The Twilight Saga

Which one do you like better?

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you just can't put on such a question!It's like describing black and white.they are so far the one from the other but still so close.It's so ease to understand their written from the same author!
twilight because it was easy to get into then host and because i was confused a couple of times in host but i was never confuse will reading any of the twilight books
i say the host is my favorite only because there is so much attention towards twilight i feel like just another crazed fan that goes with the flow of the next big thing.
but honestly the host is very awsome and it made me cry it really did i was balling like a baby when wanda left.
then i was so happy at the end.
~the host~
{p.s. i love ian o'shea!!!!!}
loveee Ian!!!
Hmmm. I'd have to The Host, basically, I mean I love Twilight and all but I guess I got bored of it? Ah, that seems cruel. Any ways it was an awesome book! I totally loved it and I was wondering if there might be a sequel?
The host is much more better, like everyone needs to know what happens, the ending of the Twilight Saga isnt that...deep bone need to know wht happens next if u know wht 'm talking about.
srry, gotta say Twilight,i love the Host, better wrttin, more mature, but, gotta go wit Twilight
i love them both but they are really different stories ..... twilight is more like a teen novel and in the moment you start reading it you catch the idea and you can't stop reading but in the host you get really confused when you first start it but then you can't stop reading and thinking about it.
i think that everybody can read twilight and get it perfectly but it doesnt happen the same thing with the host... it's a more mature reading book and as we've seen in many discussions here, not everyone gets it.
i love twilight but i'm gonna say THE HOST...i just can't stop thinking about it
This is a hard one. The Host is very emotional and makes you feel for the characters. Reading the Host just makes you wont to cry for Wanda and her situation. On the other hand, Twilight has emotion and some action going on. Although not as much emotion as the Host. Overall, the Host is better hands down. is aactually a piece of literature...Twilight is good but it is pathetic...just about Bella and Edward... The Host is about what could happen..the complexitey of being a human.....i love twilight but host is much much much better.
I personally Prefer The Host, because Twilight is really good, but I believe it focuses too much on Bella and Edwards romance. the host is a little less smothering.
I loved the Twilight sage, but I prefer The Host. Host is very nice and we need to think to understand. I would love a second book.


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