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This is my new Fanfic! It's my first one so I'm not really sure how it's going to turn out but i think it would be kind of fun to write a fanfic, so here it is!


My mother left me when I was 5 years old, and my dad dumped me near Forks, Washington. I'm Kacie. I've been pretty much a solo kind of girl since I was 5. I had to learn to fend for myself, either that, or starve to death. I was always pretty angry. Food like hamburgers, ham, and milk weren't all that appealing to me, but when you're on the streets, you pretty much to whatever it takes to survive.


My blue eyes,shiny brown hair, and gorgeous self always made people stop and stare, nothing more, not stop and help, just stop, stare, and move on.

Chapter One (Age 14)

Kacie's POV:


I was tired of always running. These stupid golden-eyed people or some sort of gigantic wolf was always running after me. The only place I got away from it all was school. It's stupid, right? I live on the streets, yet still find that an education is important. It's all part of my fascade. I want to appear like I'm a normal girl, or, at least, live the life of a semi-normal one. School is all part of that. The only difference isIi can't complain to a parent about how school dragged on. That's what my best friend Nessie was for.


Nessie was my bestest-friend a girl could have. I met her on the first day of school in biology. Nessie was new too, so, naturally, the teacher said we could be lab partners. I was amazingly shy around Nessie. Unlike her. She immidetly jumped into a conversation about how excited she was to have me as a partner and how we were going to be the bestest friends. At the time I thought she was the worlds most insane lunitic.


Of course, I was wrong. Nessie was a really sweet girl. She was the girl I could complain about math to, the girl who always understood how I felt. She acted like she knew how I felt, even when I could tell she didn't she tried her best to cheer me up.


Nessie told me everything. She told me what a drag her parents were, her (always mentioned) boyfriend Jake, and how he was the sweetest thing a girl could ask for. Every time she brought up something like this she always asked me about my family and I always responded "It's not important." She'd tried to persuade me on her side, to make me see it was important. Every time she mentioned this I always got ticked off at her and threatened not to be her friend. That always got her quiet. It was a low blow and I would always feel extremly guily about it but, obvioulsly, family was a touchy subject for me, considering I didn't have one.


The only reason Nessie was quiet after I threatned not to be her friend was because she didn't have any friends besides me. I didn't have any friends besides her, but we both knew it would be easier for me to not have any friends. I've always been a solo kind of person, but I liked having friends-correction, a friend. It was nice, warm, comforting. All the things I've always wanted, but in one person.


(End of School day, 2:20)



"Hey Kacie!" Nessie squealed from behind me, running up to me and giving me a hug.


"Hey Ness, how's it going?" I asked hugging he back and then taking a step back.


"Ohmygod I've got the best news!" Nessie cried, practically jumping up and down.


"What? For once you got an A+ in Science?" I teased. Nessie's Science grades were AWFUL.


She stuck out her tongue, "No! I wish I did, but no."


"Then what? Spit it out all ready girl! I'm on edge here!" I complained.


"I just asked my parents if you could spend the night with me and...they totally agreed! Eee! I'm so happy! I can't wait to introduce you to Alice, and Jasper and my-"


"Completly sweet and cute boyfriend Jake," I finished for her. "I know, I've only heard it a million times."


"Whatever," she said, waving me off. "Do you think you can?"


"I don't know..." I said, gazing off in the distance.


"Get out your cell and call your parents! Quick!" She insisted.


"I don't exactly have a cell phone..' I muttered.


"Use mine!" She hurridly grabbed out her phone and shoved it in my face.


I made a face and finally agreed, "Fine, I'm sure they won't care." I waved it off, hoping she couldn't see through my lies."


"Yay!" She squealed, jumping up and down and giving me a big hug. "We can do each others nails, and give make-overs..."


I blocked out her plans and walked side-by-side with her towards her house. Who knows? Maybe I might actually enjoy actually staying in a real house for one...

That's the end of chapter one!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hoped you liked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's kind of short, but I'll write more tomorrow!! Heres my new Hopeless Banner, curtousy of 
















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lol sure!!! Idk how to make a banner soooo but heres the pic
oh my god i totally love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
ok sure!
haha can i be of assistence?
I experimented a little, what do u think?

Create your own banner at!
lol thx, i was trying to get a girl playing the guitar at night (later in the story thats kind important) but i didnt have a pic like tht
wow amazing keep writing
thx! Ur Fanfics kind of inspired me
Chapter Two:

Kacie's POV:

"Kacie! Hellooo Kacie, you there?" Nessie was practically yelling at me.

"Huh, what?" I asked completly dazed.

"I said wouldn't that be fun?" Nessie repeted angrily.

"Oh, uh, yeah, sure totally," I agreed quickly, not having a clue what she was talking about.

Nessie rolled her eyes at me and spread her arms wide like they did in those TV shows where the people are displaying something. "This," she said dramatically, "is my house."

I looked up to see a beautiful white house. It had tons of windows and it looked like it had some sort of forest in the back.

"Wow," I whispered.

"Wow?" Nessie complained. "That's the best you can come up with? WOW?" She placed her hands on her hips and raised an eyebrow at me.

