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I just got done reading Host, which was an AMAZING book! I was wondering what other people have thought about it? Do you like Jared? Ian? Did you agree with the things that they said and did? I am just curious as to if Im the only one that LOVED this book! I really enjoy SM as an author and the Twilight books are my Favorite books by far! I loved that fact that it wasn't just the Twilight books that I enjoyed from her making her that much better in my eyes as an author!



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I LOVE Ian! He was so sweet after the shock of course! I was crying at the end when Wanda (Wanderer) got Ian and Mel got Jared like it was suppose to be! It made me cry when Ian loved Wanda knowing who she was and that didn't matter! It was very refeshing! Jared loved Mel and only got to be with Mel because Wanda was there so I wan't a big fan of his! He didn't really like Wanda but Ian Loved her! It was so sweet! Jeb cracked me up! I was so excited when everyone started likeing Wanda! Jamie was one of the best characters in the book because he was so real! He saw Wanda and Mel as two different people, which they were, and that is hard to do! I LOVED THIS BOOK!
I just bought the book last saturday, can't read it though, I'm kinda busy with my studies.
I LOVED this book! I started a fansite dedicated to it, and the upcoming movie. ;)

My favorite characters are Ian and Jared.
what is the fansite? I loved Ian! I think I would of liked Jared more if he would have seen Wanda and Mel as two different people but he couldn't get pased Mels body! I loved Jared towards the end of the book but I liked Ian once he started protecting Wanda.

I agree with what you said about Jared. My favorite part with Jared was when him and Wanda went out on the raid for the tanks and they had to sleep on the side of the Jeep. SOOO cute!
I LOVED that part 2! It was so sweet!
The Host was an excellent book. Once I read the first couple of chapters, I couldn't put it down until I finished it! Stephenie is a wonderful writer - she pulls you into the story and leaves you wanting more.
I agree... The first few chapters I was like "What?" Then it all came together and I was hooked! I couldn't put it down and it only took me 3 days to finish it once I got started!
I just got it yesterday and plan to read it after Breaking Dawn. Will let you know what I think....heard it was excellent.
Good Part! I loved this book! Im actually excited about the movie but I no that the book is still going to be better!
I'm reading it again, too! I'm at the part of the tribunal for Kyle... I hate reading this part, manily because Maggie and Sharon really tick me off at this part. I really want to reach into the book and slap both of them around. I have never disliked two characters so much.
I totally agree with you! I just dont get why after all that wanda has proved that they can't like her... I mean I understand about what is going on and stuff but she has proven herself to be selfless and only caring about the people around her!


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