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This Twlight Saga Fan Fiction will be written between two TTS memebers, Jada Blackwater and Envy Breeds Hate, who will alternate between chapters. Chapter one, is being written by Jada Blackwater.


This story will be in two different Point's of View.


One writter, will write in the point of view of a werewolf...



One writter, will write in the point of view of a vampire...



We hope that anyone who reads, will enjoy the story we are working so hard on. We thought of this and ideas just went flying left and right, back and forth, and just about everywhere. We have come up with a solid idea for it and wish to share it with our fellow TTS members.


Any readers, please, leave comments so that we know you enjoy it. Thank you :)





Hot Winter, Cold Summer

A Twilight Saga Fan Fiction Partnership Piece






Prologue (Written by Envy Breeds Hate):




A dark, cold feeling took over me as lay here. Unable to move, I screamed in pain into nothing but pure black darkness. Out from the corner of my eye, I saw something. Bright crimson red flashed past me.

I screamed.

What’s happening to me?

As another scream began to come through me, a dark figure stood above me and covered my mouth. The figure had deep crimson red eyes that burned through me. I couldn’t move, speak, or even think.

The figure moved closer to me and I could feel its sharp teeth move over the skin on my neck. Before I could think about what was going to happen, the teeth bit through me.



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Great job, Jada! Like always.

Thanks. I already have an idea for chapter seven. I just need to wait until yours.

Poor Seth is in a difficult position!  I hope someone will be on his side!  Can't wait to see what happens next!

awww poor Seth :(

Chapter Six – First Hunt

After Emmett told me I was a Cullen everyone introduced themselves. Jasper and Alice, Carlisle and Esme, and then Rosalie. Edward wouldn’t let Bella near me anymore… not until I hunt. Which is now our current conversation.

“Jasper should take her. I mean, he understands newborns the best, right?”

Emmett spoke to the rest of the family.

“Yes, but Edward can read her mind.”

“And Alice can see what she’s going to do before she does it. There are three different people who could do it and all have a great reasoning for why it should be them.”

Rosalie and Esme spoke their ideas while I sat there, not knowing if I should speak or not. I mean, I am just a newborn who did just try to drink a human’s blood not too long ago.

Maybe, if they have a mind reader, a future see-er, and a newborn understand-er… all three of them should take me. That way there is no way that they would need someone and them not be there….

“Good idea, Angelina.”

Edward spoke with a slight smile. He seemed to be getting used to me. I smiled at him and Emmett looked annoyed.

“You know we can’t hear thoughts… Someone inform us, please.”

I wonder if I have a power… all of the other Cullen’s told me what their powers were and how they worked. Wouldn’t it be cool if I had one, too? How do you know if you have a power?

“All three of us are taking her. Me, Alice, and Jasper.”

Edward looked at Alice and Jasper as he spoke and they both nodded.

I guess that means it’s time to go.

All four of us, Edward, Alice, Jasper, and I, got up and headed for the back door. It was a huge sliding glass door that leads to the backyard. It was big, but not as big as the front yard. Just like the rest of the house, it was surrounded by trees and lead straight into the forest.

The three Cullen’s stared running and I followed. Edward was leading all of us as we dashed through the woods. It was starting to get dark and the sundown looked beautiful though the leaves and the tops of the trees. Suddenly, Edward stopped running and I stopped right next to him. Alice stayed next to Jasper.

The Cullen’s also told me about how they were all couples. It seemed weird to me at first but then, it seemed normal. I mean, none of them were related for real. It was a huge cover up that they just fell into.

I like Emmett. I feel like he will be a fun big brother to me.

Japer seems really cool, too. If ever loosens up around me…

Edward, he just seems really to himself and reserved. But I think that if he opens up more, he will be a great big brother. I think that he will either really dislike me or really like me… and I will never know the truth about how he really feels until something happens that makes him have to show it. He just seems like that kind of guy…

He looked at me. A blank expression on his face. His jaw clenched.

“Close your eyes.”

I did as I was told and stood there, with my eyes closed, taking in the world around me.

I can hear for miles… I can even hear the trucks and cars that road on the streets.

“Now, what do you hear?”

“Birds… and cars…”

“Listen closer. You’re focusing too much on how far you can hear. Stay within the forest.”

His voice was soft as he spoke me. Caring, almost. I could hear Alice and Jasper talking to each other as they stood behind me, watching.

I listened to the sounds of the forest, as Edward told me to do. I could hear… life.

It was beautiful. The sounds of the world took over me.

I could hear a large bear and two different smaller ones all together… a mother and her cubs? I could hear the sounds of small animals running across branches in trees. Owls just beginning to wake up from their daily sleep, deer wondering the open spaces and blindly tripping over small rocks, the low growl of a mountain lion protecting its cave as its own.


Edward’s voice pulled me back to life. I opened my eyes and looked at him.

