The Twilight Saga


This Twlight Saga Fan Fiction will be written between two TTS memebers, Jada Blackwater and Envy Breeds Hate, who will alternate between chapters. Chapter one, is being written by Jada Blackwater.


This story will be in two different Point's of View.


One writter, will write in the point of view of a werewolf...



One writter, will write in the point of view of a vampire...



We hope that anyone who reads, will enjoy the story we are working so hard on. We thought of this and ideas just went flying left and right, back and forth, and just about everywhere. We have come up with a solid idea for it and wish to share it with our fellow TTS members.


Any readers, please, leave comments so that we know you enjoy it. Thank you :)





Hot Winter, Cold Summer

A Twilight Saga Fan Fiction Partnership Piece






Prologue (Written by Envy Breeds Hate):




A dark, cold feeling took over me as lay here. Unable to move, I screamed in pain into nothing but pure black darkness. Out from the corner of my eye, I saw something. Bright crimson red flashed past me.

I screamed.

What’s happening to me?

As another scream began to come through me, a dark figure stood above me and covered my mouth. The figure had deep crimson red eyes that burned through me. I couldn’t move, speak, or even think.

The figure moved closer to me and I could feel its sharp teeth move over the skin on my neck. Before I could think about what was going to happen, the teeth bit through me.



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To All Readers:


I'm sorry for the long wait on chapter updates. With the holiday, school, work, and everything else going on during this time of the year, writing is becoming hard to find time to do. The next chapter for Hot Winter, Cold Summer and Doctor's Orders will be up ASAP. Thank you for your understanding.


- Dajah


Chapter Twenty Five - Realization


I put my hand on her shoulder. I was worried about her and I hated seeing her so upset and in so much turmoil. I can't believe that Megan is doing this to her own sister. I just didn't want to see Angelina like this, but what could I do to help her. I can't read her mind and know what she needs to hear. How do I know that she's not going to believe Megan over me?


She ripped away from Emmett and I and headed into the trees. I wanted to run after her, but I didn't want to make things worse. I wasn't sure exactly what to do. I didn't want to make this worse, but I felt like no matter what I did it would not help as much as I would like. Emmett growled up at the tree where Megan still was.

"You sick monster! How dare you make her feel like that! No one has the right to do that, not even you! I don't care that you're her real sister, that's wrong either way! You don't deserve to call yourself her sister! You're messing with her head and confusing her like crazy!"

Emmett yelled fiercely, as though he was ready for a battle. It was easy to tell that he didn't like Megan from the moment he saw her, but this gave him every reason to hate her with every fiber of his being.

"Good! Maybe then she'll realize how foolish this is. Maybe she'll realize how low and vile he and the rest of his pack are. I'm doing this to protect her. What are you doing to protect her? You're the ones letting her go off with a mutt and get herself killed."

She talked about me like I wasn't even there. It was crazy and I had just about had enough of it. She can say all she wants about me, but I will not tolerate what she is doing to Angelina. I could handle if she left me because she believed what Megan said, but I couldn't handle how Megan is making her feel.

"Vile? We're the vile ones? That's very hypocritical of you. You're willing to destroy her heart just because of an assumption on something else that you saw? Now, that sounds vile to me. You're willing to crush her dreams and her life here as a Cullen. She can have a good life and you're willing to destroy that because of your prejudice."

I spoke calmly, but that didn't take away any of the anger and annoyance out of my voice.

"I've seen you're kind manipulate and kill people! You're not as noble as you perceive yourselves to be. I know all you're little games. I've seen them all first hand and don't think I'm not going to stop you. Your kind are all monsters that need to be taken down. I won't let you hurt her."

"I'd never hurt her on purpose. You're basing how my pack and I are from another one that you experienced. We are not all the same. If we were the Cullens would not be here. We've worked for peace in Forks and La Push between us and the Cullens. Our only true mission is to protect the humans of Forks and La Push from vampires that will kill them."

"What are you babbling about? You know very well that the treaty is broken. You're as crazy as your sister, Seth."

