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Which one do you like better?

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The HOST. definately. because mel isn't as helpless as bella.i felt mel was stronger because of the things she faced. im not going into detail right now but thats why.
The host
it got more depth
and overall it was better writen
it had more emotion in it
more exiting
over all- Twilight, i just got into it more, it felt more like i was actually there and i was part of the cullen clan , while i love the host i think that a different begening would have beem good, because, for the first few chapters i was so confused.........................
when i read twilight i loved everything about it, i didnt think it could get any better
but then i read the host, and without a doubt the host is better, yes it took a while to get into, the first few chapters were confusing but that confusion was necessary because it added to the whole story, the reader is left being confused and feeling quite similiar to wanda as she was confused in her choice of which life she was going to lead
the "world" in the host is better than in twilight, instead of taking place in a small town that anyone could live in, the reader gets to explore living under ground, i found that when i was reading i was just as captivated by the characters as i was about their surroundings, steph has an ability to sweep you into another world that is so bizarre and fantastic yet makes it somewhat realistic and makes you feel like this maybe could happen
At first The Host was quite boring in the first 14 or 15 chapters but I got glued to it in the succeeding chapters. It's quite like New Moon in chapters where the vampires are MIA. I agree that The Host has its strong points and some philosophical insights such as the - can you fall in love to a soul? Definitely yes but you need to have some physical basis first and this could have happened to Ian O'Shea who can see Melanie but later fell in love to the more kind and unselfish Wanda. At least I did not hate the female leads who were not confused about their feelings towards the man they love unlike Bella who could was quite curious about falling in love with two persons. In general, I kinda liked both Twilight and The Host as a whole.
Twilight!!! When you are reading Host you have to first get over the fact that it's not Twilight...than you realize that it's a VERY good book. But you just can't compare the two.

twilight was boring for the first and second chapter but it ROCKS!!!! but THE HOST is interesting from the begin to end. so ill have to say THE HOST but it was a close call!!!!!!!!!
The Host is way better than Twilight.
At least The Host gets on with the story. And you are able to get along with both Melanie and Wanda.
Bella just does my head in throughout the whole saga.
I think Twilight is better but i think i'm being biased......Twilight is my baby lol like i can't go against it or do anything to hurt it...although the Host was AMAZING....i just wish there were to be more romance in it
I've now finished reading The Host... I found it somewhat dejá vu on the love triangle thing.... and though after the first half the host is really gripping, I have to say Twilight is my favourite.


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