“I didn’t say to open them yet…”

I closed my eyes once again and stood there, waiting for him to tell me what to do next.

“Okay. Now, what do you smell?”

Smells… something I hardly noticed. I haven’t even breathed since back before the wolves had left…

The wolves… the third guy… his name possibly Seth…

You need to stop it, Angelina. Right now. Stop it. Listen to Edward. What do you smell? Listen to him!

I opened my mouth and breathed in, releasing it from my nose. I then took in my next breath from my nose and let myself take in the scents of the world.

There was so much to take in…

The air smelt wet but it was a pleasant smell. I could smell a very sweet smell that was in the direction of the deer sounds. Along with a… rough? If there are rough smells… that was in the direction of the mountain lion. Another sweet smell was behind me, not far away.

I listened, it wasn’t the deer sounds. It was something else. Elk?


I did as I was told and saw Edward’s bright gold eyes directly in front of me. He stared into my eyes.


Acting on reaction to commands and instinct, I turned around and ran for the sweet scent of the elk. It wasn’t far… it only took me a few seconds to reach them.

There were three of them: one male, two female.

I could feel my hunger taking over me. The need for the elk’s blood. The need to have my teeth ripping through its flesh. I could almost taste it…

Before I could think about a plan for going after the blood of this animal, I found myself pulling one of the females to the ground and digging my teeth into its neck. Its blood flowed into my mouth quickly and my throat began to feel at ease. The pain was something I had grown used to but the soothing feeling I have now made me sick of the burning that was deep in my throat.

I didn’t let the elk go until she was completely empty of blood.

“Very good.”

Edward’s voice was right behind me and I turned around quickly to face him.


My throat still burns some… that one elk was not enough for my hunger. I need more.

“Then go get more. We have all night.”

I looked around and noticed that Alice and Jasper were gone. Where did they go?

“Home. You are doing so well that they thought they weren’t needed. It’s just me and you out here.”

I don’t know how I feel about that. Just Edward and I…

Ignoring the fact that I’m alone with him, I ran. Running towards the closest smell of blood I could find.

The bears.

I don’t want to leave cubs alone without a mother so I went for the two of them first. No baby should have to watch their mother being killed… not even if it wouldn’t have lasted very long.

I finished off both the cubs and the mother bear pretty quickly.

A wicked smell took over my nose. It was a mix between musky and sweet. I can’t decide if I like it or not. I followed my nose to it. I don’t want to drink whatever it was; I just want to know what it is.

It took about ten minutes to find where the scent was coming from… it had kept moving.

After I found it, I saw that it was a huge wolf. One of the huge wolves from earlier.

Which one? Is it the one that attacked me or the one that saved me?

Guy number two or guy number three?

I hid behind a tree. Stupidly, I mean, a werewolf would be able to hear and smell me… right?


Author's Note: I wasn't sure how to end this chapter so I thought it would be cool to end it with a wolf sighting :) lol. Don't forget to leave a comment! Thanks so much for reading!


- Dajah


Awesome. My idea can work with the end of the next chapter. Hm

Lol awesome

Hi there,

great chapter - a lovely descriptio of a first hunt, sounds and smells.

And she is almost deciding who to have a crush on, Jsaper, Emmett, Edward or Seth.

Ah well plenty of time to decide girl, don't hurry.

Best wishes



Angelina seems to fit in really well with the Cullens! She is already thinking of them like family. And she seems to be very good at their method of hunting. She also seems to be a very compassionate person! Maybe Seth sensed that about her. Speaking of Seth, I wonder if it is Seth or Paul that she encounters at the end of the chapter? It could be a very pivotal moment either way. Of course it could also be Jake keeping an eye on her because of what almost happened with Bella. I can't wait to see what happens next!

wow intense

                                                                           Chapter Seven - Her



Sam looked at me confused "What?"

"Well, um... I was just telling you that her name is Angelina."

I was nervous. What if Sam saw that I cared about her?

He studied me and eyed me warily. It felt like he was assessing every word I had said and how I said it.

Finally he said "Why don't you go home and get some rest? It's been a pretty busy day for you."

I nodded and said "Ok"

I went outside, but little did Sam know that I had no plans of going home. I needed to get away from here and think. I needed to figure out what I was going to do. Most of all, I needed to figure out what was going on.

I went into the woods and phased. I had no idea where I was going to go. I just started running in the opposite direction of my house.

I wasn't running at full speed. It was more like a jog rather than a run. In about fifteen minutes I had passed the border. I didn't stop just because I had passed the border, I kept going. In about another fifteen minutes I stopped.

I laid down and put my head on my laws. I wanted to just lay here and fall asleep. I closed my eyes and listened to the forest.

I heard something out of the ordinary and my head shot up. I got up and slowly started towards where the sound came from. I smelt a familiar scent and started following it.

I found Angelina hiding behind a tree. I shook my head and backed up a few feet.

