The Twilight Saga

Which one do you like better?

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Twilight!!!!! but i love the host too it's an awesome story
Twilight is better but The Host is to!
thers no book better than twiligth
I have the book, the adventure with Melania and Wanda is so interestant
there both great,but sorry i read twlight first but it will probaly be a tie.
TWILIGHT ! :) but the host is really good too
I think they are hard to compare. It's like apples and oranges they are both fruit but still completly different. Different ideas, concepts, and even age groups. I like them both, but for two completly different reasons.
I love them both for different reasons.

The Host interests me because the protagonist is a strong female character who has struggles with herself. A guy isn't involved in the story until later in the plot. The story is about identity and who Wanderer is as a soul. Within her identity includes a question of who she loves, therefore causing guys (Jared, Jamie, and Ian) to be involved.

Twilight interests me because the protagonist is a girl who meets someone she could potentially spend the rest of her life with, but she encounters issues involving that which shapes the plot. The story is basically about Bella wanting to be with Edward, and deals with issues interfering her desire to be with him and love him forever.

Therefore both stories are different and includes its own conflicts. I enjoy them both. However since I am a hopeless romantic, I love Twilight. And since I encourage stories involving discovering one's identity, I love The Host.
I love them both but for very different reasons
The Host!!!!! Ut was AWESOME!!!!!
i love both the books there close but i love twilight better probably cause i read that first and i love the twilight charictors better though ian is the best.


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