The Twilight Saga

Bella and Edward have met before, back in the 1930's. Bella is a Salvatore and is an 'old' kind of

vampire, although never got around to telling Edward. Now, over 70 years later, Bella is back as well as Edward. Will they love again, or will the love they once had be lost forever. Read to find out.

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History Repeating


     It was 1846 when my brother, Stefan Salvatore, and I were born, our other brother, Damon, was born in 1840. We were all killed in 1863 and brought back to life a month later. We are all now the older versions of vampires, the kind that burns in the sun and has fangs. Then there are new vampires, they don’t burn in the sun and don’t have fangs or the powers we have. We call them the newbies and we are the oldies.  This is the story on how I fell in love with a newbie.


                  I stared out the window as my plane landed in Port Angeles, my new home for a couple decades.  My brothers are currently living in Mystic Falls, Virginia, with their latest toy, Elena Gilbert. I feel so sorry for the girl, being tossed around by my brothers like a rag doll. She hasn’t figured out it’s all a game yet. I tried warning her, but she wouldn’t listen to me, said Stefan wouldn’t do that.

I used to live with them until the 1930s’, that’s when I met him. His name was Edward Cullen and it was love at first sight. We tried to ignore with the differences between us, he thought I was human, but it was impossible. Especially on my 18th birthday, which was really my 86th birthday. I was opening his mother and father’s present to me when I accidentally cut myself, causing the youngest member, Emmett, to attack me. He was so quick that I didn’t have time to react. I ended up getting hurt seriously, but of course it healed almost immediately.

                  Edward was convinced he was too dangerous for me, so he left me.  After that I was in pain for many years. I went on the run and ended up killing many people and blaming it on gangs. The newspapers called it the gang decade (AN: I don’t know if it was, this is just my imagination). Soon enough the newbies leaders, The Volturi, got involved and killed many of their kind thinking it was them, not my kind. That’s when I realized it was time to stop and get a hold of my life. I went to live in Athens, Greece where I studied Greek mythology for 10 years. I then moved to Paris, France and got my masters in history; I remained there for 20 years. In the 1970s’ I moved back to the United States, joined the Military, and became a general. I got my release in the 80s’and then roamed the country again, this time not killing. Throughout the 90s’ I switched between living with my best friend Lexi and visiting my twin brother, Stefan, and my evil, overprotective, loving brother Damon.  Then after that I decided to go back to school in Phoenix, Arizona. You may be wondering how I can go in the sun without burning, well I have a special ring. It was made for me in the 1860s’ and protects me from the sun.

                  Now, after 80 years I’m back where Edward and I first met, Forks Washington.


                  Oh, oh, oh, how was I supposed to know that you were o-over me I think that I should go!

                  My alarm screamed out Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t) by All Time Low, telling me it was time for me to get up and get ready to go to school. I put on my shirt and some jeans and of course a ring that Damon gave me that was a snake, he says I am as fast and sneaky as a snake, and my Lapis Lazuli ring, and a gold necklace with a Pegasus on it. Edward had given me when he found out I loved Greek mythology. Gosh, I need to get over him; it was over 70 years ago.

                  I hoped nobody would recognize me; I looked the exact same although I had different hair.                 

Crap! It was 8:10; I have to be in school at 8:20! I ran at vampire speed to my silver Mustang and sped off to school.


                  “Edward! Come on, we are going to be late!” My sister Alice yelled at me from downstairs.

                  “Coming!” I yelled.

                  I ran downstairs grabbing the keys and heading out to the garage. Wow! It was 8:10; I’m going to be so late. When I got to the garage I saw my family already in the car waiting for me to get in. I finally got inside the car and turned on the ignition. Halfway there Rosalie said something that I would have never thought she would bring up.

                  “You were thinking about Bella, weren’t you? That’s why you were late getting to the car,” Rose asked.

                  “What?” I asked surprised.

                  “You still miss her, don’t you?” She replied.

                  “Rose, stop it. This isn’t a good time,” Emmett said.

                  That was the first time he ever sounded so serious. He should be serious about it, he almost killed her. That was over 70 years ago, she was dead now. My love, Bella Salvatore, was dead. The rest of the ride was very awkward and quiet. Finally we got to school and as I was about to pull into my regular spot some jerk, cut me off and stole my spot.

                  “What the hell?!” I yelled.

                  “Dude, calm down.” Emmett said.

                  As if on cue I felt calm come over me and all the anger disappeared.

                  “Thanks Jasper,” I said.

                  I found another spot and started walking to the front office when I saw something I thought I would never see again. Bella Salvatore was the jerk. 


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Can't wait for the chapter! Update soon!


Chapter 6


                  “Bella, time to get up, sweetie. It’s time to go shopping,” a light voice whispered in my ear.

                  “Five more minutes,” I mumbled incoherently.

                  “Rose, get the water.”

