not a priority. You are much more than that. You are more than a priority to me.”

            A tear ran down my cheek. “Then why won’t you come with me. If I mean more to you than any of this stuff keeping you here, then why won’t you come to Oregon.”

            He brushed the tear off my face with the edge of his thumb. “I’ll come and see you. I promise. And I’ll call you. Okay?”

            I closed my eyes and nodded.

            His lips pressed to my forehead. They stayed there for a while. I kept my eyes closed, enjoying the moment while it lasted. Then, he back away and I opened my eyes. It was like it never happened.

            “I’ll miss you, Jake,” I told him walking backwards towards the car.

            “I’ll miss you, too, Ness,” he replied giving me that shining Jacob smile. “Remember to call me tonight when you get there.”

            I bit my lips trying not to burst out in tears in front of him; my eyes were still wet from before. “I will.”

            I climbed into the Volvo and leaned my head back on the seat. I didn’t want to leave, yet I wanted to. Forks was a chapter of my life I would never forget. But it was also a chapter where so many sad moments occurred.

            The memory of my mom standing by the fireplace burning the pictures of my dad flashed in my mind. I had yelled at her and then left going to him.  I went to Jacob for help, and we went to Alaska where it was discovered that Dad had gone to get himself killed in Italy.

            A fresh start was deeply needed. But I was leaving someone that in the last couple of months had become very important to me. Someone I needed. My soul-mate.

            I knew Jake had to stay here with his wolf pack, but I wanted him to come with us so badly. He was there for me when I needed him. And I wanted him to be there when I wanted him, too.

            My forehead tingled as the kiss he had given me lingered and I sunk lower and lower into the leather seat as I tried to fight the yearn to jump out of the car and run headlong into Jacob’s arms.


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