I struggled to find the right words to describe it. "It's..."

Suddenly a tall man who looked about 17 walked out of the house. He had oddly firmilar bronze hair, and he was as pale as could be. For some odd reason, I felt as if I had seen this man before.

"Doesn't get out of the house much, now does he?" I mumbled to Nessie.

She made a face at me and introduced him, "This is my daddy," she said proudly.

As her dad got closer I suddenly realized why he looked so firmilar. He had terrifyingly firmilar golden eyes.

I gasped and stumbled backwords. "Don't touch me!" I cried out, glaring at him.

Nessie gave me an odd look and asked, "Why woould he hurt you?"

I didn't stay long enough to answer. I quickly propped my bag on my shoulder and turned in such a rush I almost tripped over my own feet.

"Are you-" Nessie's father began.

Before he could utter another word I ran as fast as lightning, running off toward the woods behind Nessie's house.

"Kacie!" Nessie called after me.

"Run Nessie!" I yelled, not turning back.

My mind shot questions at me; Since when could I run so fast? How could that person be Nessie's father? Why is he here? Is he really her father? Did Nessie purposley lead me here so he could hurt me? The one question that bothered me most was Was Nessie ever really my friend?

I ran further and further, tears streaming down my cheeks. I hope Nessie got away. Suddenly, I bumped into something hard as rock.

"What the-" I started. I looked up and saw the tall buff one that chased after me with Nessie's father.

He wrapped his arms around me in a constricting hold.

"Let go of me!" I screamed.

"Not a chance," he said in a low voice.

I suddenly let out a low growl. Where had that come from? I glared at him and threatned, "Let me go or I will be forced to hurt you."

"Ha!" he snorted, "That's funny, you think you can hurt me."

I glared at him and hissed out menacingly, "You asked for it."

My head moved in one swift motion toward his arm. Stricking so fast he couldn't see it coming I bit his right wrist.

"Ow!' He yelled, letting out a stream of profanaties.

I stumbled backward and fell about ten feet away from him. I began to get up, ready to make another run for it when I saw that all of the Golden-Eyed ones had surrounded me. I looked around me, searching for an escape. I heard the gasp of my voce, and began sobbing.

"What do you want frrom me!" I yelled, tears running down my face.

"We're not going to hurt you honey," one of them said. My vision was too blurry from tears to see who it was.

"Leave me alone, please!" I begged, my voice breaking.

"We're only trying to help," another one insisted.

I was far beyond arguing now. My chest was swelling up with sadness. I put my face in my hands and let my tears over flow. I gasped between my sobs, ashamed that I was crying in front of these strangers. Not only strangers, but the people who wanted to kill me.

"We don't want to kill you," Someone said.

I gasped, my tears stopping for a moment. "How did you know I was thinking that?" I asked cautiously, still half-crying.

"I can read minds."

I began crying again. "!" I yelled between sobs.

Two pairs of arms lifted me up.

"Let go of me!" I screamed, thrashing my arms and legs.

"Kacie!" Nessie yelled, her voice cracking.

"Nessie!" I whispered, my voice tired from all of my crying.

"Emmet, Daddy, put Kacie down," Nessie said.

"But Nes-" They both began,

"NOW!" She demanded.

Emmet and her Dad released me, dropping me back to the ground.

"Oh my god, Kacie!" Nessie cried. Her arms wrapped around me and she whispered in my ear, "I am so sorry Kace! I have no idea what's going on here. I'm so sorry if they hurt you!" She gave my hand a squeeze.

I had calmed down enough now to speak clearly, "It's okay Nessie, I was just a little freaked. They've been following me everywhere for the past month! Well, actually, chasing is probably a better word."

"Ohmygod Kacie! I am so so so so SO sorry!" She gave me a reassuring hug. "YOU guys," she said, her tone acidic, "YOU guys should be ashamed of your selfs! I invited my Bestest Friend EVER over, and you totally freak her out in the first five minuites of seeing her! I can't belive you guys! We were going to have so much fun! But nooo, you guys just HAD to ruin everything!" Nessie helped me up and announced, "Me and Kacie are going inside, neither of us are speaking to you for the rest of the weekend!"

"C'mon Kacie, lets get you into some new clothes, and you can have a shower," Nessie assured me.

I nodded, not wanting to speak.
Chapter Three:

Kacie's POV:

After Nessie had calmed me down a bit more she told me to go have a shower while she picked out some clothes for me.

"Nessie-" I began.

Nessie put her hand over my mouth. "Kacie, I don't want to hear it. Go have your shower, you'll feel a lot better after you down, Showers seem to always put everything in place."

"But Ness-" I tried again.

"Kacie, don't argue. We both know that I'll win," Nessie said, rolling her eyes slightly.

"Ne-" I complained.

"Kacie, please," her voice broke as she spoke so I didn't argue again.

Amazingly, Nessie was right. The shower did put everything in perspective for me. Figures, since when have I ever been right about something?

I got out of the shower and slipped into Nessie's room. Thankfully, she wasn't there. I walked over to her bed to examine the clothes she had picked out for me. It felt kind of childish for her to pick out my clothes, but I didn't feel like arguing with her again.