                  Dismissing the voice, thinking it was a dream, I rolled over and flipped the comforters over my head. Almost immediately after, the sound of rushing water hurtling towards me forced me to open my eyes and quickly move to the corner of my room. By the time I made it to the corner the water had already soaked my sheets, ruining them in the process.

                  “Wow, you are fast,” Alice said staring at me as if I were some kind of freak.

                  “Comes with being a vampire,” I muttered.

                  “Well, come on, lets get you dressed,” Rosalie headed into my closet.

                  I grabbed her by the shoulder and spun her around to face me. My eyes grew black and anger was evident as I growled, “No one goes into my closet and picks out my clothes. I pick my own clothes. I’m already mad for you two ruining my sheets that I got back on a family vacation centuries ago. They were what historians would call priceless. You really don’t want to make me any more mad.”

                  Alice and Rose both stalked back against the wall as I sent one last glare in their direction before heading into my closet. I searched through my clothes looking for the perfect outfit to wear for today. Normally for shopping I would wear sweats, but today I felt something important was going to happen, so I decided to wear something nice. My outfit consisted of shorts, a tank top, and a pair of black heels. Walking out of the closet I took one last glance at Rose and Alice before heading downstairs to grab a cup of blood.

                  “Is that human blood?” Rose asked in disgust while looking down at my coffee cup.

                  “And if it is?”

                  “Wouldn’t you think that drinking that is a bit inhumane? You used to be one of them, now you are killing them.”

                  “Not killing them, just taking their donated blood that they don’t need anymore. Even if I were to drink from humans my bites wouldn’t kill them as yours do,” I snapped.

                  “Enough, can you at least try to be nice to each other?” Alice said getting in between us.

                  It wasn’t till then that I noticed that we had moved closer to each other out of anger, so close our noses were almost touching. I felt my veins in my face start to rise, and then fall as I got a hold of my anger.

                  “Lets just go, I’d rather get this done and over with,” I muttered putting my cup down and grabbing my keys.


                  It was now halfway through our shopping trip and we had already had to go back to the Jeep and unload our bags twice. Alice was worse than Elena had been in Mystic Falls, and that was really saying something. Never go shopping with Alice again, I made a mental note to myself.

                  That’s when I saw it, the all too familiar flash of dark brown hair. I turned my head to the side and stared at the area where I saw it. In the distance was a girl with striking blue eyes and dark brown hair staring right at me. Katherine, it was her, she was still alive. I knew it was her and not Elena because last I had saw of Elena she had bright green eyes, not blue.

                  “We have to get out of here, now,” I demanded.

                  “Why? We haven’t even made it to the other side of the mall yet,” Alice whined.

                  “If we don’t get out of here soon then we might as well be as dead as a nail,” I hissed.

                  Rose recognized the urgency written in my face and grabbed Alice and started dragging her outside.

                  “You guys go, I need to do something real quick,” I muttered.

                  “We’ll wait for you outside in the car,” Rose agreed walking out the automated doors.

                  I made my way over to the tree where Katherine was leaning against and began preparing myself for the battle I was about to fight. When I finally reached the tree I took one deep breath before taking the last step.

                  “Katherine,” I growled.

                  “Bella, its been to long. Let’s see, I believe it’s been a century and a half, give or take a few years,” she said.

                  “Best century and a half of my life.”

                  “Still the same I see, full of yourself and inside your brothers little protective bubble.”

                  “I can say the same for you, still full of evil and devious plans that are no good.”

                  “Do you have to be so mean, Bella?”

                  “What are you even doing here, Katherine?”

                  “That’s for me to know and you to figure out,” she said walking away with an evil glint in her eye.

                  Crap, this is bad. I took off towards the car at vampire speed while pulling out my phone, already dialing Stefan. I got into the car, jumped into the drivers seat and sped off onto the highway heading towards Mystic Falls.

                  “Bella, the house is in the opposite direction. Where are you taking us?” Rose demanding .

                  “To Mystic Falls, Forks isn’t safe anymore. Call everyone else and tell them to book the next flight to Charlottesville, Virginia and that once they land they will be driving to Mystic Falls. Now I have to call my brother so please be quiet,” I explained.

                  “Hello?” Damon answered.

                  Damn, he wouldn’t like this seeing as he was always crazy over Katherine.

                  “Damon give the phone to Stefan, now.

                  “Don’t you want to talk to me?”

                  “If I wanted to talk to you I would call you.”

                  “Ouch, that hurt sis. Anyways, Stefan is busy with Elena right now.”

                  “And he just left his phone laying around with you?”

                  “Nope, I took it.”

                  “Should have known. Look, I need you to prepare four extra rooms and please clean mine.”

                  “You’re coming back?”

                  “With the Cullens, Forks isn’t safe anymore. I will tell you more when I see you.

                  “Cullens as in the Cullens that broke your heart?”

                  “Yes, and don’t put up a fight about it. I have to call the airport. I will talk to you when we land, make sure my Escalade is wait for me outside the airport,” I said hanging up.

                  “Was that-,” Alice asked.

