The Twilight Saga


This Twlight Saga Fan Fiction will be written between two TTS memebers, Jada Blackwater and Envy Breeds Hate, who will alternate between chapters. Chapter one, is being written by Jada Blackwater.


This story will be in two different Point's of View.


One writter, will write in the point of view of a werewolf...



One writter, will write in the point of view of a vampire...



We hope that anyone who reads, will enjoy the story we are working so hard on. We thought of this and ideas just went flying left and right, back and forth, and just about everywhere. We have come up with a solid idea for it and wish to share it with our fellow TTS members.


Any readers, please, leave comments so that we know you enjoy it. Thank you :)





Hot Winter, Cold Summer

A Twilight Saga Fan Fiction Partnership Piece






Prologue (Written by Envy Breeds Hate):




A dark, cold feeling took over me as lay here. Unable to move, I screamed in pain into nothing but pure black darkness. Out from the corner of my eye, I saw something. Bright crimson red flashed past me.

I screamed.

What’s happening to me?

As another scream began to come through me, a dark figure stood above me and covered my mouth. The figure had deep crimson red eyes that burned through me. I couldn’t move, speak, or even think.

The figure moved closer to me and I could feel its sharp teeth move over the skin on my neck. Before I could think about what was going to happen, the teeth bit through me.



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wow I like it :) please keep me updated and I wonder what Jada will come up with for the first chapter so please keep me updated as I want to read this :)

I can't wait to read this, it sounds like a good story

Love stay :) xx

Thank you :)

Jada has informed me that she is working hard on chapter one right now.

no prb and kk :)

Chapter one: A New Scent
Seth's POV

We were all at Emily's house snacking on some of her giant muffins. Collin and Brady got back from patrolling La Push and Forks. They didn't hesitate to go immediately to Sam. Something was up, I could tell. Usually when they got back from patrol they would grab something to eat, sit down and joke around with everyone.

Collin said "Sam, there's something that we noticed on patrol. There was a new vampire scent. We don't know where it starts or ends. It seems to go all over Forks and La Push."

Sam thought for a moment and then said "Ok. I want Seth, Jake and Paul to go and track this vampire down. Follow its scent as best you can. I want an update every hour so I'll be checking in. If anything happens howl and we'll be there as fast as possible. I want all of you to be on guard."

Then Brady said "What about us? We caught the scent after all."

"I want new people on this so they can follow it properly. You two were on patrol when you ran Ito the scent so it could have seemed like the vampire went everywhere when it didn't. I need new eyes to asses the situation. Now you three get moving."

We went out of the house without a word, phased and started following the scent. It was fresh so it burned my nose more than it usually does.

Immediately Paul thought 'Looks like we've got another stupid bloodsucker to wrangle up. Why do we have to be the ones to follow the stupid scent?'

Jake snapped at him, 'oh be quiet Paul. That's the order that Sam gave us and we shouldn't complain. We can get it done faster without them.'

You could always give the orders if you wanted to Jake. I thought quietly to myself, but since we were in wolf form they both heard it anyway. I could tell that Jake was so tired of hearing this from me.

'Listen kid, that is Sam's job and he does a way better job at it than I could ever do. You need to get your head out of the clouds and back on track.'

Just like that Jake had gotten us back to the task at hand. We kept following the scent and giving Sam updates as he checked in on us. After a while the scent crossed paths with some of the Cullen's. What could they possibly be doing? Who was this vampire and did he or she know the Cullens? So many questions ran through my head. We kept following the scent and eventually it mixed in with the Cullen's scent. After about another hour we foun ourselves at the Cullen's driveway. We phased back to human and started walking up the driveway. We got to the door and Jake didn't even bother knocking. He just opened the door and stormed in with Paul right behind him. I didn't like barging in on the Cullens. After all, thy were my friends. I walked in and wanted to apologize for their rude behavior. Before I could get any words out I saw this beautiful girl. She captivated me for some reason. I wanted to go up to her and ask what her name was. All I knew about her was that she was....... that vampire.