I turned around to see Jacob behind me with his arms crossed and Esme was beside him.

"I know that Jake. Though the treaty is broken, I will still uphold it. The treaty is still alive if we choose it to be. If there is a war between the pack and the Cullens, I will not fight. I refuse to hurt any of you because you are all my family."

"You may not realize it, but you're becoming a leader. I guess it would be wrong to call you kid anymore."

Jake looked at me and smiled slightly. He was proud of me and I could tell. I guess I am becoming a leader. I guess I just needed a cause to fight for.

"Can we stop all this mushy wolf stuff and focus on the real problem? She's going to mess with Angelina's head until there's nothing left."

Emmett was getting annoyed and I could tell that he just wanted to attack Megan. He was in the same dilemma as me, they all were. They knew they couldn't attack Megan unless they wanted to hurt Angelina. I hadn't realized that Emmett and Megan had been yelling back and forth. I guess I was learning how to close things of from my mind if I didn't want to hear it.

"Why don't you come back inside Seth? You haven't slept for days."

Esme put her arms around me as she spoke. She was motherly and sweet to me. She held me like she thought I was about to fall. Did I really look that tired? Sleep wasn't even on my list of things to worry about. I was more worried about Angelina and what Megan might do.

"I'm fine Esme. I don't want to go to sleep until Angelina comes back or until we find her. 

I don't want to be asleep if she needs me."

"Quite the act. She's not here and you don't have to pretend that you care about her. You really want everyone to believe your lies don't you? Well, no matter what you do I'll always see through your game."

Megan spoke like she knew everything that there was to know. She really hated me and I'd be lying if I said that I didn't feel at least a little bit of hate towards her as well. She had come down from the tree and was now standing in the yard, looking up at all of us. I looked down at her calmly.

"Why do you assume that everything I say is a lie? Why do you assume that we are cruel, vile, monsters? What gives you the right to assume these things and judge us based on those assumptions? You can't really, because you don't know."

"I don't assume, I know. I've seen your kind kill and desolate people. I've seen them take advantage of others every second they got the chance. I've seen them do horrible and terrible things to vampires and humans alike. You're saying that your only true mission is to protect humans Then why have I seen these things non-stop from your own kind? You say that I don't now, but you're the one that doesn't know. You haven't seen what I've seen. How am I supposed to know that you're not exactly like them? I've seen them change people into what they are, what you are."

I looked at Jake for answers. What she was saying sounded familiar, but I couldn't figure out where I heard it before or what exactly they were called. We couldn't change people into werewolves. They had

to be of werewolf blood and go through the change themselves. Jake must know what she's talking about because I saw recognition flash through his face. He also looked astonished at what he had just realized. What was it?

"True wolves."


Author's Note: Sorry it took so long to update this. I've just been busy with the holiday season and I'm sure that you all were to. I also had a bit of writer's block on this chapter. I got a laptop for Christmas so chapters should be updated as soon as the chapter is written. So hopefully there will be faster updates from me. Thanks so much for reading. It means a lot.

wow things are getting more intense

True Wolves not shape shifters.

"Children of the Moon"?

Yea. I wasn't sure whether they were called true wolves or children of the moon. They both work.

I think during the cofrontation with the Volturi in Breaking Dawn (the book version), Aro refers to them as "Children of the Moon". Caius hates them and hunted them down.  There is also a reference to them in the Illustrated Guide.  The La Push wolves could have their own name for them, though.

This whole misunderstanding is very significant, though. Megan really thinks she is protecting her sister.  Just a pity the Volturi got involved in the situation.  Who knows how they might try to poison Angelina's mind, or use her against the Cullens and/or the La Push wolves.  I can't wait to see what will happen next!

Chapter Twenty Six – Proving Powers

"I don't assume, I know. I've seen your kind kill and desolate people. I've seen them take advantage of others every second they got the chance. I've seen them do horrible and terrible things to vampires and humans alike. You're saying that your only true mission is to protect humans then why have I seen these things non-stop from your own kind? You say that I don't now, but you're the one that doesn't know. You haven't seen what I've seen. How am I supposed to know that you're not exactly like them? I've seen them change people into what they are, what you are."

