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Please read the first part of this story Love in La Push: Unknown Imprint to find out what happened first!!


Hope's POV

"You imprinted on me?" I screamed at him. "Why didn't you tell me before?"

He took a step back. "Hope, I couldn't tell you. Your father told me I had to wait. You needed time to find yourself." He reached out for me.

"Don't." I shook my head and started backing away from him. "Don't bring my father into this. He has nothing to do with us. I trusted you, Seth, and look where that's gotten me. NO WHERE! I hate you." I screamed.

I turned and ran. He yelled my name, but I ignored him. 

As I ran I felt the anger coursing though my veins. The heat of it so intense that I started to feel like I was burning. Then something exciting happened.

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I'd like to think that she is stressing about nothing but I don't think that is the case.

But Paul can't think it is too bad else he'd put a stop to it.

Best wishes


Poor Rachel is really worried, but what they are planning is probably just a harmless bit of fun, and she is being a bit overprotective.  After all, they can't really plan anything without all the wolves knowing about it, including Jake and Paul.  It would be interesting to see how she would react if she did find out what they were up to!

Rachel's probably worried that Hope is growing up and she will be at the age where she begins to acknowledge boys and then the imprint with Seth.

NICE!!...I Wonder What They Are Up 2...


Mhh Rach seems to be worried Hope is growing up

Chapter 6

A Party and Hunter


Same day 9 pm

I looked around at all the guys and their girls who came to my party, and couldn't help but thinking that everyone here was like family to me. I heard a booming laugh and turned around to see Emmett come running out of the woods.

"Uncle Em!! What are you doing here?"

He grabbed me and spun me around. "I'm here to get this party started!!" I laughed.

"Sweet, but who invited you?"

"You're boyfriend." He said and made a funny face.

"I don't.." I stopped and glared at Emmett. "Seth is not my boyfriend."

"Yeah ok whatever you say."

"It's true. He's my best friend. You know that." I stuck my tongue out at him and walked away.

"Hey, Hope, you ready for the real fun to start?" Seth asked as he run up to me.

"Yep. When do we sneak off?" I asked in a whisper.

"When everyone is bust cliff diving. Jake's gonna cover for us."

"Awesome. Can't wait." We highfived and walked away from each other.


Seth and I had just sneaked away from the group and were heading to the place where all the other kids had their initiation parties.

"So you haven't told what exactly what happens at the initiation things." I left it hanging for Seth to finish.

"Well I'll let Sam explain it to you."

We walked into a clearing and I saw Sam waiting for us.

"Sam." I said and nodded my head at him.

Sam, Seth, and I sat in a circle and Sam began to explain what I was to do.

2 Years later

I can't understand why my mom is totally flipping out right now. I mean it's my hair. If I want to put some high lights in I can.

"Mom, what is the big deal? It's my hair."

"Hope, I know but it''s blue and purple. Why would you do that to your beautiful hair? And your clothes."

"What's wrong with my clothes?" I looked down at my outfit. I didn't see what was wrong with it. I had on a tight black shirt t-shirt, a black leather jacket, and skinny jeans with rips in them.

"They are to tight and to revealing. Plus it's all black. Are you trying to go goth or bad girl?"

"Yes. Duh." I walked past her and out the door. I walked over to my parents bedroom window knowing my mom would go talk to my dad about this.

"Paul, what did I do wrong? I mean she's been acting different since her 13th birthday."

"Rachel, you didn't do anything wrong. She's just growing up. It's just a thing she's going through. Don't worry, Babe."

I walked away feeling a little bad. I mean I love my mom but she's just overbearing and controlling. I can't stand it anymore. I went to the place where I had my initiation and sat down. I rubbed the scar on my arm that I got from that day and sighed. Life had been different since that day. Hearing Sam tell the stories of my ancestors and doing the things we did, though I still don't go to deep into it because of how it ended but let's just say I don't like hospitals. My mom doesn't know what really happened that night but my dad does. That didn't end well between him, Sam, and Jake from what I heard from Seth.

I tensed up when I heard some one coming toward me. I knew it wasn't Seth or any of the other guys cause the make no sound when they walk. "Who's there?" I gasped when I saw a guy suddenly appear between the trees. "Who are you."

"Well well. What's this? A hot girl just sitting here waiting for me? Wonderful."

"What do you want?"

"Oh sorry were are my manners. Didn't mean to scare you, honey. My name is Hunter. Most people call me Hunt though."

"I'm Hope and you didn't scare me." I looked at him and noticed how hot he was. I had shaggy black hair, clear blue eyes, he was wearing a leather jacket like mine, a dark blue shirt, and a dark pair of jeans with rips in the knees.

"Mmm ok if you say so."

"What brings you to La Push?"

"Is that were I am? Hmm I guess you could say I'm lost. I turned 18 grabbed my motorcycle and been riding ever since. What's sure where I'd end up but since I met you, this is as good a place as any."