Author's note: I hope you like it. It's always the hardest to write the first chapter and the last chapter.

Nice writting, Jada. Lol, I have to change the whole ending of chapter two now though xD

Thanks. Haha. At Lear you don't have to change the whole thing.

Great writing I hope that this story goes well and you can pick it up OK from each other.

Good luck in your task.

Best wishes


Thank you, Chris :)


- Dajah

Thanks so much. I'm glad you like it so far.

Very mysterious!  I am looking forward to see how the story develops from the two different point of views!

Aww Seth Imprinted by the looks of it :) bless

Chapter Two – I’m a… vampire?



All I can feel is a burning pain through my throat.

As I sit here under this big oak tree, I can’t help by to cry from the pain. I can’t feel tears… why? I’m crying… there should be tears coming from my eyes. Why is it… dry?

Confused and in pain, I sat there.

I don’t know what to do and the burning is too much for me to handle. I sighed and the burning seemed to ease for a moment when I caught the smell of something wonderful. Desperate for an end to this pain, I got up and ran towards the smell. I was fast. Really fast. Faster than any human could ever go.

What am I?

As I ran, I bumped into a man and landed on my butt in front of him. His eyes were bright gold and his hair was dark. He looked down at me and I could see all his muscles. They were huge.

“Who are you?”

Even with the confusion in his voice, it was beautiful. It was deep and sounded almost like the stereo-type of a football player. Rough and tough yet, I could hear a hint of soft and sweet in there as well.

“Angelina. Angelina Nicole Adkins. I’m looking for… something. But I don’t know what it is…”

He looked at me like I was crazy then put his hand out to help me to my feet.

“Are you a newborn?”

A newborn!? Do I look like a baby to him!? What kind of moron am I talking to?

“Newborn? No. I’m not a newborn! I’m a teenager!”

He looked confused for a second then busted out in laughter. He was laughing at me.

“Hey! Stop it!”

He continued to laugh. I’m not putting up with this.

I turned around and started to walk away from him and the laughter suddenly stopped.

“Hey! Wait… Don’t go. I didn’t mean newborn baby… I meant newborn vampire!”

Vampire. That word stopped me dead in my tracks. What if I was a vampire?

The man was then in front of me again and he looked at me as if I was a small child.

“I’m going to take this as a yes. You need to hunt… that’s the problem. But I can’t take you on your first real hunt… I’ll mess up. Oh, I’m Emmett by the way. Emmett Cullen.”

I’m… a vampire. And so is this man? Emmett…

“Oh… okay.”

“Follow me, okay. I’m going to take you to meet the rest of us.”

There’s more? Emmett started running and I followed him. Both of us faster than anything I have ever seen before in my life. We ended up at a huge house that stunned me. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Before Emmett and I made it to the front door, there was a man in our path. He had reddish brown hair and his eyes were bright gold… just like Emmett’s. He looked very angry.

“Emmett! Why would you bring a newborn here now? You know Bella is here today!”

“I’m sorry, Ed. Where else was I going to take her? You and Carlisle are the only two of us that could take a newborn on their first hunt… and I couldn’t let a newborn vampire run around Forks in the woods alone. The wolves would have killed her. You know that.”

Wolves? I’m sure a vampire could beat down a wolf pretty fast.

“Speak of the dogs and the dogs shall come…”

Dogs? I thought they were talking about wolves… What’s going on here?

“Is the pack coming?”

Emmett asked Ed and I stood there, behind Emmett, listening to them speak.

“Yes. I can hear Jacob, Seth, and Paul. I’m sure they are the only three so things should go pretty smoothly. Seth is a good guy and Bella is here so Jacob won’t get to rough. The only one we have to worry about is Paul. He has a temper, remember?”