Megan’s voice was angry and all-knowing. It shocked me the things she said. Could that be true? Seth looked confused and looked at Jacob who was standing near him and Megan. Jacob’s face went from blank to shocked and then like he understood.

“True wolves”

His voice sounded relieved almost. What’s a true wolf? Aren’t the guys back at the Cullen house all true wolves? I’m so confused…

“Angelina? Are you okay?”

Jane’s soft voice brought me back to what was happening in front of me, not at home. I stopped watching the wolves and Cullens and looked at Jane.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“What were you thinking so hard about?”

She sat next to me and looked at me like I was a friend. I had only known her for a short time now and had only just gotten to where she was taking me but she seemed so nice. She told me earlier all about Aro and the others that I will meet later today.

“Oh, I wasn’t thinking. I was watching my family.”

She looked at me slightly confused and asked what I meant. It only took a second to explain my power to her and figured I would explain the other one as well. I told her all about my ability to move things with my mind and watch whoever or whatever I want when I want; no matter where they are.

It happened so fast. Jane grabbed my wrist and ran down a dark hallway to a big, open room with large chairs.

“Aro! Aro, you have to hear this!”

Out of one of the large chairs stood a rather tall man with long, dark black hair. He wore a cloak that matched Jane’s and looked at me with a confused face before moving his gaze to Jane.

“Who’s this?”

“I’m Angelina.”

His gaze returned to me. He looked at me for a while before turning back to Jane.

“Jane, why have you brought her here?”

“Because, Aro. I feel you will be pleased that she is the newest member of the Cullen coven and has a very exciting couple of powers.”

The man’s gaze, again, returned to me. His eyes looked rather large in shock and his voice was excited.

“Another Cullen?”

“Yes. I’m a Cullen. How do you know my family?”

I asked as serious as I could. I don’t know this guy and he’s sort of creepy. Why does he know the Cullens? What would those nice people be doing talking to such a creepy man?

“I know all the covens. I’m Aro.”



Laughter came from everyone in the room, including Jane, and I couldn’t help but to roll my eyes. What the hell is this?

“And, I’m head of the Volturi. Did your new family not explain this to you yet?”

“What’s the Volturi?”

I looked at Aro but my question was answered by another man’s voice. Behind Aro stood a man much younger than he and had dark black hair as well.

“The Volturi is like the leaders of all vampires. Including you and all the Cullens.”

The guy smirked and then smiled at me before standing next to Aro.

“Aro, you haven’t asked yet what her power is. I think I want to know.”

The guy continued. I explained to him the way I had Jane and everyone’s eyes seemed to look shocked and excited. Aro smiled at me before speaking.

“Prove your powers to me.”

He wants proof? Fine. Before he could open his mouth to tell me to prove myself again, he was in the air. I moved him slowly around the room before putting him back down in the same spot he had been standing in before. I then closed my eyes and told them to do something.

“Aro is standing there, Jane is making a face, uhh… guy I don’t know is leaning against the wall and blonde guy just now stood up and is now walking back and forth. Oh wait, he stopped.”

Aro’s voice then shouted in excitement.

“This is marvelous!”



Author's Note: I know this chapter isn't the longest and I'm sorry. I've been busy and this was all I could write right now. Thank you to all readers and please don't forget to comment.


- Dajah


Awesome! This is not good. If only the Culens had time to explain everything to her.


She must be one very confused newbourne right now!

The Volturi will want her for sure. Is this where her sister has been for a few years?

Will they want her to be a spy for them?

Best wishes


I hope Angelina can get away from the Volturi or see through them before they try to use her against the Cullens!  I think she can handle herself quite well if necessary!  Did her sister know them, or were they there for some other reason?  I can't wait to see how things will develop!  Please keep me updated!  This story really has me hooked!


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