The Twilight Saga

Which one do you like better?

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It is impossible to choose the host vs. the twilight saga. it would be like choosing jacob over edward or jared over ian. I choose to remain Switzerland, completely neutral.
haha, im with you on that one !
well, with the host VS. twilight thing and kinda with the ed VS. Jake.
but im gonna have to say that jared VS. ian is easy for me,i like Ian waay better
SERIOUSLY!!! i no right... jared would be better if he would have not responded to wanda like she was the ugliest dog he had ever seen. Disrespectful i tell you..... but in the end, like in the twilight saga and the host, love wins..

Twilight, it just beats the host, defs.
Don't get me wrong the host was a good book too.
im not really sure
but from the reviews ive read about The Host, i hear its a pretty good book and that it has its strong points and what not
but always and forever i will be a die hard hardcore twilight fan!! team edward/bella for life no matter what may top these books
hmm i just think twilight offers more, i mean there are 4 books compared to 1 and after that one... then what? we're either hooked and want more (but there isnt more) or you think its okay and couldnt really care less (altho if there were more you would read on)

sooo basically im still liking twilight better (:
but if you read the host, it ends off so perfectly. She did so well with summing up everything and all that into the ending, so there really isn't that big of a need for any more books.
Whoa. I think that they are so different that it is really hard to decide because they are written so differently. Both of them are amazing books but I don't think I could chose.
I love Twilight more....But they're a different story.... And I love them both...
I can't pick they are both just different and just on different levels, I luv them both for different reasons and in different ways.
I thought that twilight was better though I did like that host it could have been longer.
well, the host has its strong points. it depends on the people who read it and what preferences do they like. twilight circles on love story that can't be broken by anything while the host has a deeper theme that circulates on love and survival. so if you want adventure, it's the host that will be better read while if love story that conquers all aspects and all you choose twilight:)


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