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This Twlight Saga Fan Fiction will be written between two TTS memebers, Jada Blackwater and Envy Breeds Hate, who will alternate between chapters. Chapter one, is being written by Jada Blackwater.


This story will be in two different Point's of View.


One writter, will write in the point of view of a werewolf...



One writter, will write in the point of view of a vampire...



We hope that anyone who reads, will enjoy the story we are working so hard on. We thought of this and ideas just went flying left and right, back and forth, and just about everywhere. We have come up with a solid idea for it and wish to share it with our fellow TTS members.


Any readers, please, leave comments so that we know you enjoy it. Thank you :)





Hot Winter, Cold Summer

A Twilight Saga Fan Fiction Partnership Piece






Prologue (Written by Envy Breeds Hate):




A dark, cold feeling took over me as lay here. Unable to move, I screamed in pain into nothing but pure black darkness. Out from the corner of my eye, I saw something. Bright crimson red flashed past me.

I screamed.

What’s happening to me?

As another scream began to come through me, a dark figure stood above me and covered my mouth. The figure had deep crimson red eyes that burned through me. I couldn’t move, speak, or even think.

The figure moved closer to me and I could feel its sharp teeth move over the skin on my neck. Before I could think about what was going to happen, the teeth bit through me.



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Chapter Eighteen – Love

“Why should we believe you?”

Emmett spoke in his deep, cold, angry voice as he spat words at Jacob. I may be a cold skinned vampire but right now, I’m heated. Emmett insulted Jacob and even worse, hinted that Seth can’t be trusted. I may be small and I may not know much right now but one thing I do know is I’m stronger than everyone at the moment.

“I will tell you this once and only once. They plan on attacking.”

Jacob spoke like a true leader would. His head was held high and his chest was out. He was a leader. Nothing like before when he told me about his feelings for Bella. The human girl. It may not be exactly the same thing… but its close enough and I feel so bad for him. Maybe I’ll get Bella’s side of the story too… if Edward ever lets me near her alone.

They as in the pack? Plan on attacking the Cullens? My new family? Over my dead body!

“I told you guys they couldn’t be trusted!”

Emmett glared at Jacob and Seth as he barked his hate filled words that were directed at me. I don’t care if the pack can’t be trusted and but Seth and Jacob can be. I will not let Emmett treat them like this.

“They are going to come here and ruin our family! They will try to kill us all!”

He started walking toward Seth, slowly, and glared daggers of hate at him.

“And it’s all your fault!”

“Stop it!”

I yelled and then there was a crash as Emmett’s huge body landed outside after going through the window. I didn’t mean to throw him but… I don’t know. I guess I don’t have full control over this power right now… Oh well, he deserved it anyway.

A deep growl came from inside Emmett as he got up and walked away, into the woods somewhere. I looked at Seth who pulled me into a hug, holding me close to him. It felt nice… although I seem very defensive right now, I’m really scared. What if they do come after us? Can we hold them off? Could we win that fight? Would… would Seth fight with them?

“Relax, Angelina, everything will be okay. We have the upper hand knowing that they are coming. We will have to start training though and get Emmett to chill out. Now, Jacob, do you have any idea when?”

Edward’s voice had completely changed since the last time he spoke. He was calm now. He was strong and ready and reminded me of a leader almost as much as Jacob had when he had spoken. Seth’s arms stayed wrapped around me as I watched the two men speak.

“No, I have no idea. My job was to come find out if you guys as a whole had hunted recently or not. I’ll tell them you all were out when I showed up… it will give you more time to ready yourselves.”

“Thank you, Jacob.”

“Sure, sure. I need to get going.”

And then he left, looking back at Seth and me before walking out the large hole Emmett had created, and then running off into the woods in the opposite direction Emmett had.

The room fell silent then and Edward spoke quickly before running out the hole in the window.

“We will start training tonight in the clearing.”

I looked up at Seth who, in the face, looked rather calm but, in the eyes, looked very worried. I sighed and lay my head on him which made him tighten his grip around me in response. I wonder what kind of training we will do at the clearing tonight. Will Seth join in? Will he fight with us against his own brothers?

“Are you okay?”