Hope you enjoyed this new chapter!!!

ooh she;s a bad girl. I sense things will not turn out so well for Seth

haha yep. He's won't be happy when he finds out that for sure lol :)

thanks for reading

Oh no, she's going through her rebellious stage!  Who is this Hunter and what is he really after?

Ohh Hope what did they do to you when you were 13?

How much wolf blood do you exactly? Is it enough, is that why you are being grumpy or is it normal human teenaged grumpiness.

Best wishes


I wonder what happened??

--Hmm where's Seth and Who is this Hunter guy?


Chapter 7

Seth's Disappointment


Hunter and I talked for hours not even paying attention to the world around us until he noticed it was getting dark.

"I guess you need to get home before they send out a search party for you."

I was confused until I looked around. "Wow it really is late. I didn't even notice it getting dark."

Cause I was staring into your bright blue eyes that remind me of the sky a on a clear summer day, I thought to myself.

"Well I better go before I can't find my way back to my bike." He turned and started walking away.

"Wait." He stopped and looked at me. I bit my lip. "Can we meet here tomorrow?"

He stared at me for a bit then nodded. "Sure. What time?"

"Umm same time as we did today?"

"That works. See you then, Hope." He winked at me and then disappeared into the trees.

I leaned back against the tree and sighed. He's so dreamy. I'm thinking about how kissable he looks when I heard a noise 

"Who's there?" I jumped when Seth appeared right in front of me. Boy did he look mad. Uh-oh I'm in deep trouble.


Rachel is frantic. No one has seen Hope all day. She was supposed to be home well over an hour ago for her birthday party, so they sent me out to find her knowing she'd be a bit less stubborn then if Paul or Jake went for her. I was looking for her for about twenty minute's before I finally saw her leaning up against a tree looking like she was deep in thought. I turned back into human form and slipped on my pants. I rustled the leaves a little doing this and I saw her jerk upright and look around.

"Who's there?"

I stepped out in front of her which caused her to jump. I could tell be her face that she knew I was angry and of course I had every right to be.

"Where the hell have you been, Hope? We've been worried. You were supposed to be home hours ago." I glared at her till she hung her head.

"I'm sorry, Seth. I fell asleep and just woke up a little bit ago and I didn't feel like walking back yet."

I looked into her eyes and knew she was lying. "That's bull, Hope, and you know it. For now I'm letting it go cause I need to get you home but you will tell me the truth. Got it?" She nodded her head and bit her lip. "Good. Now let's go." I motioned for her to go ahead of me so she couldn't see how hurt I was by her lying to me.


As soon as I saw Hope's and Seth's expressions I knew their talk hadn't gone well. Paul kissed me then left the room. I knew he'd be listening.

"Hope, thank god. Where have you been?"

She glared at me and walked right past me. I looked at Seth hoping he'd give me something but he just shrugged and shook his head. I turned and watched Hope go into the kitchen and open the fridge then turned to Seth.

"Where was she?"

"She was in the woods. Close to the border."

"What was she doing there?"

"Don't know. She said she fell a sleep and was just getting ready to come back when I found her."

"Do you believe her?"

He shrugged and looked at Hope. "She did look a little out of it. Kinda like she does when she's just woken up."

I looked up at him and raised my eyebrows. "And how would you know this?"

He blushed and looked away. Then he mumbled something and was out the door before I could stop him. I chuckled then walked into the kitchen.

I leaned against the counter and looked at Hope. She sighed and sat down. "Hope, you know we don't give you many rules and we pretty much let you do what you want, within reason." I said looking pointedly at her hair. She just rolled her eyes. "But on days like today we expect you to be home and happy when we're expecting friends and family over."

"I know mom. I'm really sorry. I just lost track of time and forgot that I had to be back here."

She looked repentant enough that I decided to let it go. "Good. Now I've rescheduled it for tomorrow, so I expect you to be home ALL day and help out with repreparing everything."

"But mom I can't. I have to met.." She stopped and looked down.

"Have to meet who, Hope?"

"Umm Seth. I promised to hang out with him tomorrow since I didn't today."

She looked me straight in the eye when she said it but I decided to double check with him later about it.

"Fine then. But be back here one hour before the party."

She jumped up and gave me a hug. "OK mom, I'll be here and I promise to be happy." She walked away and I smiled thinking there's my little girl.

Paul came out and wrapped his arms around me. "Went better then expected huh?"

I nodded and leaned into him. "Yeah but I'm planning on checking with Seth to make sure they are hanging out tomorrow."

"That's my girl." He said then gave me a long and very distracting kiss.


As soon as I was out of mom and dad's view I texted Seth.

Hey u want to hang 2morrow?

Sure...u can tell me what u really did today

Ugh fine...i do have to be back by 1 to help mom set up though

That's cool...let's meet at 9 then

Ok where?

Our usual spot

Ok see u then :)

Yep bye :P

I went to my room and laid on my bed thinking about Hunter. He's so hot. I can't wait to see him tomorrow. I smile and close my eyes. I end up falling asleep thinking about Hunter and what we can do tomorrow.

Hope you enjoyed!!! :)


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