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Please read the first part of this story Love in La Push: Unknown Imprint to find out what happened first!!


Hope's POV

"You imprinted on me?" I screamed at him. "Why didn't you tell me before?"

He took a step back. "Hope, I couldn't tell you. Your father told me I had to wait. You needed time to find yourself." He reached out for me.

"Don't." I shook my head and started backing away from him. "Don't bring my father into this. He has nothing to do with us. I trusted you, Seth, and look where that's gotten me. NO WHERE! I hate you." I screamed.

I turned and ran. He yelled my name, but I ignored him. 

As I ran I felt the anger coursing though my veins. The heat of it so intense that I started to feel like I was burning. Then something exciting happened.

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Aww Poor Seth..

Hope You Update Soon!!


Chapter 10

Friends or more?


I saw Seth looking at me and I smiled at him but frowned when I saw him tense and look away. I walked over to him grabbed his arm and pulled him towards my room.

"Seth, are you ok? You've been acting weird around me today?"

"Yeah, Hope, I'm fine. I'm feeling a little under the weather is all." He said as he looked away from me again, which is a sure sign he's lying. "What did you do today? Rach thinks you were with me and she said you were in a good mood too, when you came home."

"I sat in the woods thinking until it was time to come home. It's amazing how clear things become when you think about them." I gave him a look then walked away when I heard mom say my name.

"What's up, mom?"

"It's time to cut the cake and open your gifts." She gave daddy a look then went to the kitchen. I was following her when I saw Seth and Jake head for the door. Weird, I thought as I went into the kitchen.


"I'm in big trouble, Jake." I said as soon as we were outside.

"Why? What did you do, Seth?" He asked.

I told him everything that happened this morning and again tonight. He whistled and laughed.

"It's not funny, Jake! Paul's gonna kill me when he finds out. He said in no uncertain terms that I have to wait until she turns 16. A whole year away. There's no way I can be around her that long and her not realizing what's going on. I mean she's not stupid."

Jake started pacing. "I don't know what to tell you, Seth. I mean Edward and Bella both thought about killing me when I imprinted on Ness."

"Ha yeah I remember that. As you will recall I'm the one who got his ass kicked by crazed mama new born vamp Bella."

He looked down and kicked the dirt. "Yeah I remember but it was all your fault for being stupid and getting in front like that." He glared at me.

"Yeah yeah." I rolled my eyes. "Can we get back to planning my funereal please?"

He nodded as he kept pacing. I kinda got the feeling he was talking to himself in his head. "Here's what we're going to do..."


Jake and Seth both looked like they were headed for the hangman's noose when they came back inside. They walked over to dad and talked to him for a few minutes then went their separate ways. Seth came over and gave me a one armed hug then pushed me towards my presents.

"Get going, my angel wolf, and open your gifts."

I smirked at him as I sat down and started to open the first gift.

2 hours later

I'm exhausted. I sigh as I drop to the couch, lean my head back and close my eyes. I open one eye as mom touches my knee.

"Why don't you head to bed, sweetie? We'll clean up."

I get up and start walking toward my room then stop. "Hey, mom." She looks at me with a tired look on her face. "Can you send Seth back for a sec?" She nods so I turn and head into my room. I curl up on my bed and close my eyes as I wait for him.


Paul, Jake and I were about to go out for our talk when Rachel came over.

"Sorry to bother you's but, Seth, Hope wants to see you before she goes to sleep."

I nod. "I'll be right out guys." I turn and walk to Hope's room. What I see makes my heart melt. Hope is curled up on her bed looking so young and innocent and beautiful. I smile and walk over and sit next to her on the edge of her bed.

"You wanted to see me, Hope?"

She opens an eye and looks at me, then closes it again and nods. "I can't remember what I wanted to talk to you about." She mumbled. "So I'll talk to you about it tomorrow."

I laugh. "Ok. Good night then."

"Night. Oh and, Seth."


"I love you."

I freeze and stare down at her as her breathing evens out then I sigh. "I love you too" I stand up, kiss her forehead, then walk out of her room closing the door behind me.