He was the first to break the silence after what seemed like a lifetime of standing there. Am I okay? Physically… I’m perfect. Emotionally… I’m alright. Mentally… I’m confused. I don’t know what to do or what’s going to happen. What if my newly found family is taken from me? Maybe I should just give myself up… the treaty is already broken… what if I went back to them? What if I just gave myself in and let them kill me? Would they go for that? If I wrote up a new treaty and a letter to the Cullens that explained it… a letter to Seth telling him how sorry I am and how much I love him… and having Jacob sign the new treaty and let that Paul guy kill me. Would that fix this?

“I guess. Are you?”

There was a pause before he spoke again. He sounded stressed and I felt guilty for it. He wouldn’t have to be going through this if it wasn’t for me. I caused this…

“Yeah, sure. I’m just trying to figure out what to do.”

“Why- why don’t you go back to the pack…?”

Do I want him to leave? No. Do I want him safe? Yes. Even if that means he has to help kill me. He took a step back and held me by the shoulders. His deep brown eyes looked through me and captured my soul. He held onto me with his eyes and looked at me with disbelief.

“And help them hurt you? Never.”

“Bu- but…”

“But nothing. I could never do that.”

“Why not?”

It was a question that just came out. I hadn’t planned on asking it and I could tell he hated that I had. He always got the same look when the word ‘why’ came out of my mouth. Like he never knew how to explain whatever it was I was asking about. Or, didn’t want to.

He looked deeper into my eyes, if that was even possible, and gave me a look that froze me. If I had a beating heart, it would be speeding right now. I would be sweating if I could be. Shaking with nerves. Blushing bright red. Breathing heavy. If I was human… I would be a mess. That’s what his eyes could do to me.

“Because I- I love you, Angelina. And I could never hurt you.”

I love you too, Seth. Go on, say it. Oh my gosh… Seth just told me he loved me! I feel like I’m on a cloud, in space, while Mother Nature and God-All-Mighty shook my hand and patted my back. Like I’ve just won a prize. Like I earned the gold metal. Like I beat the world record. Like I was queen. Like… everything wasn’t falling to pieces right now. Right now, everything is pure perfection. Seth loves me. And it came directly from his lips.

I could feel myself smiling, my teeth being flashed at him, and my cheeks beginning to run out of room to move away from the smile. He smiled back at me but it was slightly nervous as, I hadn’t responded in words yet. But I couldn’t get my voice to work. I couldn't make words. I was too happy to.

“I- I- I- I love you too!”

A larger smile and a slight chuckle fell down onto me from Seth’s perfect mouth. The only thing that could make this moment any more perfect is if he kissed me… I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself closer to him, dropping that hint and hoping he’d catch it.



Author's Note: Ahhhhhhhhhhh I am on a writing role!! Having chapters up daily for like, three days now? Oh yeah! Hope you guys, you amazing people, you wonderful readers, like the chapter. Leave me and Jada some comments below and don't forget to fall in love with the relationship between Seth and Angelina because trust me, I have!! Lol


- Dajah



Love it! They are so sweet! I've fallen in love with their relationship too! They are so cute together!

Great job writing! He better make that move!

What a sweet moment between Angelina and Seth!  I really want things to work out for them!

LOVE IT! Seth and Angelina are amazing. Good update =)

I love the new chapters! I am glad Jake understands, at least someone does. This moment between Angelina and Seth was just so sweet :)

Chapter Nineteen – Leah





“I- I- I- I love you too!”


I couldn’t help but to smile so wide. I had never been so happy in my life. For a second there I thought she wouldn’t say it back and I just looked like a fool. I chuckled at myself for thinking that she wouldn’t say it back. Of course she would. She went all the way to La Push just to figure out why the guys were doing what they were doing. Even though it did break the treaty it showed that she cared.


She wrapped her cold, rock hard arms around me and pulled herself closer to me. She smiled up at me playfully, waiting for something. I didn’t know why but her cold skin felt good around my neck. I chuckled and in response wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her even closer. Should I really be doing this? Heck, Why not? It can’t cause anything to be much worse. I leaned down and put my lips on hers, kissing her softly.


She slowly tightened her arms around my neck. At first it didn’t bother me but then it got to the point where she was almost choking me. I had to pull away to breathe. I rubbed my neck where her arms were. My neck was sore and I’d probably have bruises there for a day or so.


“I’m so sorry. I guess I forget how strong I am sometimes.”


I looked at her and she looked upset. I chuckled and she looked at me like I was crazy.


“Why are you laughing? I just hurt you.”