How come this vampire, Ed, can hear farther out then I could. I could hear for miles and I couldn’t hear anything from people talking about vampires.

Ed looked at me.

“I can read minds. My name is Edward so please just call me that. I really don’t like being called Ed.”

Mind reading? Vampires can read minds? Edward spoke to me again.

“Not all vampires. Just me. We can all talk about this stuff later. Right now, we should get in the house. Less likely to have a fight break out if we are indoors.”

Edward started walking in the house and Emmett and I followed him. Emmett looked down at me and winked as we entered the house.

When we walked in, I saw the most amazing living room I have ever seen. On the couch, a girl with long blonde hair sat next to another pretty girl who had short brown hair that spiked outward from her face. They both had the same bright gold eyes as Edward and Emmett.

Behind the couch stood a tall blonde haired man who’s eyes were a little darker than the other vampires here but they were still a bright gold color. He looked tense but stood respectfully. He looked at me and nodded. He then turned and looked at two people who were standing next to a long set of stairs.

The two people both had bright gold eyes, just like everyone else. The man had short light blonde hair while the woman had long curly brown hair. They held hands and looked very cute together.

I turned and looked at Edward who was staring across the room at a girl. The girl looked different from the rest of the people in the room. She had big brown eyes and beautiful long brown hair. She was pale but not nearly as pale as everyone else. I guessed that she was human.

Emmett directed me to stand next to him, behind the couch with the tall blonde haired man and Edward walked to stand by the side of the only human in the room. She looked very calm while he looked to be rather tense. He stood in front of her, blocking her from me. Why? What was I going to do?

Out of nowhere, the front door slammed open. In walked three huge men. They were all tan and very fit. They were shirtless and all shared a very… creative tattoo on their arm. I looked at each of them separately as the stormed into the house.

The first man looked determined, almost like he was on a mission of some sort.

The second man looked angry, annoyed, and like he just didn’t want to be here.

The third man looked… sweet. His eyes looked caring as he looked around the room. He looked at Edward then his eyes landed on me. I couldn’t help but to stare at him and his deep brown eyes. He was just the most adorable and handsome man I had ever seen.

“Who’s the new bloodsucker that’s running around here?”

The third guy and I both jumped at the sound of the deep voice of the first man in the line.

“None of your business, Jacob. It’s not yours or the packs concern.”

Edward spoke calmly to…. Jacob.

“I’m here because I was told to find the bloodsucker and get information and I’m not leaving until I get that information. I only finished step one of a two-step order.”

Jacob spoke in a serious yet calm tone. He was talking to Edward but his eyes were locked on the human girl behind Edward. He looked at her with care. It was nothing like the look he had on his face when he barged through the front door.

“You want information, dog? Fine. Her name’s Angelina.”

Emmett blurted out to the man. Jacob. He was serious as he spoke and kept me slightly behind him the whole time. Jacob looked at him and then to me. His eyes locked onto mine. He didn’t look sweetly at me the way the other man did. He looked angry almost and defensive.

The second man glared at me and growled loudly while Jacob moved across the room. He now stood next to Edward, blocking the human girl from me.

Why do people keep doing that? I’m just standing here.


Edward spoke calmly to Jacob, who hadn’t spoken a word since Emmett had.

Again, Edward spoke. Answering thoughts, I would guess.

“I don’t know. She’s only been here for about a half hour.”

They were thinking and talking about me. I sighed and looked down. It seems I’m causing a lot of trouble to these people or… vampires or… wolves… maybe I shouldn’t be here.

I took a deep breath as I realized, I hadn’t been breathing. When I inhaled, I caught an awful scent but I also caught the scent of something perfect. Perfectly sweet and wonderful. It was the human girl.

Her scent took control of me. I needed it. I needed her.

The scent… her blood… it was going to be mine.



Author's note: This is the first chapter I have written but, the second chapter of the story. Hope you guys liked it! Lol :) I had a lot of fun writing it!


- Dajah




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