It's time to face the music.

Hope you enjoyed the newest chapter!!!

Ooh, now Seth has to face Paul!  Luckily he has Jake for moral support, or maybe protection!?  It will definitely be interesting to see how they handle this situation!  Can't wait for the next chapter!


Hope He Finds A Way To Resolve The Problem..


Rachel!!!! I'm back!!!!:) i've missed this story so much!!! I'm trying to get everything updated. It's almost been a year since I've been on so I know I've lost peoples intrest. But oh well

Chapter 11



"No!" Paul said. "Absolutely not. We agreed, Seth. Not till she's 16."

I looked down and nodded.


"No, Jake. I won't do it. You know what's it's like to have to wait for your imprint. Seth's going to do the same thing."

"It really isn't fair though. Ness grew up faster then Hope did. He's already waited 15 years for her. You know his feelings for her wouldn't be changing if her's weren't changing for him."

I looked up at Jake. "Really? You think she's starting to feel something besides friendship towards me?"

"No." Paul barked. I mean he literally barked. If I wouldn't have been standing there I would have said he was in his wolf form.

I sudden thought popped into my head.  

"Don't forget about your part of the deal, Paul."

"What are you talking about?" He asked as he stopped right in front of me.

"You said that you'd tell Hope about the wolves and everything on her 15th birthday so that when I told her about being my imprint she wouldn't have a problem with it. She'd already know and understand."

"He's right, Paul. You made that deal."

Paul growled and stalked away. "Fine. Have it your way. I'll tell her tomorrow. Now leave before I kill both of you." 

He slammed into the house. 

"You're so dead if Rachel can't calm him down."

"Don't I know it. Later, Jake."


I walked into the woods and shifted. This is going to be a long night.


"Of all the..." I mumbled under my breath as I walked into the kitchen.

"What's wrong, Babe?" Rachel asked.


"Ohhh. Falling in love with Hope finally has he?"

I turned to her. "What do you mean 'finally'?"

"I knew it was going to happen soon. She's of that age." She walked over to me and put her arms around my neck.

"It's not going to work this time, hon."

She pulled back and pouted. "Why not?"

"Cause I'm to mad right now."

"Why? What happened out there?"

I started pacing and running my hands through my hair. "I didn't tell you about this and I know you're going to be mad. I made a deal with Seth." I glanced at her. Oh no. I'm in for it.

"What kind of deal, Paul."

I took a deep breathe and told her everything.


"Gah, Paul. Sometimes I wonder why I ever married you."

His head snapped up. "What?"

I shook my head. "Never mind that. Why on earth would you make a deal like that." He opened his mouth but shut it right away when I gave him my look. "He imprinted on our daughter. You know what that means. Look what you went through with me. You're an idiot Paul and there's no two ways about it."

He nodded his head and gave me a puppy dog look. Oh no. I know what's coming now."

"I'm so sorry, baby. Can you forgive me?" He walked aver to me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Yes, I forgive you. Next time you get a stupid thought in your head, come talk to me first."

He spun me around and kissed me. "I promise, baby. I will."

I just rolled my eyes. I squealed when he picked me up and started carrying me back to our bed room.

"Why do our fights always end this way?"

"Cause it's just our thing babe." He kissed me and shut the door to our room.

I will never get tired of making up with Paul after our fights, I thought to myself just as Paul entered me.

Hope you enjoyed the newest chapter!!! :)

Awwww! Love it Rach!:)

Hmm.  What exactly will they tell Hope?  Also, you've got to love Paul and Rachel!

And happy birthday!

I hope the next update will come soon!


Hope It Goes Well For Seth and Hope!

Update Soon...


Hi Rachel,

lovely update. Now Paul has a problem two. At least Rachel is there to keep some kind of sence in the situation.

15 is young. Too young to have all that supernatural stuff thrown at you? Too young to be almost forced into loving someone?

It will be interesting to see how Hope reacts.

Best wishes


Hi Rachel!

I love this story. I just started reading it and it's so interesting. Plz keep me updated.



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