“I’m laughing because it’s nothing. The bruises will be gone by tomorrow. Werewolves are extremely fast healers. Next time you’ll have to remember that I’m more delicate than you.”


I went to her and wrapped my arms around her waist and smiled down at her. There was something about her that made everything she did seem so cute.


“Next time? So there’s going to be more?”


Her voice was a mix between flirting and what I would say, a child waiting for that one amazing thing to happen again. I smiled at her.


“Does this answer your question?”


I leaned down and kissed her again. When we kissed it was so different than anything I had ever felt. Her lips were rock hard but they also seemed soft somehow. They were ice cold, but they held some heat in some way. It was something that I couldn’t quite explain. I pulled away when I needed to breathe. Her face seemed to be glowing with happiness. Did I really cause that much joy in her?


“I guess we better get to the clearing. Edward will be expecting you. They need to train you.”


She nodded and I went to go phase. I led her to the clearing. When we got there Edward was in the middle of the field with Emmett. He still looked angry, but not fuming like he was before. Everyone else was scattered around the field. Maybe I should go. This doesn’t seem like somewhere I should be.


“Why don’t you stay Seth? You could help and give Angelina pointers.”


Edward spoke like he was ready to get started and he was waiting for me to decide. I shook my head. I wasn’t going to help the Cullens or the pack right now. I didn’t want them to fight. I didn’t want to have to choose a side.


“Ok. If you feel that way then you may go.”


Edward turned back to Emmett and started explaining things to him about what he would like him to do.


“Go? Where are you going? I’d feel a lot better if you stayed her and watch over me as I trained.”


She ran her fingers through my fir. I nuzzled my head to her cheek in response and sat down at the edge of the clearing. She wanted me here so I was going to stay and watch. She smiled and ran out to the center of the field to see what she would be doing. They began almost immediately. She went through trying to fight off each person at a time, trying to control her power and fighting a group of them at once.


I was late and I was getting tired. I laid my head down on my paws and closed my eyes. I was fading into sleep fast.


So look who’s a full blown traitor now.


My eyes shot open and I looked around. Leah’s voice was so prominent in my head. I guess me not wanting to pick sides has not separated me from the pack. I’m not a traitor. I don’t want to pick between you guys or the Cullens.


You mean you don’t want to pick between us and her. Well to me it looks like you’ve already chosen, but don’t want to admit it.


No, I haven’t. If I did I’d be helping them train Angelina. I don’t want anyone to get hurt. You have to understand that.


You’re too soft Seth. You let every little thing get to you. You need to be more forceful. How do you expect anyone to listen to you if you don’t be forward about it?


Forcefulness is not what we need right now. Can’t we all just sit down together and write a new treaty? Wouldn’t that be better than going to war?


Oh how great. It seems I’ve found the only diplomat in this whole situation. That’s not an option Seth.


Her tone was obviously mocking. Why did she always have to do this? It was fine if we were just joking around and doing what brother and sister do, but now it was just cruel. Why can’t you just act like my sister Leah? Why can’t you try and support me like older sisters are supposed to?


I can’t support you in this! This is treason! It is wrong and you know it! You can’t do something like this and expect me to support you!


Well you could at least act like you don’t want to hurt me. I certainly don’t want to hurt you. You are my sister no matter what. You’ve always been there for me and I keep waiting for you to be there for me now. I guess I am just a kid. Just like Jake says. I guess I’m too naive to do anything right.


No. Seth, you’re not just a kid. You’re much more than that. You are my little brother. You’re right. I don’t want to hurt you, but I have to obey Sam’s orders. You know how it is. Do you really think I want to listen to Sam while you’re out there by yourself? I –


Leah’s voice was cut off from my head. Leah! No! I got up and ran. I saw where she was through her head. I had to go and help her. I had no clue what was happening, but I had to protect her. She’s protected me and now I have to protect her.



Author’s Note: I hope you guys like this chapter. Hopefully I will be able to update things faster. I also plan on writing a story of my own. More details when that is actually underway. Thank you guys so much!

Seth is so wonderful and loyal!  I wonder what was happening to Leah?  I hope it's not a trap!

ooh I like this. Lol, Seth makes me smile :) he's so sweet with Angelina, she just needs to go easy on him, lol. Delicate Seth

Great job, Jada!

Good chapter! I adore Seth! Can't wait for your story Jada!

Nice job, Seth!


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