                  “My brother Damon, we will be staying at the Salvatore boarding house,” I interrupted.

                  “Oh well, I better call everyone else,” Alice muttered.

                  I replied by nodding only caring that I had now put everyone I love in danger.


                  I was slowly pulled from my dream world as the plane descended upon the runway. The flight attendants hustled around me all in a hurry to prepare the passengers for landing.

                  “M’am, it’s time to wake up, we will be landing shortly,” the attendant awoke me.

                  My eyes slowly creaked open and turned to glare at the flight attendant. Scared, she ran off to the front, most likely warning her coworkers not to go near me. Smart girl, I thought.

                  “You alright Bells? You look a little pale.” Alice asked.

                  “Just anxious.”

                  Alice nodded and returned to her magazine. According to her, the rest of the Cullens would be landing tomorrow. We had been lucky enough to get the last three tickets on the flight; the bad news is that the flight was full of newborn babies that wouldn’t shut up. At least we would be landing soon, well according to the flight attendant we would.

                  “Hello passengers, this is your captain talking. We will be pulling into the gate in a few minutes so please start gathering your things around you. Welcome to Charlottesville, Virginia,” the captain said over the intercom.

                  When we finally got to gate and were released to go I was the first one out. I hadn’t seen Damon in a few years and I had missed him. I knew I had told him just to drop my car off, but knowing Damon he would probably stay, just to see me. Some people may think this is weird, but it’s the bond that my brother and I had always had. As soon as I took that first step off the plane, I saw Damon.

                  “Damon!” I yelled dropping all of my things and running right into his arms.

                  “Bella, I have missed you so much,” Damon said lightly kissing my head.

                  I looked up at him with a large grin spread across my face. Damon was never one to show much emotion so when he did it was sign of love.

                  “Bella, you can’t just leave these bags anywhere. They’re Gucci, do you know how much they’re worth?” Alice yelled in frustration.

                  I rolled my eyes and went over to pick my luggage up. On the way to the airport Alice had made us stop at an outlet so we could buy ‘proper’ luggage.

                  “Hello ladies, you are?” Damon asked with flirtation heavily laced in his voice.

                  “Married and way out or your league,” I answered for them. If Damon were able to get them caught in his web then all hell would break loose.

                  “Still ruining peoples fun, haven’t changed a bit,” Damon muttered.

                  I laughed as he led the way out of the airport and to my Escalade. The drive to Mystic Falls was quiet, and awkward seeing as Alice and Rose felt unsafe with Jasper and Emmett being halfway across the country, leaving only me to protect them against my brother.

                  “Stefan’s birthday is today. Elena is holding a surprise birthday party at the Mystic Falls Grill. Alcohol will be provided, don’t worry. Also, Stefan doesn’t know you are here so I figured it might be a good surprise for you to show up,” Damon explained.

                  “If you don’t mind I think Rose and I will skip out on this one,” Alice whispered, speaking for the first time since we had gotten in the car.

                  “Missing out on the party of the century, wow. I thought you two would be excited to go, especially with drinks,” Damon said mocking surprise in his voice.

                  “Alcohol doesn’t effect us,” Alice muttered.

                  “Sucks for you,” Damon remarked before pulling into the driveway of the Salvatore Boarding House.

                  Outside was a dark hooded figure, only one strand of bleach blonde hair escaping from the darkness that was concealing them. The hair set off a memory in my brain and within seconds I was outside running at full speed towards the figure.

                  “Lexi!” I screamed crashing into her. (A/N: In this story Lexi hasn’t been killed…yet)

                  “Bells! Damon said you were visiting, so I thought I might drop by, also I needed to wish Stefan a happy birthday,” Lexi said.

                  “Well let me get dressed and then I will be ready,” I said heading towards the door.

                  “I already set an outfit on your bed for you,” Lexi yelled after me.

                  I had a feeling that Alice and Lexi would get along perfectly. Once dressed I showed Alice and Rose their rooms and a tour around the house, then I was off to go to the party. Little did I know that what I would see at the party would change everything.

A/N: Hey y’all, well I finally got it posted, thank god, and got most of what I had floating around in my head out into this chapter. Sorry it took so long to post, I was busy with exams, movies with friends, homework, and worst of all being sick. Next time the chapter will be up faster. Anyways, I have a question for y’all; do you guys like the author notes at the beginning or end or the chapter? Leave me your answers in the comments. R&R! Love, Bella Willow

Outfits- Shopping-                                                                                  Party-
love it keep me update
The notes are fine at the bottom(:

Anyways, I loved it! PLEASE update soon!
i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the notes are fine
wow *new reader* im lovin this!
love it !!
Love it
you never disappoint cant wait to read more

I just found your story it's very good!!!.I haven't read a crossover story before because I just really like Twilight & the Cullens, but this is very good..............I have watch Vampire Diaries before so I know the charaters, it should be interesting...................I can't wait to see how it alll unfolds................until you post again

very good post more soon
it is good post more soon


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