She looked at me a little scared. Did she think I was going to hurt her? I looked at her a bit confused and then realized that they must not have told her about the treaty yet. Their first priority must of been taking her hunting.

I chuckled my deep wolf laugh. Now it was her turn to look at me confused. Ae probably didn't recognize me in my wolf form either.

"What's so funny?" She asked a little defensive.

I opened my mouth to start explaining, but them I realized she wouldn't be able to understand me.

I went behind a tree and phased human. I came out from behind the tree with a smile on my face.

"I wasn't going to hurt you. I was laughing because they were more focused on taking you for your first hunt rather than telling you about the treaty."

She looked even more confused. "What's the treaty?"

"My point exactly.The treaty is between the wolves of La Push and the Cullens. It basically says that if the Cullens stay off our land, we won't hurt them. So I can't hurt you even if I wanted to. That is unless I want the treaty broken and there be a war between us. That's something no one wants."

"Is that why you saved me from that other wolf?"

"Who, Paul? That was part of the reason. There was more to it and most of it I'm not ever sure about."

She looked at me very skeptical and I laughed again.

"Look, I can't hurt you. Even if I could, I wouldn't."


It was just one word, but it held so much weight. Why wouldn't you? Why do you are? Why did you help me? Even though she didn't ask any of these questions, I heard her saying them in my head. Why?

I hesitated "I'm not sure exactly. I think there is something I see in you, but I don't know what it is. I wish I could give you an actual answer, but I can't. I'm just as clueless as you. I'm just a kid. I hardly have any of the answers you're looking for."

I looked down at the ground, ashamed. Her next words surprised me.

"No. How you acted today showed that you are more than just a kid. What other.... werewolf would defend me the way you did after what I did?"

She seemed to choke on the word werewolf. This was all new to her so I don't blame her.

"You don't like that word, werewolf, do you?"

She shook her head. "You kill creatures like me, I mean vampires, don't you?"

"Yes, but only if they are a threat. You are a Cullen now, so you won't be a threat. They'll teach you all you need to know. You're in good hands."

She seemed to think about that for a moment.

"You treat us differently than the rest of them do. Why?"

That question seemed to keep popping up. Why?

"I don't see why we can't. All vampires were humans once so why should we have to treat them like monsters as soon as they change? It just doesn't make sense to me. I've been friends with the Cullens ever since I joined the pack."

"The pack. That's what you call yourselves. You're just a pack of wolves."

I smiled and nodded.

She then added, "I noticed from the moment you barged into the house that you are very kind. Even to people who didn't deserve it."

"Paul an Jacob barged in. I was uncomfortable with that. Everyone deserves a chance to fix what they did wrong. Especially if they didn't know what they were doing."

She looked sad, maybe even a little bit ashamed too. Was it really because she tried to drink Bella's blood?

"Hey, it's not your fault. You're a newborn. You don't know how to control those kind of things yet. You shouldn't beat yourself up because of it."

Before she could say anything Edward showed up. He looked calm, as usual, but he also looked like he knew something.

"Wise words. You did good on your first hunt Angelina."

She thanked him and I decided that I should get going.

"It's getting pretty late so I should et going."

I turned an started walking so I could phase without her seeing me. Before I was out of their range of sight, she called after me.

"Wait! What's your name?"

I smiled and called back. "Seth."

I went into the trees and phased. This time I headed to my house. It was quiet. My mom was probably already asleep. I wasn't sure if Leah was home or not. Either way, I walked quietly to my room so I wouldn't wake my mom up.

I went to bed and fell asleep almost immediately. I dreamt about Angelina.

At first we were in the woods where we had been talking. We sat under a big oak tree with her on my lap. I said something that made her laugh. Her laugh was like the sound of a million wind chimes going off at once.

Then we were in the Cullen's house sitting on the couch with the tv on. We weren't watching it of course. We were to busy focusing on each other. I looked into her eyes and they were the beautiful gold ones that all the Cullens had, but there was something different about hers compared to the others.

We were back in the woods again. I was in wolf form, laying on the ground with her sitting beside me. She was running her fingers through my fur. She was saying how she loved the color of it and how adorable I looked as a wolf. Her voice was so melodious. It was like your favorite song. I just wanted to hear it again and again.

The scene changed again. This time we were walking on one of the many beaches in La Push. We were holding hands, talking and laughing.

She said she wanted to try cliff diving because I had talked about it once and she thought it would be fun. So we headed up to the cliff. She insisted on jumping from high up since she couldn't get hurt.

We jumped at the same time and we landed in the water with a huge splash. She splashed me when I came up and laughed. I splashed her back and that started a splashing war.

We raced back to the beach. She beat me, but I didn't care. As we were  walking up on the shore, I grabbed her and spun her and she laughed.

I needed to see her again.

Aww :) bless. It seems Seth has Imprinted on her but does not realize


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