I slipped on the black tank-top with purple stars on it, and put on the cropped jean-jacket she had picked. I threw on the black skinny jeans with some purple high-tops. Gazing at myself in the mirror I grimaced at my hair. It was a tangled mess. I grabbed Nessie's brush, hoping she wouldn't mind, and yanked it through my hair before I scraped it into a pony-tail.

I appraised myself in the mirror and grimaced again. Something was missing. I looked around her room and spotted her jewelry box. I felt kind of rude, borrowing her stuff like this. I pushed the thought aside and began rambling around in her jewelry box. I looked through it till I remembered the purple skull necklace I had luckily packed. I grabbed my bag and searched through it till I found it. I put it on and looked at myself in the mirror again. Perfect.

"Cute," a voice from behind me said.

I whirled around and saw Nessie. "Thanks," I said with a blush.

Nessie looked me up and down and snapped her fingers. "We should totally do each others nails and makeup!" She said excitement clear on her face.

"Sure," I nodded.

Nessie ran into her closet and grabbed something. She ran back out her arms full with black and purple eye-liner, with black and purple nail polish.

"You planned this," I accused.

She shrugged inutility. "I planned getting you into the shower, and I planned picking out your clothes. I hoped that you had brought your necklace. I knew that you would think you looked plain."

I rolled my eyes and laughed, "You know me too well."

"Enough chit-chat, lets get down to business."

We sat on her bed and did each-others makeup and nails. Despite myself, I actually liked having my nails and makeup done. When we finished with each other we appraised our self’s in the mirror. Looking at our reflections, I noticed that we kind of matched.

I let out a short giggle. Nessie, looking in the mirror too, seemed to have noticed the same thing and giggled too. For some reason, we both found this hilarious. Pretty soon, we were both doubled over on the floor laughing hysterically.

"Nessie," A voice called tentively up the stairs. "Jake's here honey."

Me and Nessie immediately stopped laughing when we heard the voice.

"Ah," I mused, "The famous Jake. I wonder if he's as sweet as you tell me, or if it's just because he's your boyfriend."

Nessie slapped me on the arm playfully, "Shut up!" she giggled.

I rolled my eyes and stood up, brushing off my out-fit.

"C'mon!" Nessie said, suddenly in a rush to get down stairs. She grabbed my hand and pulled me down the steps with her.

"Whoa!" I gasped, stumbling behind her.

Nessie tugged me down the stairs, coming to an abrupt halt. I tumbled down the stairs and knocked into her the moment she stopped. I hit her so hard we both tumbled over onto the floor.

We both gazed at each other for a moment and then broke into another fit of giggles. We fell backwards, our heads hitting the ground as we laughed harder. Tears of laughter began to spill over.

"Why...are...we...laughing!" I gasped between hysterics.

"I...Don’t...Know!" Nessie answered, just as breathless.

Moments later, a wave of calm swept over me and I stopped laughing immediately.

I stood up and held out my hand to Nessie. She grabbed it and pulled me back down onto the floor.

That got me giggling slowly for an unsure moment. Pretty soon, I had over come the feeling of calm and was laughing hysterically again.

"Eh hem," someone cleared their throat.

I stopped laughing immediately, half-way embarrassed, and got up, dusting myself off again. This time I held my hand out to Nessie and tugged her up, not wanting to fall down and laugh all over again.

Nessie gave me an apologetic smile and ran into the open arms of a tall man. He was tan as could be and had spiked up black hair with muddy brown eyes.

"I'm guessing you must be the famous Jake," I said raising an eye brow.

"Him, guess so," Jake answered, "I didn't know I was famous though."

"I hear about you at least three times a day," I groaned.

He glanced at me up and down for a moment and then said in a teasing voice, "And I'm guessing, purely by the way you're dressed and the way you and Nessie seem to get along, that you're Kacie?"

"Yep." I glanced at Nessie, questions clouding my head.

Suddenly, I was aware of and audience behind me. I didn't know why, but I felt as if millions of pairs of eyes were burning into my back. I spun around and saw ten awed faces gaping at me.

I blushed furiously and took a couple unsure steps away from the eight golden-eyed ones. I backed away slowly until I felt Nessie’s hand wrap around mine. I instantly relaxed and gave her a half-smile.

“I’m willing to introduce myself and be…er, nice, to you guys as long as you promise to stop stalking me,” I proposed to the eight golden-eyed ones, meeting each of their gazes, daring them to challenge me.

“You got spunk, kid. I’ll give you that,” the big broad one said.

Nessie’s dad looked at each one of them and nodded. “Agreed, why don’t you introduce yourself?”

I nodded, “Fine, I’m Kacie.”

“I’m Edward,” he said gesturing to himself, “and this is Emmet, Rosalie, Bella, Alice, Jasper, Carslie, and Esme,” he continued, gesturing to each person.

I looked at the other two tall and tan ones, waiting for them to introduce themselves. They just continued to stand there gaping at me. “And you are?” I prompted.

“Seth,” the one on the right said.

“Embry,” the other one quickly added.

“Nice to meet you all,” I said with a sweet smile. “Now that I’ve upheld part of my deal, stop stalking me, ok?”


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